Saturday, January 11, 2014

Truth, the Enemy of the Amway Global Cult

In the past this blog has described Amway's entry into the Republic of India.  Anti-corruption author David Brear has described this entry into India as a 'Trojan Horse'. Right thinking Indian authorities have correctly deduced that Amway is indeed a illegality which violates Indian laws against Prize Chits and Money Circulation schemes. (What people in the United States might describe as 'pyramid' scams.)

 Now, it seems that Amway has gone on what Harish Bijoor describes in an online 'business article' as a media blitz to redeem Amway's tainted image in the World's largest Democracy. I must laugh about this authors use of


(or as Amway calls them 'IBOs,' supposed 'Independent Business Owners'-an incredibly misleading terminology.)

Unsuspecting 'marks' recruited into the Amway cult have very little control over how they operate their supposed 'independent' business with Amway dictating BY CONTRACT what these 'drones' can and cannot do. Entrepreneurial and Independent 'business owners' these believers in the Amway system are not!

 Anyone familiar with Amway knows that recruits into this cult are taught to follow a very strict methodology: which is to buy and consume the intentionally overpriced products and recruit others who are then brainwashed with this same 'self defeating' strict code. Indeed, for Amway, a chain of customers is formed by its own sales channel 'non-distributors'. These Amway's drones are asked to devote themselves religiously to the  'pie in the sky' insane idea of achieving 'financial independence'. They are brainwashed by pictures of  successful upline distributors who are displayed 'living in the lap of luxury': driving expensive autos, vacationing on yachts, and living the American dream.

Amway recruits are 'schooled' by the Amway Kingpins to consume their own purchases. (Amway intentionally prices their products to be unmarketable to those not participating in the 'distribution channel' and the primary method the Amway Cult Initiator's (DeVos/Van Andel) have used to 'over-charge' for relatively mundane crap--vitamins, energy bars, water filters and the like--to extract billions in U.S. dollars and leave those who fail to realize an impossible dream in a carefully devised scheme to blame themselves.

For all intents and purposed, those recruited into this money circulating scheme are those who 'believe' the Amway message: that they can become fabulously wealthy by devoting themselves whole-hardheartedly to a 'narrowly defined' marketing scheme which can be described as a 'zero sum game' where nearly all lose their time, money and self respect in a futile attempt to recruit family, friends and strangers into Amway's carefully 'plotted' product pyramid scheme.

Truth is indeed the enemy of all cults!


Peter Reilly CPA said...

Latest Amway United States Tax Court decision. Couple lost $192,000 over seven years, but kept believing,

quixtarisacult said...

I've always been amazed that one branch of the U.S. Government, the IRS, has seen through the deception of Amway, while the Federal Trade Commission sits around with their thumbs up their ass and does nothing about it.