Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gary Ridgeway: How to become a better person in Quixtar/Amway!

There is a taped interview with Ridgeway where he claims Amway made him a better person because he claims he didn't kill as many people when he was doing Amway. It has been on You tube. Of course, he killed people over several different years. Exact count of bodies while he was in Amway, most likely unknown. Whether he killed anyone he actually personally encountered while 'practicing' Amway, most likely unknown. He was however an admitted predator of 'ladies of the evening.' He therefore kept some pretty unsavory company at least." Significantly enough, Amway, and therefore Ridgeway, always like to represent themselves as 'door to door' sellers; salespeople in an industry that Phil Ellenbecker, proponent of Wisconsin's Malinda's Law, has documented to be rife with horrific crime and human abuse.

Amway can't have it both ways; they can't be a door to door sales company (as they claim to be) and also be far removed from the horrific affairs that true door to door industries are known for. They are the 'deep pocket' scoundrels which lurk behind the Direct Selling Association and are most likely the largest single 'quiet' opposition to Malinda's Law in the State of Wisconsin, proposed legislation which seeks to reign in direct selling abuses and more closely regulate a corrupt/mafia-like industry. To succeed against the DSA, one must actually succeed against the hidden enemy, the extracted filthy lucre propping up the DeVos and Van Andel vast Amway World Cult! Their supposed success based on a 'closed market swindle' of incredible proportions.

A person may become a better con man in Amway, not necessarily a better person from the standpoint of morality. A person joining an organization run like the mafia may possibly have their financial situation improved, but aren't they corrupted by that very same corruption?

Amway is a reality inverting affair, a complete perversion of old time faith, and also one which--significantly enough--has in the past depicted itself to be a God fearing, Right leaning, Christian affair--while all the while carrying out fraud on an incredible scale! Money is the god for which these cult initiates worship.

Isn't it absolutely ironic that the very same thing that these cult believers worship is the exact same sacrifice they make to their Amway God?

Who cannot recall the fake money raining down on the stadium of people in Dateline's 2004 Expose on Amway Corruption? Significantly enough, they use this very same lust for wealth as evidence that they are merely a business organization; a fraud that helps keep Amway's criminal money extracting fraud operating and one of many reality inverting myths that British born author, David Brear thoroughly describes in his guest articles on Quixtar Cult Intervention.

It is significant that Gary Ridgeway also dreamed the 'Amway Dream' all the while possibly carrying out some of the most gruesome murders in modern times!

The Amway training tools--a con themselves--teach adherents of the 'closed market swindle' basically how to become a more effective con man while also claiming to be just another of these 'door to door' salesman. The traveling magazine sellers are just the tip of the ice berg in what most people consider door to door selling. The youth on the traveling sales crews are simply amateurs compared to the Amway operated con game, where social networking seeks to circumvent the cold door knocking approach which is widely understood in the door to door scenario. Amway cult initiates do their door knocking in a carefully well thought out deception, usually incorporating the infamous curiosity invite; therefore they work in a significantly different manner than the magazine sellers, whose door to door con only appears more obvious. Of course appearances can be very deceptive indeed.

The desire to swindle on a large scale basis is at the heart of both the fly by nights (like the traveling sales crews) and the supposedly legit Amway World Cult. Both incorporate recruitment into their pernicious affairs. The lives destroyed in the process are meaningless to either group and of course the Direct Selling Association has blood on its hands. Anyone opening their door to either industries is a potential victim; sadly, the Amway victims many times are financially victimized far worse than someone being scammed out of a few thousand in a magazine sales con or check washing scam. Amway cult members have occulted themselves as independent businessmen for decades, a reality inverting myth--since the cult initiators hold all the cards in their carefully constructed contract all supposed independents must sign. The cult initiates are the willing recipients of deceptive propaganda, and monopoly buyers in what David Brear correctly has described as a closed market swindle of global significance!

Folks who fall prey to the deception of the Amway Dream are in a 'reality inverting black hole' and are forever changed. They follow strange gods indeed, and their family members are left to yearn for their son, daughter or family member as they once knew them. Adherents of these cults, whether it is the traveling sales crew or the pernicious 'the business' cult are all somehow changed significantly enough that their own family members do not even recognize them as being the same person. Family is alienated and must watch from the sidelines as these former family and friends are swallowed up in their worship of the AmQuix god. The offering up of gold to the gods soon follows; the same thing which significantly goes on in another pernicious world cult headed up the Sung Yung Moon.

Horrific stories exist in the door to door industry, all of which Amway Global significantly claims to be part of. They take their place along side of the other bad players like Kirby, Southwestern Company, and all the sundry fly by night traveling magazine/household product hawkers, the door to door knockers. Intent to defraud and fraud are most likely to occur, no matter how one opens their door to these scoundrels.

Update: I've added a short video to this post. Amway indeed can make you a better person, even if you don't have time to kill! To see additional Ridgeway/Amway videos, click here.


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When you don't make money in the business, there needs to be another reason for IBOs to stay in business. So they are taught that they are nicer/better people.

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link to video with Ridgeway confession about