Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amway/Quixtar Financial holocaust: Are We Doomed to Repeat It?

A sad situation seems to exist in our country. People are forgetting history—specifically as it relates to Amway as well as history in general. I know I chuckle many times as I watch the Tonight Show's Jay Leno doing his Jay Walking segment where he asks people he encounters on the street the simplest of questions. The wrong answers and lack of knowledge may strike Jay's audience as funny, and I know I chuckled at these people also. The funnier of the bunch end up on Jay's Battle of the Jay Walking All Stars (which is very funny also), but topics involving the simplest of historical fact, and the lack of any understanding makes me wonder what exactly is being taught in our schools, or why modern students and younger citizens pay so little attention?

Amway is a historical fact and for people to deny the fact of Amway's rolling failure rate and portray the opportunity as a success is a fraud. For anyone to sell Amway on their fellow citizens promotes and continues this fraud. The truth is widely known by many people, but the Amway opportunity myths persist. Amway apologists seek to, invert reality, present the plan as a historically successful opportunity and deny the financial loss of millions of past and present Amway 'distributors'. The failure rate of Amway adherents generally exceeds 99%. Amway is an opportunity for Amway and top of the pyramid Kingpins to build their own personal fortunes while the majority lose money in an affair where the losers believe they are operating their own business!

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Amway apologists want to keep their scheme moving forward by supposedly bamboozling a public that 'quixley' forgets the past. Even Amway's recent commercial blitz is an attempt to make younger potential recruits (customers) believe that Amway Global has successfully helped millions own their own business--while they (by contractual fine print) actually control almost every detail. (Independence in Amway is nearly non existent; with your only independence being whether to work their business or to not.) Amway hopes to succeed in the reputation rebuilding efforts because people don't know the real facts, while Amway PR attempts to promote myth as fact, fiction as truth; thereby committing fraud of titanic proportions. In light of this, the use of the words 'financial holocaust' to describe the history of Amway is indeed correct. The 'holocaust' should not be confused with the word 'genocide' as author David Brear has personally pointed out to me in a recent email.

Amway wants people to believe that Amway Global isn't your Dad and Mom's soap business and escape their distributor's historical failures. They hope to succeed because of the vast amount of gullible 'jay walking' people who might believe their 'reality inverting myths' and keep their 'money extracting schemes' rolling forward. Our government's sleeping watchdog regulators sit on the sideline and allow this situation to continue to their own shame! I have pointed out the shortcomings of the FTC before. Click here for more background information on the failures of regulation.

Amway cultists view the DeVos and Van Andel initiators as gods, to be held in reverence. How does this differ any differently from those who do the same for Sun Myung Moon, David Koresh, or the now deceased scientologist, L. Ron Hubbard?

Amway does real harm, making it a pernicious (harm doing) cult; L. Ron Hubbard and Jay Van Andel are both deceased, but their heirs are carrying on their pernicious affairs. Amway cult Initiators funnel money into the pockets of people who help them keep their operation in business. Tactics being used by the Unification Church as well as by deceased mobsters like Al Capone. How quickly leaders are to forget how scoundrels operate and how quickly they are to accept graft. Recently president W came calling on the living Amway cult initiator, Richard DeVos, with his hand out for the Republican party. Shame on W, and what a pitiful circumstance of democracy being sold out in favor of the American Scam.

Just as Michael Corleone The Godfather sought to take his crime family's affairs legit in the famous movie, so do the Initiators of Amway who seek to make their sordid affairs appear legitimate as well. It is a matter of perceptions. Amway seeks to mold the perceptions of what they hope is a naive public. They seek to invert reality and promote the myths that make their pernicious affair work--at least for them!

To prevent a harmful past from ever being repeated, the post Nazi German government has long since passed laws which prevent Nazi apologists--like David Irving--from 'inverting reality' and denying the Holocaust occurred as a historical fact.

Isn't it significant that modern Amway apologists like Robin Luymes, David Steadson, Scott Johnson, Steve Lieberman, Bridgett Baron, Beth Dornan (and many, many others) seek to present Amway myths as truth and deny Amway's financial holocaust today? They indeed inhabit the same intellectual bunker as David Irving and promote Amway myths as fact. This sordid situation should be sensationalized! Making the author of this blog or David Brear the 'issue' in a 'kill the messenger analogy' only serves to aid and succor Amway--who benefits when those who would oppose them choose to instead quibble over semantics. I would hope readers would agree or disagree with the ideas expressed herein on their merits (rather than going off on a intellectual tantrum over the use of the 'holocaust' analogy.)

"We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin

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Joecool said...

My estimate - Millions have lost billions over the years. I would also veture to guess that the billions spent by IBOs on tools
were never made up via Amway bonuses.