Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amway Violates India Statutes While Representing Their 'Closed Market Swindle' as 'Free Enterprise'

India is truly a remarkable country. Possibly readers might not realize that India is the largest democracy in the world, having a diverse population which is only second to China in total number. India boasts the fastest growing economy in the world for some years running. Also India is home of the hospitals of the world, possessing one the most efficient health care systems available anywhere. If all of this wasn't incredible enough, India is home to the largest motion picture industry anywhere, producing more movies and features than even Hollywood USA.

A fellow of India, Shyam Sundar, a retired journalist, has taken a stand to warn his fellow citizens about the menace that Amway and others MLM frauds represent. Shyam describes Amway's purposeful violation of Indian law to those citizens wise enough to hear his message. Amway in a recent press release is seeking to have their direct marketing swindle 'regulated' and therefore 'legitimized' in India.

Pride, hard work and the 'themes of social justice' have made India one of the grandest of recent world success stories, all balanced by their historical struggles and the wisdom of the past personafied in Mahatma Gandhi. Indeed, the best legal minds of India, the High Justices have held in a 2-1 majority opinion that Amway violates India's laws against money circulating 'prize chit' schemes. Shyam points out that it is crucial that Amway advertisement be strictly forbidden in India as it promotes a violation of India law, the bedrock of India's democratic republc.
Promoting crime is in and of itself a crime, and I expect that the proposed ban in India should be imposed, all in compliance with Republic of India statue.

Shyam Sundar has in the past revealed to a world wide audience, the white underbelly of 'money circulating' schemes; more commonly referred to as 'pyramid schemes' in the United States. Amway, permitted to operate their carefully disguised and conceived systematic swindle as a 'legitimate' business in the United States for what they themselves represent to be 'fifty years'. The Utopian State of Amway, a labyrinth of independent corporate structures, now operate a world class' racketeering operation. Only in recent times have the nature of cults been revealed, described and somewhat understood. The white underbelly of corruption is an open secret, much more pernicious than one might at first believe. Amway corruption operating on a scale so vast as to be imaginable!

There is nothing original about Amway, which in many ways is an extension of American Fascism, all carefully disguised as capitalistic free enterprise. The Amway Labyrinth is correctly described as being organized along 'mafia' lines by law professor G. Robert Blakey. Amway, the twenty first century version of the Cosa Nostra, now operating their closed market swindle world wide. Where the Godfather saga seems to end, Amway corruption expands unmolested, except of course by the wisdom of Gandhi's India.

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