Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bill Cosby Accusations Strikingly Similar to the Jimmy Savile Scandal in the U.K.

Bill Cosby, "America's Dad," has been described as a "predator", a "sociopath," a "narcissist" and a "rapist" by one of five accuser appearing on a CNN special  The Cosby Show: A Legend Under Fire which aired December 8th hosted by Don Lemon.  These women are not the only Cosby accusers to have come forward with disturbing accusations.  Another woman appeared and also accused Cosby of being a sexual predator and described how Cosby's victims are being "victim shamed" and suffer the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.  One accuser said that she suffered alone not realizing that she was but one of many Cosby victims.   

Bill Cosby has remained absolutely silent and has refused requests to respond to any of the mounting allegations of drug induced rape.  In a sense, he has been "dead" to the allegations and has lawyered up. Cosby's lawyers had previously made an out of court settlement with one accuser. 

The allegations against Cosby are much similar to those made posthumously against British comedic pop presenter Sir Jimmy Savile,a scandal which shocked the British people and represented a significant embarrassment to Her Majesty The Queen.  Nearly a year after Savile's death, evidence shows that Savile lead a secret life as a sexual predator. Savile's corpse has since remained "mum" on the allegations. 


Unlike Savile, Cosby's accusers have come forward while he is yet alive and have significantly tarnished the comedic star's reputation. Whether Cosby will actually be held to account for any of his alleged crimes is left to be determined. Because California has a statute of limitations, victims only avenue towards justice would be to bring civil charges. Cosby's lawyers have maintained that the accusers are lying to seek financial gain.

Much like Bill Cosby, allegations against the last founding member of the Amway Mob remain indeterminate. Amway has in the past settled allegations by former distributors of operating a pyramid scheme and fraud out of court. Just as Jimmy Savile escapes allegations of sexual crimes by the slumber of death, Jay Van Andel's corpse obviously will never be held to account.  Rich DeVos is still alive and it is left to be determined if he or his heirs will be held to account for the "financial holocaust" suffered by present and past adherents of the Amway Cult?  DeVos and the Amway Mob could care less for those who have fallen and will fall into the Amway trap. 

"Enthusiasm for a scheme" fostered by "dream selling" continues to claim new victims who "pay to play" in Amway's game of greed.  Believers are significantly fleeced by the Amway Kingpins who operate a secondary scheme, selling the "tools" that inexperienced newbies are lead to believe will make them into multimillionaire successes in the pyramid.  Recruitment of new 'distributors' to replace those who 'lose and leave' serves to keep the Amway scam moving forward.  Notice that the Amway Cult initiators are usually shown smiling (all the way to the bank with money extracted from their deluded flock.)          



David Brear said...

Without wishing to cause offence to the courageous women who have made complaints against Bill Cosby, purely on the number of victims who have come forward, Cosby's alleged sexual offences seem almost trivial when compared to those of the late Sir Jimmy Savile.

After more than 500 victims came forward, it is now estimated that Savile's victims were easily more than one thousand over a period spanning more than 60 years.

Savile has already gone down in history as Britain's most-prolific paedo-sexual offender.

Since the Savile affair broke, a number of other (once-respected) elderly British celebrities have been exposed as manipulative sexual predators.

Publicist, Max Clifford, family entertainer, Rolf Harris and television personality, Stuart Hall, have all been jailed.

In an autobiography (published in the 1970s), Jimmy Savile, actually confessed that he was already sexually abusing underage girls (with the knowledge of police officers) in the 1950s (when he worked as a dance hall manager in the city of Leeds).

Savile's tactics involved selecting vulnerable youngsters who could be given the illusion that they were making a free choice to participate in unlawful sex acts, and who would not be believed if ever they tried to complain. Savile groomed his young victims by offering them rides in his Rolls Royce, cigarettes, alcohol, contact with pop stars, etc.

'MLM' racketeers have groomed their vulnerable adult victims by offering them 'total financial freedom.'

In 'MLM' cults, the abuse has been psychological and financial, but victims have been given the illusion that they made a free choice to participate.

quixtarisacult said...


Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. The psychological manipulation of Savile's victims is incredibly outrageous. The scope of his crime is unimaginable. I agree that Cosby, even if the allegations are true, is a mere blip on the radar compared to the hundreds upon hundreds of Savile victims.

Cosby benefited from the same social pressures toward celebrity that have thwarted allegations nearly all his life. Now as an elderly man, he is hearing the accusations that might have been heard 30 years ago. As for Savile, he managed to get out alive, by being dead.

MLM victims are significantly harmed psychologically and financially. The number of victims continues to expand, Much like the universe.

Economic cults must be exposed. The danger can never be under stated.

chris said...

Re Cosby's victims; Sevile had claimed so many victims- I am in California and had never heard of him.

Believe me, however, that it is quite possible that Cosby can claim perhaps over a thousand- we'll probably never find out as most victims have probably been cowed into silence because of the trashing of female victims of rape.

50 years for him- at 20 per year would do it. Some years probably produced far more than others, depending on schedule and opportunity.

quixtarisacult said...


I'm not so sure that Cosby is as prolific as Savile. That being said, I would guess that the number of Savile's victims may have been estimated and possibly exaggerated to some degree. Savile's victims may not have all been mentally capable of complaint or able to communicate. For this reason, his crimes are extraordinarily heinous.

At least in Cosby's case, his victims have exacted revenge by ruining Cosby's reputation. I don't see him bringing slander charges against his alleged victims.