Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amway Global Cult Followers Taught To Act Like Unwise Monkeys and Reject “Evil” Truths About Their Amway Opportunity!

The above picture was taken from a scene in the Planet of the Apes movie know as “The Simeon Court.” The “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil” was actually done as a gag during the filming of the movie and was left in during the final cut. Another picture of the “Wise Monkeys” has been in the right side bar since I started this blog. It is representative of what Amway Global distributors (IBOs) are taught by their upline and the tool propaganda they expose themselves to on a regular basis.


Distributors are taught to put blinders on, to not see anything that goes counter to the dream inspired opportunity they have been instructed to believe in by their Amway recruiter. Many people might recall the disreputable Quixtar recruiter Greg Fredericks on secret camera in the 2004 Dateline news expose on Quixtar corruption where he instructs his new recruits (one of which is a Dateline undercover reporter) with the following classic example of what this “see no evil” cult instruction is all about: “So I don't put anything into my head that's going to cause me to be thinking outside my positive role.” The Dateline story goes on to explain that this means “no TV, no reading newspapers” and by way of extrapolation I add: no Internet, and especially no critical blogs like Quixtar Cult Intervention, Pyramid Scheme Alert, or Quixtar The Dream or the Scheme.


Distributors are taught to turn a deaf ear to family, friends, co-workers or anyone who upon hearing about Quixtar/Amway say things like “scam, pyramid scheme, rip-off” and similar discouraging opinions. Indeed, distributors are encouraged to shun further contact with people expressing negative opinions of Amway and the opportunity. Tool Kingpin Dexter Yager has told people that the only friends you should keep are other people in the Amway business. Listen to Dexter describing this by clicking here. Obviously if you are no longer friends with the critics of your business you will not be hearing the evil they describe it as representing. Believers are basically taught to forsake all who do not join the business to include family. Isn't this very cult like? Alienate devotees from outside negative influences altogether? These upline weasels are very Jim Jones-like in their desire to isolate you away from criticism of their con job on you.


If there is a Ten Commandments-like law in Amway, it would be that the “Upline is always right” and therefore they do not want to hear anything negative from the Downline. This would be tantamount to treason! Eric Scheibler, former Amway Emerald, in his book Merchants of Deception describes how almost all his questions and problems with the business were blunted by this law whereby he couldn't complain to his Upline. Anyone complaining about not having the money to attend some far off function couldn't communicate this “negative” situation without being severely reprimanded and scolded. Another way of understanding how “Speak No Evil” works is to look at the Amway Glossary of Terms under the word “Edify” which says: “Normally used to describe the act of respecting or "talking good" about another person, this is taken to extremes in the Amway business. Distributors are taught to NEVER be disrespectful or SAY anything bad about their upline, no matter the subject or the distributor's feelings.”

Dear Readers, I must ask you, have you been taught this “wise monkeys” behavior by your upline mentors in their desire to subvert you into their cult kowtowing of tool kingpins (like Ron Puryear, Greg Duncan, and Dexter Yager) and Amway Company con men (like Doug Devos and Steve Van Andel who are listed at position number 3 in the top 5 Scam Artists by the Vue Weekly). The “wise monkeys” are wise because they refuse to listen to evil. Amway cultists have basically made you the monkey by convincing you to believe that the truth of this bad Amway affair is evil and instructing you to “See no evil, speak no evil, talk no evil” about “the business”. You, my friend, have been hoodwinked and made a sucker by these deceptive con men who head up the motivational organizations which has “absorbed” you into their BUSINESS CULT! You can do the right thing and spurn these lying suitors if you are involved with them. If you have been prospected by these merchants of deception, and have come to Amway Global Cult Intervention investigating the opportunity someone is trying to convince you to get involved in, NOW YOU KNOW what kind of people these recruiters are. Do like they used to say in the Taco Bell commercials: Run for the Border! Remember the Monkeys were wise because they refused evil; they did not refuse to SEE, HEAR or SPEAK Evil about Quixtar/Amway!

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