Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amway: How Deregulation and Lack of Oversight by the Federal Trade Commission Has Allowed Corrupt Business To Victimize Their Own!

The national media is just full of bad news recently: predatory lending, the mortgage meltdown, the banking crisis, and now the insurance meltdown and the AIG bail out. Amway, a multi-billion dollar business that masquerades as a online retailer of health and beauty products fits right in with all the other predatory businesses that deregulation and the lack of oversight has wrought. Amway pompously touts itself as free enterprise and has supported right wing causes that have preached about getting government off of “our” backs for what seems like decades. Amway really wants governmental oversight off of their backs so they can ride their distributors backs, the. Independent Business Owners they depend on for their supposed retail sales.

The public has been asleep at the wheel. Our elected representatives have allowed money from the likes of self interest inspired big business to subvert the interests of the common working people who have to survive in this world which has been taken over by greedy interests and the likes of Amway and the failed Enron. Where is the real compassion of our leaders for the people who are losing their homes? Indeed the meltdown on Wall Street effectively has robbed millions of people their hard earned retirement nest eggs. Amway has basically fleeced people of potential retirement money for years and left them holding their empty dreams as well. People believing in the Amway dream many times believe that an Amway residual income will be the ticket to living the good life in an early retirement. They fail to see all the horror stories this line of reasoning has wrought in the nearly half a century Amway has been fleecing their flock of duped dreamers!

Amway is just such a predatory entity seeking to serve their own greedy self interests. They have basically flown under the radar for years. Why should people get up in arms about a company that makes fools of the soap selling neighbors? After all, it was the neighbors that got themselves involved with these scoundrels in the first place, right? Just as the borrower of sub-prime loans can be blamed for signing a contract that doomed them from the start, the victims are usually left to take the blame. Amway has successfully adopted the tactic of teaching the distributor that failure is the distributors own fault. If you lose money, or if you can't sell any products, or if your dreams of going diamond never come true no matter how hard you struggle, the company has washed their hands clean of any responsibility! The victim has to take the blame for playing in a game where the cards were heavily stacked against them. When Amway talks about how successful their business is, they are really talking about how successful they have been at making their own distributors the victim in what amounts to a bait and switch Ponzi game of insane proportion!

Amway represents the biggest fleecing of its own people ever unleashed on the American public. In recent years, the bad truths about this con job of a business have slowed recruitment and profits here; so to continue to expand its base, the rest of the World has become the focus of their product pyramid schemes. To understand this situation, nearly 4 out of 5 dollars that come in as revenue to Amway come not from the US market, but from the expansion into foreign countries where people new to capitalism mistake Amway's scheme for a legitimate business. They buy into what most citizens in the United States have over time come to realize is a losing enterprise.

President Bush had the bright idea that our health care crisis could be solved by having all citizens invest their medical savings in the Stock Market which the Republicans have touted as their free enterprise solution to the escalating cost of health care. Might I add that it would seem like the stock market itself was being touted as one big pyramid scheme itself. What deregulation has done for millions of Amway victims it is now doing for the common men and women who had the good common sense not to get involved with Amway but are ironically being victimized by the same type of deregulation. The victims are different but the victimization is the same.

In many ways the victims of predatory lending or bad investments are made to blame for their belief in the systems that never had their best interests in mind. Welcome to the world of greedy businessmen who look out for their best interests and use what ever means possible to bail themselves out and leave the people who have lost holding only their empty bag of dreams.

It was okay that millions of Amway duped distributors have lost their money to pyramid scheming executives at Alticor. Amway has been touted as a cult like endeavor bordering on religion. “What Jesus has done for others, he can do for you! This is well and good. What Amway has done for others (99% lose money), they can do for you! This is a shame. Amway indeed sells hope with the soap; the problem being that as the soap stops selling at the distributor's door, so eventually does the hope. Who makes all the money in the Amway Land of Will Scam? It is the con men sellers of monopoly products and the pyramid sellers of mostly mundane training propaganda,also a monopoly business for the top of the pyramid scheme kingpins.

People investing in their Amway dreams may wake up some day and realize that their nest egg has been squandered on Amway crap; lost the same way many other Americans have lost their savings in mutual fund accounts and bad investments. The Federal Trade Commission has permitted the fleecing of Amway dupes because the money taken from the pockets of these victims has funded the lobbying by the Devos/Van Andel empire to protect their fleecing of the flock.

Amway Global Cult Intervention urges people who are the intended “marks” in the Amway product pyramid scheme and the tool scam to get out with whatever money they can. It is sort of like wanting to get your money out of an insolvent bank before a run on the bank leaves you wiped out. For those considering this to be a potential business opportunity, do the math, do the research. I believe in the end you will discover that Amway indeed will do for you what it has done for many millions of others, make you the loser in their pay to play game of greed designed to make you lose. MLM pyramid schemes, who needs them? Persons being exposed to MLM opportunities and searching for real information about these scam business opportunities can find links at the bottom of the Quixtar Cult Intervention sister page. I recommend Pyramid Scheme Alert as a "must read" for people new to the topic of multi-level marketing, network marketing and direct selling which are different names for which many schemes go by.

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