Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amway Global/Quixtar Merchants of Deception Always Bragging Up Their Midgets: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Seems like everyone wants to brag on their own midget. Dear reader, have you ever seen the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" where one of the candidates for governor in this farcical movie has this "little man" midget holding a broom while sweeping the incumbent governor's corruption out of office in a campaign ploy every bit as comical as some of the pandering to voters that is going on in the current presidential election?

It seems like Amway and its proponents try to use each and every situation as a propaganda tool. In effect, they are bragging up their own little midgets. This gets a little strange when they must brag on athletes that lose, woman executives that rank 88th on some Forbes list, and products like XS energy drinks that really don't retail outside of the product pyramid scheme farce of a business they operate. Oh Brother! Where Art Thou?

For instance, if you were to believe the propaganda tool kingpins dish out on their IBOAI blog, XS drinks are a retail success on the open market. Technically, these products are supposedly marketed on the competitive retail market, but in reality they are a monopoly product which do not compete in any meaningful numbers except against the other monopoly products in the Quixtar catalog.

Distributors of Amway products are very much viewed as the primary customers in the Amway business. Take the IBOs out of the retail equation and over 95% of sales volume would disappear immediately. To hear the spin Amway proponents make about this situation, you might think that Amway operates a buying club instead of a retail business.

Amway claims in their most recent TV commercials to help over three million people own and operate their own business. Isn't this spin and hype designed to convince these three million folk that they are involved in a good situation, all the while being involved in what almost always ends up a money losing pursuit when the bottom line is carefully examined? (This is not really encouraged by these merchants of deception who expect these Amway independents to incur loss in order to enrich themselves as well as keeping distributor money going into Amway coffers.

It is my opinion that even if the tool scammers are completely reigned in, the product pyramid side of this bad business model will remain. Things could be done to fix this situation, but this isn't likely either. The MLM business model almost always make product prices too high to market outside of the monopoly these companies like Amway hold over their distributors who are for all intents and purposes the only customers they have! There are too many levels of compensation that must be paid to middlemen in these pyramid compensation schemes, and then there are the millions of dollars that go to pay lawyers to defend themselves from allegations of corruption and racketeering.

Unlike a real business, Amway passes on much of their marketing overhead onto these supposed "independents" which make the pursuit of a real world profit for these consumers nearly impossible. I couldn't imagine being out on the road night after night trying to sell this con job business onto prospects with the cost of fuel being so high, and also where the objective isn't really to retail a single item in the product catalog. The selling of the plan to recruits immediately bring profits to the company and the kingpins who have someone new to market their “tools for fools” but the duped believer doing the recruiting can only hope to receive a very small cut of any volume the newly recruited might make, while the majority of these commissions go to someone else way farther up the middleman chain!

The first law of business is to make a profit, something so very few duped dreamers manage to do in these scam MLM operations. Of course, there are those that do make money, and these few provide the “success stories” that keeps the majority of “independents” believing in the plan which only ends up extracting their money in the end. It is the people who become "CORE" that usually find themselves suckered out of their money the most! A person who gets in and who "quixly" becomes disillusioned and quits is far better off financially than the duped believers who do not and continue to funnel their money to corrupt mafia like kingpins and their soldiers.

Amway Global Cult Intervention offers hope to people who are flushing their cash into this product pyramid scheme and into the coffers of mafia like racketeers selling all the lies, enthusiasm wrapped into a neat little package called the tool and function business; a pyramid scheme within the pyramid scheme. If you are involved in the bad situation I've described in this blog post, you can cut your losses and quit. If you are looking at this business because some one has shown you the plan, you can immediately do the right thing, don't join, and keep the money these folk seek to extract from you where it belongs, in your own bank account.

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