Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Dark Side of The Direct Selling Industry: Kirby, Quixtar, and Traveling Sales Crews

Would you believe that such a grand old name like Kirby vacuum cleaner has fallen into disrepute in the computer era? Here is another example of a once proud direct selling company going to the dogs. I know that I have seen quite a few Kirby vacuums in my life. They are interesting from an engineering point of view and I always considered the old Kirby vacuums to be very well designed for their time except for a minor, but important flaw. Kirby used a cast metal turbine that was susceptible to hard objects no bigger than carpet tacks or pennies. A whole repair industry popped up around the vacuum in support of replacing these splined discs. Of course these repair people were distributors who had gained the right or obtained a license to basically operate a monopoly service business. The repair industry (or servicing the account) has been a way for privileged distributors to make the extra money from servicing the machines.

For the most part, I've never seen many of the other Kirby door to door sales people really manage to make a good living just selling vacuums. But then again there may have been a hey day when this was possible. Current criticisms of Kirby have made them another example of a bad direct sales company, not something to be proud of. Kirby, Rainbow (another vacuum direct seller), Traveling Sales Crews, and the business cult; all bad deals! What is the world coming too?

The break even and profit comes from adding the service contracts or charges for servicing the units much the same way the Quixtar Kingpins service their tool customers. Many people work the Kirby sales business in the evening and work regular day jobs much the same way as Quixtar cult people do. It wasn't long before Kirby became flooded with con men types, people much like the traveling sales crews I talked about in Saturday's post. Some have multiple cons or ideas to push on the "Joneses" beside just a vacuum, magazine, or part time direct selling opportunity.

The direct selling industry at its very best can go very badly wrong. Many times it isn't the occasional rapist, murder, or child molestation that you hear about, but the average con man hiding behind some kind of scam business like Quixtar or Amway that flies under the radar and also does real harm. There's many a widow that have had a "cheat your neighbor" visit and whose life savings disappeared to a secondary con.

I've already outed the Quixtar Am-Bots who are always buying con artist instructions from the upline kingpin peddlers. Kirby is just another example of direct selling that feeds off of its own young like the Quixtar kingpin vultures do. Kirby is a company like Amway that was founded on generally good principles, but as time progressed has degenerated into another "desperate industry" like their other bad cousin Vinnie Amway. They make use of sales tools, seminar and rah rah meetings. Seems like many of these bad companies have to use an "enthusiasm machine" to keep people involved swallowing the camel.

Support groups and critical pages like QCI have appeared on the Internet to combat traveling sales crews abuses and to help people understand just how these bad operators work. One company, Southwestern, has been described as being as bad as Amway. Read a little for yourself by clicking here and here. This is one of these sales crew caravan rolling selling horror stories. Anyway the history of this company reads like a story right out of hell!!!

Amway Global a.k.a. Quixtar operates within a corrupt structure that involves mafia like kingpins. They operate within a suspect direct selling industry which is corrupt on two different levels: The Door to Door Con and The Phone You Up Con (run by the Am-bots).

Just as I said in Saturday's post, these truly bad actor sales crew type traveling con men circuses actually operate more legitimately than the AmQuix kingpin's Am Bots drones do. These people actually get out and sell something with the idea of making some money. It is too bad that these youthful sellers many times are abused and many times not paid. The Am-bots are maybe worse off. At least these youthful workers receive something for their hard selling work. Most of the Am-bots volunteer their own time, labor, and money without ever receiving a cent in profit.

Amway Global Cult Intervention serves as your clearing house for information about the Business cult, the Kingpins, the dirty little secrets, and provides answers to the personal problem of being tangled up in a business that does way more harm than good. Cults after all aren't good! Kingpins after all aren't good! Mafia structured business is not good! Victimizing yourself through self delusion is an even bigger crime against yourself, one you can avoid!

Not involved already you say? Good! Stay that way! Anyone needing help or assistance with a Quixtar situation or a family crisis, email me: .

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