Monday, July 21, 2008

Amway Sucks! Quixtar Sucks! Alticor Sucks! See Tracy Coenen's Fraud Files Article On The Truth About Amway

The Administrator of Fraud Files, Tracy Coenen, has written a article on her website describing the Quixtar/Amway business opportunity. You can read it by clicking the title to todays post or by clicking here.

Tracy has gone a long way toward exposing the Quixtar/Amway Tool Scam and it will only be through concerted efforts of people like Tracy, the news media, and every day people to get the word out about these scammers and the games they play.

People can actually believe in the dreams and deceptions of this "Business" Cult. That is what fuels the billions of dollars this company extracts from their barely legal pyramid scheme. Add to that the money the Tool Kingpin scammers fleece and one can see the harm done. These people turn around and use this money to buy influence in our government to keep their scheme operating. Their focus is to now proselytize dreamers in emerging countries of the world where the true nature of their bad biz isn't understood. The American Scam is an embarrassment to this country much the same way as the Nigerian Check Scam is to that country.

Internet Critics, Bloggers and concerned citizens leaving comments go a long way to "Getting the word out." Our governmental agencies are not concerned about shutting these con men down, so the next best thing is make truth about Amway very public.

Quixtar Cult Intervention exists to provide a place where people who have been harmed by the Business Cult to come, learn, and express views. A coven of online cult imbued Ambots exists and congregate at the industry INSIDER web forum. These folk may be too far gone to help, but exposure to their own "Dirty Little Secrets" may make many begin to question their maybe not so great opportunity. I urge present IBO readers to fully examine the Tool Scam information in previous posts, and to see what another IBO has revealed about the lying cowardly kingpins.

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