Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Amway Proponents Deny the Financial holocaust and Perpetuate Fraud on Consumers

Amway apologists actively deny that the vast amount of Amway adherents have lost money and most likely will lose money in their 'opportunity'. To know this fact, to deny it, and then perpetuate a fraud on others is dishonest and meets all the elements of the crime. People have been hoodwinked to believe falsehoods about Amway by its apologist proponents, but the facts exist which show that Amway historically has resulted in nearly a 100% rolling failure rate. If you were made to understand that you were participating in consumer fraud, would you continue, or would you do the right thing--quit?

I have authored an exclusive article entitled The Quixtar/Amway Financial holocaust; the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Fraud on Quixtar Cult Intervention which I invite you to read. Controversy isn't shrugged off when consumer fraud is afoot! Click here to be magically taken their by the World Wide Internets. ... you know what that is don't you pee wee?

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