Thursday, October 23, 2008

Answers For People Experiencing The Pernicious Amway The Business Cult

Is there anyone out there in the cyberspace dealing with the pernicious the business cult? They call themselves Amway, but are one of the Worlds major Cults along side of the likes of Scientology, and the Unification Church. Has anyone had to deal with a loved family member that is being engaged or harmed by one of these cults? I send warning: these are not wonderful people and their cult is a pernicious harm doing affair! It can and will ruin families. It many times will tear even the closest of people apart, even ones merely on the outskirts of the cult. Family members who have to deal on a day to day basis with this family tragedy.

Can one really describe Amway/Quixtar in a way that new readers, or even those similarly affected, might understand and therefore come to a realization? It is just farther out of what most people find to be reality--simply because they do not know. Only amongst those who experience the cult phenomena first hand and know the kinds of mental anguish one can undergo, can a full understanding of how these truly deceit ridden folk operate. Their deceits have no bounds; they corrupt themselves morally, and many times lose sight of their first love. Their belief systems are altered-- not in a good Godly way.

A perversion of faith occurs where they are lulled into worship of The Business Cult. It mattered not to the cult what one believed prior to hearing the plan. Once faith has been supplanted towards the cult organization, the recruitment has been accomplished. The recruited pay to receive the Word of the Cult in the form of tool propaganda whereby the ways of the cult are not only taught, but embedded into the subconscious mind of the believer. All the important cult details are thereby infused, ingrained, taught, and driven into the minds of, and retaught over and over so many times that the end result is a programmed believer in the dream inspired Amway business cult.

Amway, the only business owner involved here, steps in and immediately takes their profits in what my friend, David Brear describes as a “Closed Loop Swindle”. I've described it in a different fashion, but both descriptions detail a bad situation for all the Amway Cult believers who basically must buy overpriced products, tools, and attend expensive functions. They are required to “pay to play” in Amway's game of deceit where dreams rarely ever come true. Only the well established early adopters, the kingpins, benefit, providing themselves up as the very cheese that all the duped cult believers are told they should work to emulate. One can see a child at the foot of the master here. Can these cults claim they do not have a central figure to emulate or worship? They worship the very members of the cult who stand to gain the most and in the end do them the most harm!

Quixtar Cult Intervention exists to reach out to the downtrodden folk either in the cult, on the outskirts of the cult. Many people really need to find answers to their own situations. Could I provide a few answers to help someone in the grip of this pernicious business cult? Please send me an email: . I have received testimonies of people who threw off a cult predatory situation and my heart is always gladden to know that someone has somehow been helped. People who resort to deceit in these cults many times become just as deceitful with others in their sphere of influence. From experience, many times these cults succeed where people believe they are alone; all the while their sensibilities become numbed and the joys of life seem to fade.


AJ said...

Wow you have a lot of time on your hands. Amway is just a home based business no different from any other. Same as Avon, Mary Kay, Melaleuca etc. I attend NO meetings, we don't worship anything or anybody. I like a lot of their products and dislike a few others. I make a little money at it when friends or relatives buy stuff from me and I have a few people wanting to sign up. There is nothing wrong with making extra cash. And that's all Amway is about really, extra income. Work hard enough at it and it can make you a lot but that's true with anything you do. You get out of it what you put into it.

quixtarisacult said...

AJ, sadly most people never come close to getting out of it what they put in.