Thursday, May 24, 2012

How is Being a Amway IBO a Cult?

Today I moderated a comment left on this Blog by a person named Isaac. Isaac wrote:

How is being an IBO a cult? First of all, there is a 90 day money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? Second, your buying items you need (such as face wash, shampoo, body wash, make-up, vitamins, etc.) and getting paid for it. Would you rather get paid for buying those items, or not get paid and support Walmart? Next, you say this is a "swindle" and a "scam". Well why don't you explain that a little bit, because this business is not a "get rich quick" business. There is extrememly high potential for making money in Amway, you just have to get educated, take advice, and put forth some effort (which im assuming you didn't do). Lastly, you were apart of Quixtar, which technically is the same thing, but Amway has newer and better products now. IBO's get them for wholesale price, and so do our customers. Amway does not want people like you, quixtarisacult. They want people that are positive, excited, educated, determined, and willing to take advice.

This is the response that I gave poor Isaac:

Obviously you have joined the cult. Why is Amway/Quixtar like joining a cult? Just read any of my blogs and you will soon discover your answer. I notice that you seem to repeat much of the Amway "tape-speak" that is paraded out for new Ambots.

Maybe you haven't devoted much of your time or money to your new association, so you can probably get out before losing too much of your own time, money and self respect.

Regarding, how do you get paid for buying your own inventory? How do you save money by buying badly overpriced Amway goods when their discounted price to you is generally much higher than nearly all brick and mortar stores retail?

You repeat that Amway is not a get rich quick business. What then is their 5 year plan all about?

Oh yes, Amway wants people to be excited and positive for their scheme. It works for Amway, but will it really work for you?

Want to find out about your wonderful Amway upline? Read "Married to an Ambot." Are you married? If yes, I'm sorry to hear about what your wife most likely will be going through.

Amway Cult Intervention works if you work it.

My friend Isaac is a perfect example of how new recruits begin to talk like their recruiter. They begin to look and sound like everyone else in their insane cult. They repeat the same things--the tapespeak--of their upline cultic leaders. Isaac parrots maybe the biggest lie of them all: that IBOs get paid for buying all the things they need from Amway. Isn't that insanity?

Notice that Isaac also repeats what nearly all Amscam cult members say, that "Amway isn't a get rich quick scheme." (Doesn't this imply that Amway is a get rich scheme after all?) I suppose that the Soviet style '5 year plans' must be considered an exceptionally long time by Ambots, and Amway therefore must not be considered a quick scheme--since it takes upwards of five years to achieve "financial freedom."

Isaac, are you a real person? You have lost your ability to think independently. You have become just another obnoxious Ambot drone? Cults lie, and yes, my dear Isaac, you and hundreds of thousands of others like you in your cult have swallowed the same camel.

No, Isaac, I have never been an Ambot, and no I've never signed up for the Quixtar cult. You don't need to be taken in by these either. Let me know how well you've succeeded after your 5 year plan is up, okay?


Joecool said...

It's amazing how IBOd defend Amway even when they are broke and/or losing their shirts in Amway.

ConnieF said...

Another idiotic, ambot speak point Isaac robots is "there is an extremely high probability of making money in this business" or something to that effect. Hasn't he ever read Amways OWN statements that say that less than 0.1% make more than a piddling amount? Or did he just skip over that part in Amway's OWN literature?

quixtarisacult said...

Thanks for the comments...

My friend David Brear describes what happens as a "disconnect from reality" and that best sums up how these newbies to the cult are fed upon by the other Amway vultures.

Yes, forget that most make little or next to nothing, it is the cars, clothes and mansions that they paste on their refrigerator. They see the affirmations they write on their mirrors in the bathroom. They believe all shill products they pay through the nose for as an 'investment' in the future. Do they actually understand that most people eventually drop out of Amway never having actually made one red cent after adding up all the expense of buying the tools and attending the bullshit conventions?

I've got nothing against the power of positive thinking, but it is enthusiasm for the scheme that makes those wanting desperately to win lose in the end.

Yes, it hurts to have cold water thrown onto the dream of Amway riches, but the history of this scheme is proof that it doesn't work if you work it!

Anonymous said...

I remember those days when I used to speak like the whole world has fools and I along with Amway and BWW had all the wisdom! My struggle is listed thoroughly in I believe many of you guys were at higher pins, but it is a shame that, system start sucking your mind and finance soon after you plug-in!

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for those who sign up. This business is based on material greed. Thats what the plan says. Get rich , big cars, big houses. All this stuff. Anyone who only wants this in life deserves little. Those who sign up only do so for greed. Then they find this is almost impossible to achieve. What else did they expect. That all this would fall from the sky.

quixtarisacult said...

In other words, these folk were lied to.

Anonymous said...

Your one sided blog is so credible and convincing. It's so amazing that you never receive critical feedback! You must be right...

quixtarisacult said...


I suppose you count for critical feedback?

Anonymous said...

My son has now spent over $5,000 in the 4 years he has been with Amway. He has made $0. We do however have a garage fullof Amway Sh*T.

quixtarisacult said...


Thanks for your comment. The stockpiling of Amway crap, which can never be returned because it is dated, is not unusual. The high PV items are generally crappy shit that costs little to make, but is high priced when bought from Amway. This wampum can generally never be resold. Although, it violates Amway rules, you can find all kinds of Amway shit on Ebay selling for pennies on the dollar.

So it is four years in and your son has made no money. How long can that continue. Has he managed to recruit anyone else to join in his downline? If so, have they stayed or quit? Just wondering?

Kelli Lord said...

Sigh, my son has been in this company for 3 years and still making no money. I live with the constant CDs showing up, the writing on mirrors and windows of his car. He has bought in hook line and sinker and it has actually just about ruined our relationship :(. Oh and Xmas is fun they give very thing AMWAY. With as hard as he works he could be at the top of any direct sales company other than AMWAY. Can someone write a book or blog "10 steps to getting someone out of AMWAY "

quixtarisacult said...


Thanks for your comment. Yes, writing on mirrors is a very cult like activity designed to convince the "mark" that he/she is a winner in the Amway Cult, although the winner is spinning wheels buying all the tools, and ponying up for the overpriced and basically mundane goods sold at a premium price. Normally, the scheme runs its course, and most people return to some degree of sanity, drop out and forget about the experience. From experience, people who fall for the Amway scheme are told to cut ties to family and friends who "pooh-pooh" their get rich quick scheme. Your son will find that it is too hard to convince rational people to join what they obviously know is a tried and failed scheme which is designed to fail. You are the person the Amway people warn your son against. It is too bad that these people try to drive wedges between family, yet they represent themselves as a family values business.

Francois Pratt said...

But what happens if you were a homeless man, who started this business and are currently growing it internationally? Oh no, let me correct you a HOMELESS COLLEGE STUDENT in SEATTLE...which is arguably one of the most expensive cities in the country to live in. What happens when your upline DIAMOND was a SOMALIAN REFUGEE who built this business in North America (US and Canada), Australia, UK, Vietnam, and China? What happens when I am now in this business a year later...WORKING A CORPORATE FORTUNE 500 company job, and having success in my business in the United States and the Philippines? What if I also told you...I accomplished this in a year...ONE YEAR. Am I wealthy yet? No. But some of you pessimists are really dumb. In order for you to gain the facts you have to go to the fact checkers. For starts try the Department of Revenue, Better Business Bureau, or the Guinness Book of World Records. Amway is recognized globally as a top brand for many products in 100+ countries. Why are the products expensive? They are quality. Why is a Benz expensive? It is quality. Talk to me on the blog, I know what I am talking about. Talk to the person who has a company registered in Washington State with Amway that has the easiest operational business because Amway has the representatives to automatically calculate your taxes that are due in a state because you are a business owner. That is done via the Department of Revenue in Washington state because Amway partnered with them, and every similar department in other states. See the problem with most other MLM Business Owners is they don't see what they have their hands on, and that is not Amway's fault. What this blog does is far worse, they manipulate people into staying broke, and use heresay, and bullshit to scare people away from something that is simply put life-changing. Is there some stupid stuff that goes down within the mentorship groups, yes. Everybody who starts this business doesn't have the mindset quite yet. That's why you find the people who cling to the ones of bigger businesses, and this isn't even what they want. However I ask this that Amway fault, the mentorship group fault, or your fault for being able to suck somebody better than caring about YOUR financial future. I hope I show a realistic point of view on how to see this business. You people hate Amway so much, but ask yourself the end of the day, based off of what I am telling you personally...Did Amway scam you, or you having a poor mindset scam you.

Francois Johnson-Pratt
Owner of Suave Business Ventures
Amway Business Owner
Seattle, WA

(Yes I did just leave my information here for doubters on an Anti-Amway blog. I know what I have to offer, and you know how you failed. So shut up with the collective whining, connect with me, lets change lives.)