Friday, November 7, 2008

Amway Distributor Exposes Emerald Kingpin as Fraud On You Tube

Rocket of the Rocket's Rants Blog put a link to a You Tube video in the body of his post today. This video depicts an 'IBO' who debunks his upline Emerald as a fraud. Unlike most completely brainwashed cult followers, this distributor at least still has some of his mental faculties intact. He says he likes the products, but then he proceeds to warn others not to screw themselves over, to become a "prosumer" and go to Circuit City. The video is self explanatory and a wonderful Amway Global embarrassment to behold!

This whistle blowing 'IBO' says Amway "is a pyramid." Sounds like this 23 year old retired Emerald--supposedly making 6 figures a year--actually has to buy tools for his downline on a credit card because he can't afford them with the credit card he presently has. Indeed there is something very fishy going on here! He has to sandbag his downline and explain why they haven't gotten their tool order yet! Eric Scheibler described all the financial problems he experienced as an Emerald distributor as well. When does the faking ever end, and when does the making it begin?

"It is a pyramid!"

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