Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Quixtar IBOs Need To Know About The IBOAI: Kingpin Distributors Looking Out For Their Own Greed Inspired Best Interests!

In past posts on this blog I have described Quixtar/Amway Global as being made up of three distinct groups of people. First, the company; second the kingpin distributors; and third everyone else (meaning you: the rank and file IBOs). The IBOAI is basically made up of successful :”top of the pyramid” kingpin distributors. They sit on a board which is elected by Emerald and above pin level IBOs to supposedly represent Independent Business Owners everywhere. These people love to describe themselves as IBOs but are actually made up of tool kingpins and for which an IBO commentator on this blog, Tex, has described as “Lying, Cowardly, Kingpins.” These wealthy distributors make up part of the group of distributors earning the lion's share of commissions generated in the Quixtar/Amway product based pyramid scheme. These self righteous distributors of the “tools for fools” rake in millions of dollars in profits promoting Quixtar propaganda to keep the later group buying the unremarkable, overpriced products, and most importantly, buying the training materials and function tickets. Many times it is their wealth, pictured as giant mansions, which inspire the newly recruited distributors to “pay the cost to be the boss.” The cost they pay is many times very high, making tool scamming and product based pyramid scheming very lucrative for them and the company. These distributors distribute more than tools and products. They serve their own greedy self interests while attempting to make the little fellow IBO believe that his/her interests are being protected.

A fellow blogger and former IBO, Amthrax, has recently described a situation on his blog involving one of these IBOAI kingpins, Greg Duncan, and the hypocrisy of the IBOAI to claim that Greg's “All In” energy drink does not compete with IBOs attempting to market XS, Quixtar's offering. Even industry "pundit of deceit" “Insider” IBOFightback sees through the hypocrisy and insane logic of this situation and the spin the IBOAI has put on the issue by their recent blog post titled “Rumor About Greg Duncan and All In Energy Drink”. The IBOAI blog defends beverage baron, Duncan, who is heavily invested in XS and claims that his interests in All In Energy do not violate any of the non-compete agreements every IBO signs with Quixtar as if these two products are not in competition with one another? Greg invests profits from XS sales into producing All In Energy Drink, and he and the IBOAI self righteously claim these products do not compete against one another? Actually these products do not compete against one another because of the self consumption model AmQuix operates, but of course this is something they will not openly admit.

Amway claims to market XS drinks to retail customers, but only a small percentage of these XS drinks ever reach a non-distributor customer. Retail sales to non-distributors are dismally small by percentage of total sales having been described recently as being 4.3%. That means IBOs buy the XS drinks almost exclusively making XS a monopoly product which does not in reality compete against the likes of Red Bull or All In or any of the other products picture above. The IBOAI must believe that “real world” customers are fair game for this “non-competing” product All In Energy Drink while not actually admitting the circumstances I am describing now.

Something really stinks in the “Land of Will!” These greedy kingpin distributors want to eat their cake and have it too! These weasels have painted themselves into a corner where there is no rat hole for them to escape. They believe they can make down line dupes believe their spin regardless how obvious their treachery is. The truth is, these folks many times take their Quixtar – Amway Global Profits and in the spirit of free enterprise invest them in other products and services. Do any of these investments violate the non-compete agreements they have made with Alticor? If the hype Quixtar makes about their independent business owners retailing their product to real world customers is to be believed, then yes, these All In Energy drinks do compete against XS! Quixtar has painted themselves into a corner also. They should enforce non-compete agreements with kingpin distributors which market similar products to retail customers which they claim to have (but in reality do not). Quixtar makes a big deal about retailing product in hopes to avoid product pyramid scheme allegations while they at the same time enjoy the proceeds from their pyramid!

The IBOAI portray themselves as promoting the interests of all IBOs while they really are protecting their own self interests. This is an obvious conflict of interest where the rank and file IBO distributor dupes are victimized as marks in a tool scam con job and are expected to believe all the lies these same kingpins use to justify their own greed. Isn't the entire system built exclusively around greed? The greed inspired IBOs believe in the wealth these greedy folk hold out as being possible. The company maintains their Jay Factor product pricing system out of greed which is obviously reflected in the outrageous prices duped dreamers are required to pay to play in the game. The IBOAI brag that the XS drink price (which is outrageously high to begin with) has not been raised for many years and claim that the All In Energy sales help make this pricing situation possible. More stupidity from folk who have been hoodwinking down line IBOs forever!

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