Saturday, August 2, 2008

Traveling Direct Sellers Contrasted and Compared to the Quixtar Amway Business Cult

I have been doing a little research into a modern day door to door selling industry The Amway worldwide American Scam which masquerades itself as a direct selling company is put to shame by another group of direct selling companies, the traveling sales industry. These other direct selling companies are traveling gypsies, many of which are selling magazine subscriptions and or other household cleaning supplies. These selling direct sellers, like Amway aren't angels as I have found out. For more background information on these traveling direct sellers click here. Seems like there are a few similarities amongst these gypsy-like cultists or traveling sales teams and the Amway cultists. Actually these sales teams are highly successful sellers whereas Amway distributors are not. These traveling sales operations many times operate outside the code of anyones ethics. Misrepresentations are rife, cons are common, and even the worst of human nature reveals itself within. Rapes, robberies, murders, and highway deaths are not uncommon. Minor children are fleeing from strict parents and failed relationships. Felons sometimes join up find a new kind of rolling home and some can not resist carrying on further rapes, murders or other crimes of perversion along the way. These problems are many times over reported in the press, but as I've discovered there are organizations popping up that are highly critical of these traveling door to door operations, although shady, are still legal. The magazines being marketed many times shield themselves from moral repercussion by the use of layers of sub contractors to nearly claim no involvement in the traveling con-child shows these sales carnivals are. These very young sellers are basically trapped by their cult caravan of hucksters whose history extends back long before the days of Oliver Twist fame. Just like in Amway, people are told to just keep holding on and to keep believing in the pot of gold.

There is a very angry group of parents who having lost their children to one of these traveling huckster shows. Victims of one well known traffic accident will never see their loved ones again.

These athletic young direct sellers and are very effective at their craft. It takes a bold bunch of ambition to canvas and effectively sell magazine subscriptions which (like Amway products) are also badly over priced. In this con game, many times where cash has been exchanged, order tickets are torn up and cash pocketed. Here is another reason to be wary of any direct selling company. There lurks dirty little secrets. These folks basically appear, collect, and depending on the transaction, turn in as many of the required amount of transactions. This makes for a profitable situation for the magazine publisher and commissions paid to the kingpins. These kingpins operate the traveling gypsy circus. Now, does anything about this contrast with Quixtar? Anywhere you have a Kingpin you've got a bad situation going on. These systems have a way of making victims of so many people.

Kingpins in the traveling industry basically oversea a subset of baby vultures which travel and supervise the traveling sales industry supposedly "Independent Business Persons" that these con sellers amount to. Does that sound familiar people? If any independent gets caught, then the con man claims to be an independent crook and basically gives the company a similar contractual arrangement that Amway has over its Millions of duped distributor con men.

Distributor sub compact baby vultures act to keep the duped drones of mostly college aged sales crews a near hostage to the sales company. Abandonment becoming a real fear and later on the money that the company "holds on the books". Many of these young people are attracted to the excitement of the traveling the country. What makes these traveling sales crews work is the enthusiasm that the baby vultures must instill in the raw recruits, many of which are recruited by newspaper ads. I liken the experience to that of joining up with the carnival. Except you do not have to haul all the equipment around all the time. There is indeed a merry go round going on though within these near cult like caravans. Poor sellers are routinely abandoned by the baby vulture and the crew picks up a new recruit to take the place of the unproductive youngling that was shoved out of the nest more or less. Another victim on the caravan to hell caravan. Many times drug, alcohol, pills and so forth become the rolling state of affairs with these people looking for a good time.

The traveling sales industry is a legitimate direct sales business. Unlike Quixtar, which if you look at it differently is a also a legitimate direct sales business. You just have to adjust your thinking about who the real customers are. Both of these supposed direct sales businesses make sales to the "Joneses". Amway "independents" make two or three contacts a day if very lucky and driven. The traveling "independents" may see hundreds and many times these magazine subscriptions are a contract, these young adults make many more sales per showing of the deal than the lowly turtle like approach to success that the Amway independents take.

The dollar amount of difference in the success rate of these magazine hucksters leaves the Amway folks far in the dust. These traveling sales crews are true direct selling operations, but here again even they are tainted by scandal, abuse, the fleecing of their own distributors, the constant recruitment and replacement of recruits. The use of "black boarding" by both groups of distributors is incredibly similar in their use of deceit, lies, and false belief development.

Amway distributors use a form of black boarding, they over exaggerate, they distort, they incorrectly describe the success path. They teach things that the company objects to, all in the name of recruiting another victim into the cult. We have two different types of vampires here. One group knocks on your door, while the other may call you on your cell phone. There are kingpin vultures making good use of all the drone sellers and the Ambots.

Now think about it. Aren't people hurt in the process? There are many different types of victims in the American Scam and the traveling gypsies direct near scam. Actually the traveling group is more legal than the come to your house and show you the plan Amway "independents". When the traveling bunch lies, their version of black boarding may include representing oneself as living three blocks over and hoping to get money to attend college. Well, folks, doesn't the Amway IBO also many times represent himself or herself to be something which is totally untrue, you know the fake it until you make it mindset?

I live in such a remote location, it isn't likely that I'll ever see my neighborhood canvased by these traveling direct sellers. Sometimes the direct sellers must apply for a permit to sell, but many times these folks skirt these laws and make the "independent" seller solely responsible for obeying all laws. The Kingpins are insulated and many times leave these mere kids to fend for themselves. Sounds like the type of contractual relationship Quixtar has had with their independents. Haven't they allowed Randy Haugen to be hung out to defend himself. What a bold move by the Amway Dons all supported by the fine print in the contract that is signed with every independent including Haugen.

Amway Global Cult Intervention understands that there are victims in the traveling direct selling business, just as there are victims in the Quixtar AMO's Kingpins are the vultures that feed on all the carrion in each business. Isn't it sad that a company that has a nearly identical criminal structure to Amway is actually a true and legitimate direct selling operation, regardless of how unethical it is. Con men sellers exist in both of these supposed direct selling companies, both of which claim they are legitimate. Actually the roving gypsy bunch is more legitimate than the goodly Amway bunch. These roving direct sellers make retail sales, something few of the crowd in the Ambot Cult can say. Dear Reader, if you are considering one of any number of bad MLM business opportunities, to include these traveling abuse caravans you have a golden opportunity to do the wise thing and turn away. Beware of full time cons or part time cons, they are all after all cons!

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