Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tool Kingpins Spend Millions To Defend Themselves Against Pyramid and Racketeering Allegations! IBO Aren't You Involved in Their Corruption?

It is fortunate that being a tool kingpin is such a lucrative affair because it takes millions of dollars to defend ones self from pyramid scheme and racketeering charges! This happens to be the current state of affairs that the Quixtar/Amway Global tool kingpins find themselves in. Seems that Alticor and these tool kingpins have been named in so many legal actions that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the complexities these merchants of deceit must find themselves facing. For instance, one case: Pokorny et. al. Vs Quixtar et. al. Case Number C 07 0201 is just one of many suits that threatens the very existence of Quixtar and the money extracting pyramids of greed the kingpins operate. Pokorny sums up many of the corruption allegations I have described these kingpins of corruption of being involved in. The suit against the company and the kingpins can be read by clicking here. Remember that this is just one of many corruption suits being brought against these folk.

Recently Orrin Woodward, former Quixtar tool kingpin, left a comment on this blog that became subject of a August 20, 2008 post which can be read by clicking here. Orrin says, as a result of the cap MonaVie has placed on tool revenues, he made only two million dollars from his extensive Team “tool and function” business, ALL OF WHICH IS GOING TO PAY LEGAL FEES!

In the face of the profits Quixtar tool kingpin types realize from their money extracting pursuits, aren't lawyers actually reaping much of the ill gotten gain these corrupt dons rake in? I can't say I feel sorry for these crooked folk who deserve to be sitting at the defendant's table and who must dish out their cash to legal firms to keep their teat from being rolled through the legal wringer.

For distributors dreaming to be like these supposedly successful kingpins, IS THIS SOMEONE YOU WANT TO EMULATE? IBO, isn't this your money going into the hands of these merchants of deceit? Isn't it also your money that is going into the rat hole these lawyers represent? Wouldn't your money be better kept in your pocket rather than going to support large scale corruption? Shouldn't this be a moral issue for you also? You are funding corruption just the same way cocaine addicts fund corrupt Columbian drug lords!

The legal system has been described as grinding very slowly, but eventually juries will be sitting in judgment of these tool kingpin defendants. IBO, aren't these Juries also going to be indirectly sitting in judgment of you for supporting this corruption by your continual funneling of your money to these racketeering kingpins? Aren't you involving yourself in corruption? “Now You Know!”

Lawyers view these Quixtar executives and tool kingpin distributors as having deep pockets because of all the money they extract from you Mr. & Mrs. IBO. An ideal situation for them. There is much filthy lucre to be gained by lawyers on both sides of the numerous litigation that Amway and the tool kingpins are currently involved in no matter who is doing the suing and who is being sued! Everyone is a loser in these legal affairs except for the lawyers who will obviously come out on top in a bad situation for everyone else including you, the duped distributor. Is it any wonder Amway maintains such a high “Jay Factor” price on all its products? Amway wants to pass on all the cost of these legal proceedings onto their “independents” which become less “independent” when they have to saddle the cost of paying the Alticor lawyers as well as the tool scammer lawyers as well.

Amway Global Cult Intervention must urge people involved with these kingpin defendants to do the right thing and get out of the business of funneling money to these pyramid scheming racketeers; make a moral decision not to knowingly be involved with them. These kingpins are morally corrupt and people supporting them must also question their own involvement. Many times these kingpin distributors represent themselves as Christian businessmen, but in the face of what can be known about them and their operations, would a Christian really want to be involved with these merchants of deceit? Isn't greed at the heart of their perversion of faith, and do they not preach a different gospel?

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