Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Donald Sterling Hires Lawyers To Dig Up Dirt On NBA Owners Club

Donald Sterling has in so many ways become infamous for making what many believe to be racist remarks which were illegally recorded and distributed to the news and entertainment media by his supposed 'girl friend' turned backstabber V. Stiviano.  In the infamous recording, Mr. Sterling is heard telling Stiviano not to bring blacks with her to the Clippers games--and more specifically for her not to be seen bringing pro basketball legend, Magic Johnson.  Mr. Sterling has been accused of making 'racist' statements and has since been given a lifetime ban from the National Basketball Association and has been ordered by the NBA owners to sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

I am not trying to defend Sterling, who has since proven that every time he makes a phone call he seems to enhance his 'racist' persona.  I will say 'somewhat in his defense' that the infamous  'offensive' recording was made illegally.  I would also like to point out that Sterling's remarks referred to 'blacks' and did not use the more common racist description usually uttered by 'dyed in the wool' racists, the infamous 'N' word which rhymes with Tigger.

Obviously Mr. Sterling was infatuated with Stiviano and was 'green' with jealousy.  He saw the impropriety of having his love interest showing interest in other men who just happened to be black. My guess is he wouldn't have been happy to see her bring any other number of white ex NBA stars to the Clipper games either. Legally, these conversations should have remained private between a 'guy and his gal'.  Surely Donald (who remains married to someone else) should not have trusted a 'gold digger' like Stiviano.  Oh well, Sampson had his hair cut by Delilah and Donald has had his 'do' blown back by V.  (Never trust a gal named V.)

Ironically, Sterling has gone on to be recorded making many more embarrassing remarks which have since been leaked.  I suppose when you are wealthy persona like Sterling , you have a target on your back and, no one is to be trusted!  Surely he is left to wonder just who is taping his phone and running their recording equipment?  Anyway, Sterling has hired lawyers to dig up what dirt they can find on the other NBA owners, so here is the man Sterling should be looking up too:  

Here is Amway Global Cult Intervention's nominee for inclusion in the NBA owners club 'Hall of Shame'.  Richard DeVos, owner of the NBA Orlando Magic,
'the initiator of the Amway 'pay as you go advanced fee fraud' cult whom DeVos  have schemed into the #1 spot as the Worlds Greatest Scam!
DeVos and the late Jay Van Andel and their myriad 'kingpin' cronies have duped and swindled believers for billions of their hard earned money, and left them holding an empty bag with a note saying they...
"should blame themselves for 'not trying hard enough!"
I have previously wrote an editorial type blog post where I compared DeVos to Rush Limbaugh which I now invite you to read by clicking here.

This blog has many times in the past described how Amway operates to screw those who want to believe in DeVos's corrupted vision of the "American Way."  I must also give credit to contributing author David Brear for his contributions to this blog.  David writes the enlightening 'MLM' The American Dream Made Nightmare blog. 

I believe that Donald Sterling's lawyers should have little trouble digging up dirt on the NBA's biggest dirt bag owner.  I also make reference to the scandal that Amway is currently experiencing in The Republic of India where authorities have correctly identified Amway's corrupt business model which violates Indian law.  For the latest developments, Shyam Sundar has the details on his Corporate Frauds Watch blog.

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