Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quixtar/Amway Global's Perfect Water Scam Has Come and Gone: XS Gold Scam Next On the Agenda For the Fleecing of the Duped Cult Flock!

The Perfect Water Scam of 2008 has pretty much fizzled out. Seems like there are a lot of disappointed Amway distributors out there who have gotten fleeced by purchasing many exorbitantly priced cases believing it to be their ticket to retailing profit and success. All the hype has fizzled out, and just like almost all of Amway's over priced monopoly products, this fancy bottled water has basically only sold to IBO distributors. If they were lucky enough to unload it at cost, they most assuredly aren't reordering it a second time at least for retail sales. They are the suckers that I described them to be in past posts on this blog!

What's next for these duped cult drones? XS Gold! Here comes more hype about another product that has the look about it to become the next Amway Scam unleashed on their cult followers. Indeed, it seems like there has been a lot of attention focused on MonaVie's Acai Berry Drink product sold in wine bottles. Hmmmm? It would seem that maybe Amway would be farther ahead if they just bottled real wine. At least the distributors then could drown their sorrows in their own product. Many were left to drink the not so perfect empowered water or leave it dusting in their pantry. The only thing the water “empowered” was Amway's fleecing of the flock. Now these same dupes will be encouraged to invest in this new XS Gold Scam? I am guessing that this product will be exorbitantly priced, and profess to offer health improving benefits much like MonaVie's purple juice sham product.

Not being willing to admit that Perfect Water was a scam on themselves, distributors will be touting this new product as being the next big reason to climb on the Amway Global bandwagon. Seems that these sham products help sell the recruitment scam that these folks show to their neighbors and friends. Who really needs friends and neighbors like this? I am wondering how many of the people who were exposed to the Perfect Water Scam and who were recruited as a result are now looking back and scratching their head about being so gullible to fall for snake oil sales techniques?

Amway products are marketed and intended for consumption by the distributor down line customers. They are duped by tool selling kingpins like Ron Puryear to believe that the products can be retailed and therefore fall for basically the same kind of scam time after time. Reminds me of a Cyndi Lauper Song: Time After Time. Amway will almost always be introducing some hyped product like it has in the past with their XS drinks and more recently their Simply nutrition bars, re-wrapped crap that is a waste of a distributor's money and a source of Jay Factor profits for the product pyramid purveyors in Michigan.

I sense that there are some very skeptical IBO/ABO types out there who may not be so willing to jump onto this XS Gold Scam after being fleeced like sheep in the Perfect Water Scam. Loss of enthusiasm is a prelude to distributors that are likely to drop out of the business eventually as many do yearly. Amway Global operates a recruitment scam whereby there must be willing new recruits brought on board to replace the ones who see through the deception and quit after being fleeced for a period of time.

Amway Global Cult Intervention urges people being exposed to the Amway recruitment scam to decline the chance to be suckered. You will most likely be exposed to the XS Gold Scam, just as many distributors were exposed to the Perfect Water Scam when they were first showed the “plan”. I advise you to use good common sense, and just cut your potential loses entirely and avoid these con men sellers of deceit. Hey, if you really want to try some of these supposedly miracle products, you can buy them on ebay. Folks having fallen victim to Amway have been fighting back by trying to recoup some of their loses by offering their Amway crap through on-line auctions; you can find any number of Amway goods as well as the training propaganda materials (CDs, books, and tapes) known as tools up for auction. You can be assured that there is a disgruntled Amway sucker standing behind every one of these ebay offerings. You don't have to be the next person looking to unload Amway crap over the World Wide Web after being suckered by the World Wide Dream Builders and others of their ilk!


Andrew said...

No Comments? This seems like a waste of time but I would like to know your sources and background information on Amway and World Wide Group? I have just been introduce and would like to know what you have found out. Were you ever part of this business plan? Whats wrong with it? What is a pyramid scheme? Thanks a lot for your enlightenment. I would like to learn from others rather than learn from my mistakes. Thanks

quixtarisacult said...


Strange that you would comment on a post that is dated significantly enough, Sept. 11th. Possibly you have missed the body of other work that I have written on Quixtar Cult Intervention.

I am optimistic that if you are a searcher for information, you will find plenty more to read, not only here, but you might follow the links; do seek out a well rounded record of the aforementioned scoundrels. People need to know what kind of people their prospective business culprits/partners are. Those that do the research and homework necessary to find out the truth generally determine how this Amway/Quixtar ranks as a first class failure at producing any significant profit. There are exceptions exceptions which you must be made aware of; these being the 'initiators' of the swindle themselves along with the tool scamming Kingpins.

All worshipers in the AmQuix cult seek to 'emulate' the leaders which is count #1 indictment of a pernicious cult which operates World wide.

Don't miss David Brear's accounts of how this bad stinker of a fraud operates a closed market swindle. If you are indeed a prospect of the business cult you are welcome to do the research, make your choice.

Most importantly, don't let "the Conways" deceive you. They misrepresenting their success in order to draw you in. This is criminal misrepresentation and making those making the claims guilty of intent to defraud you. The World Wide Dream Builders cannot be trusted. They even have a very bad reputation even amongst pro Amway Zealots like IBOFB. These Puryear Ambots have been the whipping boy for all those trying to deceive their victims into joining by claiming that another Amway organization is responsible for all the bad things that Amway is! Wow, take a breath.

All these scamming motivational organizations seek the same money extracting treasure, which is better left in your own pocket.

Anonymous said...

To all the skeptics and the people who had bad experiences with Quixtar/Amway Global. The business is legit and is celebrating 50 plus years of business all over the world. Here’s a fact for all of you skeptics, Quixtar/Amway Global has produced more millionares then any other businesses in the U.S and most countries in the world. Look at our comercials, if we were a scam why would they allow us on TV. We are F.T.C (Federal Trade Commission) approved and we are approved by the Better Business Bereau. The products are price comparable or cheaper then other similar products on the market, plus like our SA8 laundry detergent which is the best on the market you save more money per usage then Tide. Our Artistry skin care and cosmetic line is top 3 in the world, plus in the health and beauty department we have been ranked number 1 in online sales in 2005, 2006, and 2007 by internet retailers top 100. Our vitamin and nutrition line which is Nutrilite is number 1 in the world. Our core line products at our wholesale prices save you money over Wal-Mart. The goal of our business is to help people save money, and if interested make money. For anyone who has failed or quit, it was probably poor leadership from your upline. The first thing I was taught was that there were no quotas in this business, you could do absolutely nothing with no penalty. The second thing I was taught was that I didn’t have to attend any meetings because they aren’t mandatory. The money I invested in my business was up to me. The books and CD’s are voluntary to purchase. I buy the CD’s and the books because no one at work cares about my future and the CD’s are more motivational then my co-workers and my bosses plus the millionares on the CD’s help me to build my business minus their mistakes. At a job I work to make money for my bosses who will always make more money then me, in this business I work to make money for me. I have business partners who are successful attorney’s and doctor’s making 6 to seven figures in their practices, so why would they do this if it was a scam. This is not a pyramid because it’s illegal and I currently work as a law enforcement officer and I study law (So it’s legal). Isn’t a pyramid scheme where the top guy alway’s makes the most money, hmmm sounds like your job (your supervisor makes more money then you, your boss makes more then your supervisor, and the owner makes more then all of you, sounds like a pyramid). In my Quixtar/Amway business I already surpassed my upline sponsor in income because I outwork him, and he encourages me to be more successful, how do your co-workers feel when you’re brand new in your job and you get promoted before them?. Quixtar/Amway Global is a volume based business. I have a downline who hasn’t sponsored anyone but makes $2000 a month (He moves product). Through promoting your products and services the sponsoring happens on its own. Look at it this way, if you start off at zero in this business and sponsor 40 people in your first month and they all do zero, you’re still at zero. It’s a retail/wholesale business, you need to move product to make money period. But like starbucks, McDonalds, etc… if you wanna make more money, expand your business and help others do what you do (move product and make money). I get so irritated by people who say it’s a scam cause you have to purchase their products and buy their CD’s and books and attend their functions (Job mentality -vs- Business mentality). I have a question for all of you, “If you owned a Chevron gas station would you buy gas at Shell just because it’s 10 cents cheaper?” or “If you owned a grocery store would you buy turkey at Costco just because it’s cheaper?” I hope you answered no because if you owned Chevron and bought gas at Shell, what would your customers think about your product. You invest in your own business, you use your own products regardless of how much cheaper somewhere else is (It’s common business sense). Just like your bosses send you to seminars and training, there investing in their business. That’s like our seminars and training, it’s not mandatory but its an investment into your business if you can afford it. If you can’t afford to go to a seminar, I suggest waiting till you move enough products to create enough money in your business so your business pays for your seminar. I can go on and on but the bottom line is this business is legit and it works if you work it right. The 2 to 5 year plan to be financially free they promote is for real if you stay persistant and consistant in this business. What can you say about your job or career. Have you seen any job where you work 5 years even 10 and can fully retire comfortably?. It’s worth 2 to 5 years of hard work to never work a job again. For the record I wouldn't even care what business you wanna do and own I encourage everyone to get out of the job mentality and get into the business mentality. I encourage all of you to dream and dream big you can have what you want. Just know this, you live on what your job affords you, you live around your jobs schedule, you even have to ask for permission to take a vacation with your family. You sacrifice time for money and what happens when you don't go to work, you don't get paid. Jobs are just another form of slavery. Own your own business whatever it may be and create your own wealth.

bmrtoyo said...

why is someone who is sucessful at this posting anonymous hmmmmmmmm

quixtarisacult said...

They generally post anonymously because they are frauds. They are taught by their cult to believe they've already entered into the gates of their Amway paradise. Many become so gung ho that they delude themselves into believing that they've already succeeded when they are only getting started paying into the swindle. They advocate their success and try to dupe others into following the creed of their cult upline.

Anonymous said...

No sounds like you don't have any evidence that you were deffinetly the lazy types who love welfare because its the only system that you are getting a free check off of doing nothing. You pride yourself on another worthless complaining blog that you submitted no evidence to support yourself. Your evidence is "I did this" "I think this" are phrases that you don't have any evidence otherwise you be check this out, see this, but no another blog loser who spends too much time playing WOW instead of playing in the real world.

quixtarisacult said...

Another 'anonymous' poster? Obviously you are an 'Ambot' (with poor grammar and spelling).

Hmmmm? How should I respond?

Show me your tax statements proving you profit from the Amway business?