Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Amway Global Nightmare After Christmas--Mr. Obama Smokes Republicans and Goes to Washington

Mr. Obama, go ahead and have a beer too, "It's Miller Time!"

The Ghost of Elections Past rattles chains, startles Ebenezar Devos, takes him to the grave of Van Andel and shows him dreary bleak future.

Bob Cratchit despairs after learning he'd been swindled by Amway pyramid scam; tells Tiny Tim that there will be no Christmas this year.

Ebenezar Devos sees error of ways; drops by Cratchit household and gives Tiny Tim Amway Globule Starter Kit for Christmas. "Peace on Earth, good will to the downline!"

Mr. Obama goes to Washington; Mr. Devos hopes to go to Heaven and Avoid Quixtar Hell.

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