Monday, November 10, 2008

Amway Global/Quixtar Censorship: UnAmerican Way

Again, I have to describe how Amway apologists operate. Robin Luymes, who operates a pro-Amway Blog in the Amway Opportunity Zone, is engaging in a very un-American censorship of free speech. He has taken it upon himself to 'school me' on the use of words which the Amway Propaganda Ministry deems a personal attack on others. I beg to differ. The words in question that Luymes seeks to censor on his Amway paid for blog are:


The blog administrator seeks to squash anti-Amway comment and free speech on his forum by making the above words basically verboten. He claims to have become calloused to the use of the term 'cult' over the years he has worked for Amway. He claims that the terms 'kingpins' and 'ambots' are disrespectful, and claims he sends letters to news agencies asking them not to use the word 'pyramid' in conjunction with news articles related to Amway Global. I refer readers to these two blog posts by the Amway Propaganda Minister Robin Luymes (or Kia): Click here and here. Be sure to read the strings of comments under these posts. I have responded to some of the personal attacks against me by the likes of one snarly wench Bridgett Barron, the poster child for incivility, who attempts to use the Internet to promote her sad sack of Amway overpriced crappy goods. (At least she tries to sell something—not really a major goal of Amway distributors whose idea of running their business is to only buy, not sell; Doris and Joe Shaw also sought to sell Amway crap as well, but they had a little honesty problem.) Oh, by the way Bridgett, XS drinks do indeed taste like urine.

I just thought that Amway Global Cult Intervention readers might like to know how Amway operates its totalitarian product based pyramid scheme and how it allows the pernicious 'The Business Cult' to prey on its own adherents. David Brear has a great Amway expose up on Quixtar Cult Intervention that you can read by clicking here.


David Robison said...

I have responded at Robin's blog basically in your defense(sort of) But Robin hasn't updated comments yet.

But, your "free speech" argument holds no water in this case.

Robin has "free speech" on his blog--commenters, however, must follow his rules.

Just like here, you rule against repetitive copy, and invitations to conference calls.

Your contention that Quixtar is a "cult" is not proven in any legal way. It is your opinion, and therefore if you slander the company with cult allegations, whether you believe them to be true or not does not give you the "right" to post it on the company blog.

You do however have the right to make the statements here at your own blog, and as far as I know, Amway Global has not taken action against you.

Also, the media industry and the press regularly censors content without violating free speech; censorship is not may violate some principled code that others may have, but many practices violate people's private codes.

But, keep up your writing, it is your right in my opinion.

quixtarisacult said...


A very good comment. I actually more or less agree with you. I have previously stated on QCI that a blog administrator has the right to either post or not post a comment, just as I reserve the same right here on my blog. No problem there. I am not belly aching about the censorship, but I'm using it to help present my views on Amway. It is supposed to be a discussion right?

I thought it a bit of a 'stretch' for Kia to believe that a these words amounted to 'personal' disrespect. I named no names, but in response, I was indeed named and disrespected openly by others as if I was a monkey with a tale. By their uncivil actions, these folk (and they know who they are) deserve to be called 'Ambots'. Nothing new as the terminology has been floating around the Internet for years. These Ambots have been trolling anti-Amway discussions and blogs griefing regular people just trying to have a discussion about Amway. They earn their Ambot label by their own actions.

Kia allowed Bridgett to post two very personally disrespectful comments against me violating his own policy, but he has not posted my very respectful and intentionally 'mild' response. He is exercising his right to censorship while obviously picking and choosing whom to invoke his own comment rules against. Hardly fair.

The point is not so much the censorship of the words but of the ideas behind them. My comments were on topic and were not directed at any one person. It is one of those kind of deals, if the shoe fits, wear it?

To go down the road of censoring words also works to sensor communication of my thoughts, all part of what open discussions should be about. After all, David, they weren't F-Bombs or anything even approaching that kind of disrespect.

Denial takes many forms, and censorship of words is just one way to avoid the discussion of the topics deemed too controversial to entertain.

In debate and the exchange of discourse, it just makes a person look bad who has to resort to the censorship of words. Very UnAmerican for the American Way which Kia operates like a totalitarian state on his blog. He enforces strange censorship of word rules against me and then allows 'attack dog' bridgett to personally chew my leg off.

Luymes plays lip service to allowing different points of view as comments on his blog, but in the end, this is merely bull crap posturing. Where the rubber hits the road, he is prone to pull the plug on the free market of ideas which don't fit in with the furtherance of the Amway Myth!

Cults are not illegal unless they are breaking the law. Product Based Pyramid Schemes at the moment aren't illegal either (although very questionable). Both Cults and Pyramid Schemes aren't necessarily anything to boast about though and something to be kept very much in the Amway closet if you know what I mean?

The Amway company isn't supposed to be officially in the discussion of this blog--if you read Luymes disclaimer--which obviously is bull crap as well. Deception is common to Amway and their desire to control information about themselves.

Your comment was well thought out and well presented, and I have no problem with the logic you've expressed. David, you are the blogger who just quit being an IBO aren't you? I've read your blog before I believe. Obviously you and I can have a respectful but intelligent discussion, something certain others like IBOFB and Bridgett are short on. They could learn a lesson from you, show some respect to get some.


greekboy said...

Is that picture bridgett?

You should post one of IBOfightback too!

quixtarisacult said...

Yes, I believe that to be the snarly wench. I believe I have posted one or two pictures of IBOFB elsewhere. Actually his name is David Steadson.