Friday, November 7, 2008

If Christianity Worked Like Amway: No One Would be Saved!

I found this humorously funny but truthful cartoon on a blog titled From My Heart , Out of My Mind. Other than providing me a moment of chuckle, I came back to it at least three times over a period of a few days. It impressed something on my mind, or maybe it was my subconscious that I want to tell you about.

Just as the title of today's post indicates, if Christianity worked like Amway, no one would be saved. I realize this is an intellectual stretch but I'll make it short and not complicate it with too many analogies.

Possibly there exists churches that operate somewhat like Amway in our World, full of people who have been recruited into the fold, but have never really bought the product (even though the product of salvation is free). Not only have they not bought the free product, they might recruit others into the fold as well without ever, retailing the product to them either? Then there are those in the church that buy the product believing the plan, but they do not sell or retail the product to anyone else in their community! They invite people to come to church, hear the plan, but they themselves sell nothing at all.

It might take a minute for this simple concept to make sense so please bare with me. Think about it? Amway recruits people, many of whom say, “I don't think I could sell any products.” They are most likely informed—against Amway rules of course: “Well, that's okay, you really will not have to retail anything,” whereupon their recruiter explains how the “buy from yourself” model operates--or how you yourself expend your money and time on Amway. Now, there may be pro-Amway people out there who will say this situation is absolutely not true, is a fabricated exaggeration, but let's not be naive here? It has been known how Amway really rolls for a long time.

If Christianity operated like Amway, you might recruit people to come to your church, but you would not have to sell them on Christ; that might seem just too difficult for most people. You might share the church plan, show them the rectory, the nursery, and where the restrooms are, but not actually sell anyone the product (even if the product, Christ, is already free and the price of salvation has already been paid for). This makes being a member of the church so much easier: no selling, no convincing. All you have to do is get them through the door and allow your upline to pass the plate and deliver their message. Oddly enough many of the upline evangelists may offer tapes for sale as well.

In Amway everything is optional (except success), from buying the product to buying the tapes, rally tickets and Internet access. No real retail selling necessary. When the upline passes the plate around, you make your contribution and bring others in so they also can add theirs as well. The Church of Amway's Message: believe and buy; selling is optional. Church goers many times believe and recruit but many times do very little retail selling of their product either. One reader of this blog has commented that he has been told that his church is a pyramid scheme just like Amway.

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