Friday, February 27, 2015

Herbalife Operates a Monopoly Business

Herbalife, offering a plethora of health supplements and shakes, has come under scrutiny for being of all things, a pyramid scheme.  There is something more to be said about what a product pyramid scheme of this type actually is.  It is essentially a monopolistic scheme, a monopoly created in the mind of those who believe Herbalife's prosperity gospel--the myths of the kingdom. 

The market for Herbalife's shakes and health supplements are the distributors themselves. They are the consumers. (Sales outside of the distribution chain are non-existent.) They create for Herbalife a monopoly market for their assortment of unremarkable elixirs.  Price fixing at predatory levels is possible due to the 'closed market' model founded originally by Nutrilite and then Amway.  This monopoly market might be best described as a 'prison of belief''.  

Distributors living in the Herbalife prison of belief are left to buy from Herbalife's 'company commissary.'  They must pay the fixed price to play in Herbalife's 'game of greed.'  Herbalife distributors have become 'defacto' slaves, believers in a totalitarian utopia, a heaven on earth promising 'financial freedom,' a future redemption where investment of time and money will be 'shaken up' and returned to them from those who join downline.  Herbalife slaves labor in the field, buying and consuming the product, and recruiting others to take on the Herbalife yoke themselves.  They deny the snare that has been set before them.  

MLMs always sit at the top while the slaves build their pyramid, really a monopolistic monolith founded on greed at every level.   More slaves are always needed.  As in any MLM pyramid scheme, most leave much worse for their efforts.  It has become what a fellow Amway critic has called a 'theocratic chain of misery'. 

To avoid becoming a victim of a MLM scheme, watch the following video:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bill Cosby Accusations Strikingly Similar to the Jimmy Savile Scandal in the U.K.

Bill Cosby, "America's Dad," has been described as a "predator", a "sociopath," a "narcissist" and a "rapist" by one of five accuser appearing on a CNN special  The Cosby Show: A Legend Under Fire which aired December 8th hosted by Don Lemon.  These women are not the only Cosby accusers to have come forward with disturbing accusations.  Another woman appeared and also accused Cosby of being a sexual predator and described how Cosby's victims are being "victim shamed" and suffer the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.  One accuser said that she suffered alone not realizing that she was but one of many Cosby victims.   

Bill Cosby has remained absolutely silent and has refused requests to respond to any of the mounting allegations of drug induced rape.  In a sense, he has been "dead" to the allegations and has lawyered up. Cosby's lawyers had previously made an out of court settlement with one accuser. 

The allegations against Cosby are much similar to those made posthumously against British comedic pop presenter Sir Jimmy Savile,a scandal which shocked the British people and represented a significant embarrassment to Her Majesty The Queen.  Nearly a year after Savile's death, evidence shows that Savile lead a secret life as a sexual predator. Savile's corpse has since remained "mum" on the allegations. 


Unlike Savile, Cosby's accusers have come forward while he is yet alive and have significantly tarnished the comedic star's reputation. Whether Cosby will actually be held to account for any of his alleged crimes is left to be determined. Because California has a statute of limitations, victims only avenue towards justice would be to bring civil charges. Cosby's lawyers have maintained that the accusers are lying to seek financial gain.

Much like Bill Cosby, allegations against the last founding member of the Amway Mob remain indeterminate. Amway has in the past settled allegations by former distributors of operating a pyramid scheme and fraud out of court. Just as Jimmy Savile escapes allegations of sexual crimes by the slumber of death, Jay Van Andel's corpse obviously will never be held to account.  Rich DeVos is still alive and it is left to be determined if he or his heirs will be held to account for the "financial holocaust" suffered by present and past adherents of the Amway Cult?  DeVos and the Amway Mob could care less for those who have fallen and will fall into the Amway trap. 

"Enthusiasm for a scheme" fostered by "dream selling" continues to claim new victims who "pay to play" in Amway's game of greed.  Believers are significantly fleeced by the Amway Kingpins who operate a secondary scheme, selling the "tools" that inexperienced newbies are lead to believe will make them into multimillionaire successes in the pyramid.  Recruitment of new 'distributors' to replace those who 'lose and leave' serves to keep the Amway scam moving forward.  Notice that the Amway Cult initiators are usually shown smiling (all the way to the bank with money extracted from their deluded flock.)          


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Donald Sterling Hires Lawyers To Dig Up Dirt On NBA Owners Club

Donald Sterling has in so many ways become infamous for making what many believe to be racist remarks which were illegally recorded and distributed to the news and entertainment media by his supposed 'girl friend' turned backstabber V. Stiviano.  In the infamous recording, Mr. Sterling is heard telling Stiviano not to bring blacks with her to the Clippers games--and more specifically for her not to be seen bringing pro basketball legend, Magic Johnson.  Mr. Sterling has been accused of making 'racist' statements and has since been given a lifetime ban from the National Basketball Association and has been ordered by the NBA owners to sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

I am not trying to defend Sterling, who has since proven that every time he makes a phone call he seems to enhance his 'racist' persona.  I will say 'somewhat in his defense' that the infamous  'offensive' recording was made illegally.  I would also like to point out that Sterling's remarks referred to 'blacks' and did not use the more common racist description usually uttered by 'dyed in the wool' racists, the infamous 'N' word which rhymes with Tigger.

Obviously Mr. Sterling was infatuated with Stiviano and was 'green' with jealousy.  He saw the impropriety of having his love interest showing interest in other men who just happened to be black. My guess is he wouldn't have been happy to see her bring any other number of white ex NBA stars to the Clipper games either. Legally, these conversations should have remained private between a 'guy and his gal'.  Surely Donald (who remains married to someone else) should not have trusted a 'gold digger' like Stiviano.  Oh well, Sampson had his hair cut by Delilah and Donald has had his 'do' blown back by V.  (Never trust a gal named V.)

Ironically, Sterling has gone on to be recorded making many more embarrassing remarks which have since been leaked.  I suppose when you are wealthy persona like Sterling , you have a target on your back and, no one is to be trusted!  Surely he is left to wonder just who is taping his phone and running their recording equipment?  Anyway, Sterling has hired lawyers to dig up what dirt they can find on the other NBA owners, so here is the man Sterling should be looking up too:  

Here is Amway Global Cult Intervention's nominee for inclusion in the NBA owners club 'Hall of Shame'.  Richard DeVos, owner of the NBA Orlando Magic,
'the initiator of the Amway 'pay as you go advanced fee fraud' cult whom DeVos  have schemed into the #1 spot as the Worlds Greatest Scam!
DeVos and the late Jay Van Andel and their myriad 'kingpin' cronies have duped and swindled believers for billions of their hard earned money, and left them holding an empty bag with a note saying they...
"should blame themselves for 'not trying hard enough!"
I have previously wrote an editorial type blog post where I compared DeVos to Rush Limbaugh which I now invite you to read by clicking here.

This blog has many times in the past described how Amway operates to screw those who want to believe in DeVos's corrupted vision of the "American Way."  I must also give credit to contributing author David Brear for his contributions to this blog.  David writes the enlightening 'MLM' The American Dream Made Nightmare blog. 

I believe that Donald Sterling's lawyers should have little trouble digging up dirt on the NBA's biggest dirt bag owner.  I also make reference to the scandal that Amway is currently experiencing in The Republic of India where authorities have correctly identified Amway's corrupt business model which violates Indian law.  For the latest developments, Shyam Sundar has the details on his Corporate Frauds Watch blog.

Thinking about joining Amway? FaGetAbout It!
Word Up!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Truth, the Enemy of the Amway Global Cult

In the past this blog has described Amway's entry into the Republic of India.  Anti-corruption author David Brear has described this entry into India as a 'Trojan Horse'. Right thinking Indian authorities have correctly deduced that Amway is indeed a illegality which violates Indian laws against Prize Chits and Money Circulation schemes. (What people in the United States might describe as 'pyramid' scams.)

 Now, it seems that Amway has gone on what Harish Bijoor describes in an online 'business article' as a media blitz to redeem Amway's tainted image in the World's largest Democracy. I must laugh about this authors use of


(or as Amway calls them 'IBOs,' supposed 'Independent Business Owners'-an incredibly misleading terminology.)

Unsuspecting 'marks' recruited into the Amway cult have very little control over how they operate their supposed 'independent' business with Amway dictating BY CONTRACT what these 'drones' can and cannot do. Entrepreneurial and Independent 'business owners' these believers in the Amway system are not!

 Anyone familiar with Amway knows that recruits into this cult are taught to follow a very strict methodology: which is to buy and consume the intentionally overpriced products and recruit others who are then brainwashed with this same 'self defeating' strict code. Indeed, for Amway, a chain of customers is formed by its own sales channel 'non-distributors'. These Amway's drones are asked to devote themselves religiously to the  'pie in the sky' insane idea of achieving 'financial independence'. They are brainwashed by pictures of  successful upline distributors who are displayed 'living in the lap of luxury': driving expensive autos, vacationing on yachts, and living the American dream.

Amway recruits are 'schooled' by the Amway Kingpins to consume their own purchases. (Amway intentionally prices their products to be unmarketable to those not participating in the 'distribution channel' and the primary method the Amway Cult Initiator's (DeVos/Van Andel) have used to 'over-charge' for relatively mundane crap--vitamins, energy bars, water filters and the like--to extract billions in U.S. dollars and leave those who fail to realize an impossible dream in a carefully devised scheme to blame themselves.

For all intents and purposed, those recruited into this money circulating scheme are those who 'believe' the Amway message: that they can become fabulously wealthy by devoting themselves whole-hardheartedly to a 'narrowly defined' marketing scheme which can be described as a 'zero sum game' where nearly all lose their time, money and self respect in a futile attempt to recruit family, friends and strangers into Amway's carefully 'plotted' product pyramid scheme.

Truth is indeed the enemy of all cults!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why is Amway Apologist David Steadson Obsessed With Anti-Amway Blogger Steve Nakamura?

David Steadson is best known as "IBOfighback" on the World Wide Web. He is a shameless "Apologist" for the Amway MLM Opportunity Fraud. Steadson, along with a few of his followers to include "Bridgett Baron" and "Wearyeyed" who collectively travel throughout the Internet promoting Amway as a great business opportunity and supposedly setting anti-Amway bloggers and commentators straight. I have accused Steadson, a citizen of Sweden, previously of committing the crime of "Intent to Defraud". Steadson cannot be unaware of the fact that nearly all who join the Amway Cult make no money, but lose their investments of time, money and prestige. Amway operates a "Closed Market Swindle" whereby those recruited hoping to make money lose it instead and become victims of the very fraud Steadson and his ilk promote, although they provide zero proof that they themselves have been or are successful in the very scheme they advocate to others.

Who is Steve Nakamura? Steve is a Anti-Amway blogger, a former Amway adherent who writes Amway - The Dream Or The Scheme and who also has a presence on the Internet as a well known anti-Amway author and commentator best known as "Joecool". Steve Nakamura's views about the Amway opportunity are diametrically opposed to those of David Steadson's. As Joecool, Steve asks his readers to critically analyze Amway, the Amway 'tool systems' and the real chances of success in the Amway scheme.

David Steadson as IBOFightback in his role as apologist for Amway seeks to divert the attention of prospective Amway Cult Recruits to the lies and deceits that Amway has promoted for itself over the past half-century. Anti-Amway author David Brear describes these lies as the 'Amway Labyrinth'. Steadson basically parrots the lies the Amway Cult has been promoting as reality inverting truth. One of these lies is "that if the dream is big enough, the truth doesn't matter."

Steadson has written an article critical of Joecool, Steve Nakamura on his "The Truth About Amway" in which his primary goal is to smear his arch nemesis as some sort of sexual deviant who makes up lies about himself and Amway. The author of this blog asks readers to ask who is the bigger liar here? Why would Steadson spend so much of his time to smear Joecool? Obviously, the truth hurts, and so Steadson has gone to extremes to paint Joecool as the ultimate anti-Amway troll. The truth is, there is no bigger pro-Amway troll on the Internet than the Amway whore, IBOFightBack, the pundit of deceit: David Steadson.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How is Being a Amway IBO a Cult?

Today I moderated a comment left on this Blog by a person named Isaac. Isaac wrote:

How is being an IBO a cult? First of all, there is a 90 day money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? Second, your buying items you need (such as face wash, shampoo, body wash, make-up, vitamins, etc.) and getting paid for it. Would you rather get paid for buying those items, or not get paid and support Walmart? Next, you say this is a "swindle" and a "scam". Well why don't you explain that a little bit, because this business is not a "get rich quick" business. There is extrememly high potential for making money in Amway, you just have to get educated, take advice, and put forth some effort (which im assuming you didn't do). Lastly, you were apart of Quixtar, which technically is the same thing, but Amway has newer and better products now. IBO's get them for wholesale price, and so do our customers. Amway does not want people like you, quixtarisacult. They want people that are positive, excited, educated, determined, and willing to take advice.

This is the response that I gave poor Isaac:

Obviously you have joined the cult. Why is Amway/Quixtar like joining a cult? Just read any of my blogs and you will soon discover your answer. I notice that you seem to repeat much of the Amway "tape-speak" that is paraded out for new Ambots.

Maybe you haven't devoted much of your time or money to your new association, so you can probably get out before losing too much of your own time, money and self respect.

Regarding, how do you get paid for buying your own inventory? How do you save money by buying badly overpriced Amway goods when their discounted price to you is generally much higher than nearly all brick and mortar stores retail?

You repeat that Amway is not a get rich quick business. What then is their 5 year plan all about?

Oh yes, Amway wants people to be excited and positive for their scheme. It works for Amway, but will it really work for you?

Want to find out about your wonderful Amway upline? Read "Married to an Ambot." Are you married? If yes, I'm sorry to hear about what your wife most likely will be going through.

Amway Cult Intervention works if you work it.

My friend Isaac is a perfect example of how new recruits begin to talk like their recruiter. They begin to look and sound like everyone else in their insane cult. They repeat the same things--the tapespeak--of their upline cultic leaders. Isaac parrots maybe the biggest lie of them all: that IBOs get paid for buying all the things they need from Amway. Isn't that insanity?

Notice that Isaac also repeats what nearly all Amscam cult members say, that "Amway isn't a get rich quick scheme." (Doesn't this imply that Amway is a get rich scheme after all?) I suppose that the Soviet style '5 year plans' must be considered an exceptionally long time by Ambots, and Amway therefore must not be considered a quick scheme--since it takes upwards of five years to achieve "financial freedom."

Isaac, are you a real person? You have lost your ability to think independently. You have become just another obnoxious Ambot drone? Cults lie, and yes, my dear Isaac, you and hundreds of thousands of others like you in your cult have swallowed the same camel.

No, Isaac, I have never been an Ambot, and no I've never signed up for the Quixtar cult. You don't need to be taken in by these either. Let me know how well you've succeeded after your 5 year plan is up, okay?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Amway Imitator Found By Belgium Courts To Be Carefully Designed Pyramid Recruitment Scheme With No Real Retail Customers

Recently I received an email from Robert Fitzpatrick, a consumer advocate and prominant critic of 'multi-level marketing.' Mr. Fitzpatrick brought to my attention a Belgium court decision that found Amway clone, Herbalife, to be a disguised recruitment pyramid scheme.

The court found that Herbalife could not conclusively prove that it had any significant retail customers, and therefore all profits were generated via a never ending recruitment of new distributors.

Herbalife, Amway, and nearly all of their numerous MLM clones, seek to describe their own 'distributors' as 'retail customers.' Readers of this blog know that I have always maintained that the products these MLMs supposedly market are effectively unsellable to outside retail customers. The court correctly determined that Herbalife failed to prove that it had any real customers and therefore all commissions and profits were paid by the ever churning recruitment of new distributors.

I have maintained that few people signing up as a distributor in these MLM frauds ever make a cent of profit and most ultimately despair and quit. Many are decieved by the 'dream selling' nature of these MLM cons. They are lured by the potential of lucrative profits and follow a destructive course of action where their own money is extracted to enrich the company founders and a small group of distributors who sell 'tools,' useless propaganda that prompts the newly recruited distributors to convince even more of their relatives, friends, and neighbors into 'investing' in the scheme.

Mr. Fitzpatrick went on to say in his email:
If Herbalife is a fraud, as the Belgian court decided, it is one of vast proportions, affecting millions of people worldwide, year after year. Herbalife has 1.2 million distributors in 74 countries. Each year it enrolls hundreds of thousands more to replace the huge numbers who lose money and quit.
The full decision of the Belgian court is available at the Pyramid Scheme Alert website.

In the past Robert Fitzpatrick has called Amway the 'American Scam' and it is to the shame of all presidential candidates in the U.S. who accept campaign funding from these disreputable schemes spawned by a supposed 'cult of free enterprise.'