Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amway's Dick DeVos Nightmare Comes to an Ends Peacefully as Dick Wakes Up!

It is a cruel World for wealthy Michigan Republicans, specifically Dick DeVos. He has the wealth of one of the most prolific World Cults and Pyramid Schemes at his control to expend on political aspirations, but he is obliged to wear Amway Brand cement overshoes from the Quixtar/Amway Catalog while wading through the deep waters of Michigan politics--sort of like a shark avoiding his own kind; because it his blood that is in the water!

I am guessing that other Michigan Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief today, as Amway Crime Family Dick has announced that he will not be making another run for the governor's office. Dick Devos ran an unsuccessful 2006 Republican bid for the office spending more than $30 million dollars of his own dirty money in an embarrassing failed attempt. In a major twist of fate and bad Amway Karma, the Democrats and Jennifer Granholm didn't have to actually make up any dirt against Dick. They ran against the Amway pyramid scheme and paraded Dick's disembodied head next to a cartoon Egyptian style pyramid doctored up to look like Amway corporate headquarters. As funny as those commercials were, they were also very effective, because ironically enough, they had the the spirit of truth in them. Dick indeed had dirtied his own hands in the Amway product based pyramid scheme having served as Amway President from 1993 to 2002. In an effort to distance himself from the bad karma of Amway, Dick renamed the company Alticor in 2000 and also renamed the Amway North American scheme to Quixtar as well.

Amway announced in the fall of 2007 that it was dumping the faux Quixtar facade and renamed the questionable North American MLM operation back to Amway with the 'Global' tag being added. Obviously the failing Quixtar 'tool' propaganda inspired 'distributors' would now be harnessed to the Amway Global mother-ship to empower their dream inspired scam on themselves. (So much for all the buffaloing that the 'distributors' had heard about having their 'independent' businesses being 'powered by Quixtar' which proved to be incredibly anemic and under-powered in the end!) Alticor has heralded 2008 as a year of change and has spent a considerable sum on a reputation rebuilding media blitz hoping to restore confidence in the Amway moniker. Dick threatened to unleash a new round of Amway pyramid bashing, a potential Amway public relations nightmare at the worst possible time.

Amway Global's hopes of renewing a positive relationship with the public in general has been over-shadowed by their own Dirty Dick DeVos's disastrous 2006 bid for the Michigan Governorship, where Amway was justifiably paraded out as a money extracting scheme to Michigan voters. I am sure that the present Amway executives and advertising and PR departments were not happy about the idea of Dick potentially announcing a second potentially disastrous run for the Governor's Office. The 2006 run was a public relations nightmare for Alticor which cannot shake the Amway moniker any easier than Amway Global can shake off the disastrous Quixtar Dateline Expose revealing distributor kingpin malfeasance. To corporate Amway, Dick represented a flaming bag of dog pooh that was about to be placed on the porches of Michigan voters again and the fall out would once again be nationwide.

My sense of the situation in Michigan is that a huge sigh of relief has come to the Ada Amway Globular pyramid scheme headquarters and also to Michigan Republican's who now can make a legitimate bid for the Governor's chair with Dick's millions of dirty money and Dick out of the race. I surmise that Dick's money and that of Amway co-founder Rich DeVos--may not be completely off the political table, but he is. In announcing his intentions not to run for Governor in 2010, the Michigan and national press have been very kind indeed, not mentioning the 'Amway brand' cement overshoes Dick clomps around Michigan in. The news media in Michigan, much like Dick's Republican Gubernatorial hopefuls obviously fear Dick's money as well and are not drawing the obvious conclusions that I have in my humble blog post today. Thanks to the World Wide Internet, at least my view will be presented to discerning readers of this blog and most notably to the pyramid scheme executives who secretly read my thoughts online.

Dick's backing away from his political aspirations is the sigh 'not' heard around the World! but then again, the national press, and particularly the Grand Rapids area press, seem to be in the pocket of the pyramid schemers as well, with Amway advertising money always being sought. I might suggest that Forbes do a story on these developments, since they have recently also used the pyramid word about Amway in a recent scathing article about former Amway Kingpin, Orrin Woodward. For additional background information on Dirty Dick click here.

The election of Democratic candidates nationwide and the Republican failure to deliver up Michigan for John McCain probably had something to do with Dick's grim decision as well. The Right Wing rarefied atmosphere must have Dick's Dad Rich sporting an oxygen tank and riding around his Ada kingdom on a hover-round as Mr. Obama goes to Washington! Amway/Quixtar 'distributors' like ostriches might keep their heads in the sand about Amway corruption while Michigan voters do not.

Reader, have you been recently shown the Amway plan to fantastic fool's gold. You've found the right location in cyber-space to avoid the Amway nightmare as well. Keep coming back because like any intervention, it only works if you work it!

Enjoy the You Tube video below where Dick says "I've been Amwayed!" (Why not, so many other people have experienced the effect as well thanks to Dick, his Dad, and the now deceased Jay Van Andel.) Desi Indeed!

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