Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets of Their Little Quixtar Cult PART II

To continue the woe of the tool kingpin expose, again Big Hat reveals some information that made me understand the connection between Quixtar Amway tool kingpins and down line distributors. Actually the Kingpins see the down line distributors as “yes”, of all things "DISTRIBUTORS" of the "Tools for Fools literary club. "The Business Cult” down line distributors are roped into doing the bidding of their cult leaders kingpins in this scheme.

Big Hat tells me a few things from time to time. He is of the opinion that the Kingpins are doing way more to promote a utter fleecing of the sheep then I'd ever have imagined possible. The insider information seems to point at a particular "near-soldier" in the "organization". At this point I must stop to remind you that the kingpin's organization has been described as being structured similarly to that of the syndicate, which in my opinion, is reason enough not to become involved in a Quixtar Amway opportunity anything; indeed this goes for nearly any MLM scheme many of which operate like a cousin Vinnie to Amway.

A dirty little secret is that there are these "near soldier" folks who are out pushing their own agenda onto the "over-sold" dream believers. This is a continual pushing of the tools, the mostly useless propaganda and blarney that the cult is instructed to believe (regardless whether it actually does more harm than good). These types of people act like a baby vultures. You might say these baby vultures could be comparable to drug pushers. Tool Kingpin after all secretly advocate their own greedy interests while trying to make the "Independent Business Owners" believe they are advocating their success: quite a duplexity! The tool scam has been outed and continues to be a problem of ever concern for kingpin panderers of deceit.

An article on Forbes “Climbing To The Top" has shed some light on just how kingpins like bad boy Orrin Woodward works. This article Dirty Little Secrets of Their Dirty Little Quixtar cult part II is well ahead of the curve. I would have to say that Monavie sure got a black eye from the Forbes Article, and just like being in the ring at a prize fight, you can get a nice head-butt from the guy in front who took a full shot if you know what I mean. And that is what happened to Amway., and since Amway was standing right behind, Amway got a black eye too. That is how I describe this situation. I am not going to try and spin it like others might. It is just another major embarrassment for both companies. These people after all are not angels. Former Am-Kingpin Woodward shines light on a very nasty situation going on in Quixtar. I call it the tools for the fools club.

The recent tool scam and revelations made by Big Hat, and now this Forbes article just goes to show that there is a stir in cyberspace, that the tool scam is being widely circulated. As the Quixtar environment heats up with the reputation rehab ad campaign so does the pace of critical notice. It would seem that our government agencies are tangled up in red tape and are unwilling or unconcerned enough to step in and do something about it. One thing I can tell you for certain is that the fleecing of all the lambs still continues. The kingpins are the turkey vultures sitting on their money perch who look down on their valley of duped carrion and feel smug that they are the only real winners in a cruel game where nearly everyone else are losers in the long and short of things. These are secrets that your up line does not want you to know and part of the dirty little secrets of their little Quixtar Cult horror story expose.

The tool scam, the product scam, and the business cult scam are reason enough to stay far removed from Amway anything; Quixtar sucks, Amway sucks, Alticore sucks, and I would be very skeptical about even MonaVie nosing in for a nipple? Which seems to suck a little too! Amway Global Cult Intervention serves to help mankind become free of pernicious business cults. People are being harmed and flushed routinely by these meat grinders of a business, which is really front for the cult and as every one knows, nothing good goes on in a cult.

Amway Global Cult Intervention continues to pull the rug out from under these Amway Genies. There may be a lot of other reasons to not to want to waste you time on Amway, but these tool kingpin scoundrels are one of the biggest! Orrin may be bragging but he pulled the covers off of these other greedy kingpins and their money making machine that the Quixtar cult drones keep walking through. Beware of Amway!

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Anonymous said...

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