Friday, August 22, 2008

The Death of a Quixtar Salesman. What Can Be Learned From a Modern Day Willy Loman?

There's nothing wrong with traditional capitalism nor with opportunity as it is for people to make what success they want out of their life here in these United States. I am always happy to hear that someone is making a successful go in their own pursuit, whether it be working, operating a equipment rental business, or whatever. Don't be deceived by Quixtar saying "their" business is really "yours." Their business has benefited them handsomely leaving in their wake thousands and thousands of believers who have lost.

What I see happening is that these dream selling con businesses intend to take away what people receive from their legitimate pursuits. These MLM scam businesses take from their distributor's day jobs/business. They promote a dream whereby people send their hard earned money to someone else in exchange for pursuit of a nearly unobtainable dream.

Amway has been in business for nearly half a century and has enriched itself along with a relative handful of top of the pyramid kingpins while leaving nearly all the rest involved having contributed and in the end having lost money and time. They may have their over priced consumables along with a closet full of tapes to market on eBay when it finally all comes to an end, as it usually does with these pyramid schemes.

As bad a risk that the stock market may present, it is by far and away a better potential investment than feeding your green backs down a MLM rat hole whether it be Quixtar, MonaVie, Mary Kay, or any other pyramid scheming operation. It is best to be very very skeptical of an investment in time and money that has such an incredibly bad track record for return.

Propaganda from these MLM tool kingpin weasels and their motivational organizations merely "talk the talk" but do not really "walk the walk"! Their assurances and promises should not be viewed as an absolute guarantee like many people believe them to be! Folks have flushed billions into the coffers of these con men supported pyramid schemes, and many believers have passed from this life having never attained the golden ring on the Amway merry go round to success where distributors endlessly go round and round.

Recently a Quixtar devotee and immediate up line to distributors I know of suddenly died having spent over a decade showing the plan and believing in first Amway and then Quixtar without ever achieving even the first major rung on the Quixtar ladder of success: platinum. Sadly, it became a tearful real life situation reminding me of the Arthur Miller Play "Death of a Salesman" which portrayed the experience of one Willy Loman. May this man's untimely passing serve as a reminder about the deceptions of Quixtar and how truly difficult success in this cult business is to actually achieve.

As an investment, Amway is absolute insanity! You throw money at these tool kingpins (like Orrin Woodward, Greg Duncan, Dexter Yager, and Ron Puryear) and the product company they represent believing in the deceptions of success they weave thereby making you a victim of self deception for which in the end you can only blame yourself. You are being lied to and in the face of what I am telling you, will probably choose to believe their deceptions and not me.

People investing thousands and thousands of dollars from year to year could many times retire early and enjoy the beaches, but in the end find themselves working until retirement after following this Quixtar god and end up blaming themselves for their Quixtar failure instead of the "system" which worked to make others successful, but in the end did not work for them no matter how much they believed and worked it.

For those that manage some degree of stage walking success, will it be worth it to basically get there on the backs of so many other people's loss? Shouldn't this become a moral issue for you and for the present group of motivational leaders who preach the message of greed? You don't want to fall into the category of people that P.T. Barnum described and make yourself victim to these dream weaving liars. Their so called success cult is anything but!

My views come from my heart. Many years from now, you might recall that I said them and wish that you had really listened. What do I have to gain? I am not trying to sell you on anything but the truth put upon my heart to speak. Unlike Orrin and the rest, I am not selling, but giving away freely. Are you going to believe someone who tells you something from the heart or believe someone who tells you something motivated by a different agenda: greed? I may not be around much longer to deliver this true message of hope, so it is critical that you hear it now! My loved is torn by the business cult but other families can avoid a similar situation. I pour my heart out feeling that I've said all that I can say.

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