Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Dirty Little Secrets of Their Little Quixtar Cult

The wonderful soap selling neighbors you like to laugh about are really a cult. I've tried to tell everyone but no one would listen to me. Dirty Little Secrets of Their Little Quixtar Cult continues with the Tool Kingpin Story of Woe and Greed and continues with a description of the abuse of the down line cult by the tool scam.

Younglings are the tender carrion that the tool kingpin vultures loves to dine on. They are the most coveted carrion by the turkey buzzard vulture and all their minion in the cult as I've described as the baby vultures.

Big Hat tells me that people are scared of cults. I believe that is true but they also need to be more scared of the Vultures at the heart of the cult. Quixtar Cult Intervention is a scary place for people believing in a cult. Big Hat says I should stay away from cult issues because I will have a cult following. Thank you big hat for the information. Now I know what it is like to be Glen Beck?

I guess you might say that the dirty little secrets of their little Quixtar cult are no longer secrets Big Hat? The tool kingpin, Orrin Woodward, formerly Quixtar (same position) has revealed that the dirty little secrets of their little Quixtar cult are true. I didn't say it here first did I? Oh, maybe I did.

Tool Scammers, who needs them? A commenter on my blog said something that was so true and precise, I want to include it here:


He, and probably you, agree there is a tool scam, but do not:

1. Understand the significance of it

It has cost IBOs sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for no benefit whatsoever. It has created a tool selling pyramid rather than a product selling pyramid. It convinced IBOs that they could make a profit buying their own products in order to make the PV/BV circles look like they are working. Amway knows this and has moved almost exclusively to marketing products to IBOs - the only consumers of those products. The Amway 'media campaign' is only to protect the name of the company and keep IBOs from jumping ship - it has nothing to do with introducing Amway products to the general population. The AMOs have structured 'training and support' systems so that they are the same as cults. Those people stuck in those AMOs act just like cultists.


Porkchopjim. I think I've already said this, but you say it very well. You aren't telling any dirty little secrets of their cult, but you sum up what is known very well. You shed light onto what most people might not believe to be a cult, but truly is. People have been believing little by little. There is a poll to the left which asks people if the motivational organizations (ran by the KINGPINS) operate the business cult?. I notice that the early results are in and they look good for the MO s cult!

Orrin Woodward is a shoe in for Tool Kingpin in my second poll! Why I ran the poll is to show the stupidity of some people for believing in these people. These Kingpins are vultures. Wake up you sleepy heads. You can do something about it, stop providing carrion to these TOOL SCAM vultures.

The little secret of the cult people living next door is that they are the real victims in this tale of woe. They are the people holding onto the beliefs. They hold the magic beans. These beans they've paid a precious price for but do not sprout a beanstalk to the giant kingpin's riches.

I've been investigating a story where Quixtar parents were charged with child abuse for leaving their children home alone while they were out showing the plan and wining and dining some prospects.

It is amazing some of the sandcastles these other people are building on other pro-Amway web sites. These people cannot be in their right mind. That is another dirty little secret of their little Quixtar cult: They are all insane. Quixtar sucks, Amway sucks, Woodward sucks, MonaVie sucks, Direct Selling Association sucks, the Better Business Bureau sucks, the FTC sucks, the politicians suck; the list could just keep getting longer.

Big Hat is always ready to reveal a few more secrets, so I'll keep listening for the dirtiest littlest tidbits about their Quixtar cult; you never know what may be revealed next.

Amway Global Cult Intervention serves to enlighten people lost in the darkness of the business cult. Bring understanding to a situation where people have labored under self delusion and are now ready to find help in a dire situation. Cults after all aren't a good thing, and being involved in one is definitely not.

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Aus Ex IBO said...

Nice post, I spent 4 years in the cult before seeing the light just recently. The problem is that you're told over and over that you can not be successful in the business without going to every function and "investing" in all the books and CD's. I hate to think about how much money I wasted in the last 4 years.