Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are You Being Asked to Follow a Different Gospel That Keeps Renaming Itself and To Light Candles To Your New God At Amway Rallies?

Amway represents one of the greatest perversions of faith I have ever witnessed. People many times adopt this business cult as a religion. I recall reading that Amway gave hope to a man who was on the cusp of suicide by picking him up, giving him friends in the business and a reason to live. No longer was he depressed, he had a purpose in life which made suicide seem so distant. Hmmm? Might good old time religion and a trip to his local church have done the same thing. Even the Green River Killer said that he killed less people while he was selling Amway.

It is too bad that many people seeing the Amway light forget about the real "light of the World". Followers of the business cult many times believe they can help their fellow man by introducing them to the gospel of Amway. Many lose friends, alienate family, and become the most recent "joke" at church. Proselytizing for religion is a common activity of many religious groups and sects, but is something practiced by these Amway Cults as well. Even the "very elect" like pastors and church leaders have fallen prey to these other worldly activities and beliefs.

Amway believers want to make you believe as they do. They believe that by showing you their plan they are doing something good for you. They believe they are helping their fellow man to more fully see the light. They seem to want to combine their version of the light with the true light of the world and shine it on as many gullible people as they can find. You might think they were showing you the plan to salvation instead of a plan formed in the mind of men. Remember this when you see the Amway Global commercials talking about the company two friends from Michigan formed nearly a half century ago. The Amway Cult goes hand in hand with other pernicious cults like the Moonies, and the Sccientologists.

Proponents of Amway might easily dismiss today's posting as being absurd, but I point to the fact that at nearly all Amway rallies, there are usually Sunday Church Services that take on the very essence of Christianity and link the belief in God to the belief in the Amway system. At the end of the rally, Amway holds a candle lighting ceremony for its believers that mimics what many Christian churches do at their Christmas eve services, both very religious affairs. Amway wants their true believers to act the way Christian churches want true believers to be. Amway teaches that one can be a true believer in their cult like worldly system as if it were part and parcel of God's Universal system. Amway is indeed a perversion of faith. The gospel they teach is "another gospel" which Christians are warned against by the Holy Scriptures.

Amway Global Cult Intervention sees the promotion of Amway as a major perversion of faith. These dream weavers want to ride on the coat tails of the legitimate God inspired beliefs as if they too are good, godly and full of light. I must warn you they are of Satan the devil; they want to promote themselves as beauty, righteousness, and the light of the world, exactly as their worldly master, the deceiver, does. Quixtar/Amway Globule is a "worldly system." Please don't let these dream weaving folk convince you that they represent the light from above while they represent the light of "following men."

There is good news for the followers of this pernicious business cult; you can reject the perverse teachings these Amway believers expose you to and return to the one gospel found in the word of the scriptures, not the word of kingpin tool sellers of deceit. Folks being shown the deceitful worldly plan of the pernicious Amway business cult for the first time should turn away from the very presence of this evil and do the correct thing: RUN! Money is the god of these dream selling deceivers and profiteers. Dear friend, the money these profane worshipers seek is in your pocket. Keep it there for good use, not their supposed God inspired con job on you!


Anonymous said...

Have you actually gone to one of these so called gatherings where they light the candles? Im sorry but its ridiculous everything you just stated. Directly from amway global I've heard tons of things and none like the ones you stated. Seems to me that you have definitely taken everything YOUR believes. So sad to see you get lost with such simple things, it worries me to think you completely lost with more complicated issues.

quixtarisacult said...


Your first mistake is to believe almost anything you hear from Amway Global. I take it you've possibly been shown the plan or recruited for their 'wonderful' opportunity?

I've got three links for you. The first two are the 2004 Dateline video parts one and two. The last link is another blog post I did on this same topic.

Amway teaches their cult followers to emulate the leaders, all who significantly stand to financialy gain by your purchase of the 'tools' and rally tickets. You begin paying in your relationship to Amway and basically remain a Amway customer perpetually, and must go out and duplicate yourself, teaching others to join and become their own best customer--hardly a legitimate business. The products are designed and priced to be nearly impossible to retail. Sorry if I am blowing your prosperity dreams out of the water. It is better to hear these things now rather than to join and learn about this later.

Dateline Youtube Video Part One

Dateline Youtube Video Part Two

Quixtar/Amway Teary Eyed True Believers

If attending rallies, worshiping Amway leaders as if they were gods, buying products priced in monopolistic fashion, and trying to rope all your friends and family into doing the same thing seems like a great thing for you to do, Just go for it then! No problem from me.


Any further questions, my email is quixtarisacult@gmail.com