Thursday, June 5, 2008

Exaggerated Dream Selling: The Scam Which Makes Direct Selling Profitable For Amway/Quixtar and Tool Kingpin Distributors of Deceptive Propaganda

Direct Selling strategies that emphasis recruitment basically sell the opportunity (an intangible dream) first. Successful selling of this first intangible leads the buyer to overcome his/her misgivings about buying the products (which in my opinion are many times exorbitantly overpriced). The perceived "value" of the "intangible" opportunity offsets product price/value objections in the mind of the believer.

Direct selling strategies that emphasis product first, place the product before prospective customers, who hopefully will try it and like it. The idea is that a customer who likes the product will consider it a great direct selling opportunity. Price misgivings are overcome by perceived value considerations by the consumer/prospect. Bottled health drinks seem to work well in this strategy. Indeed, a single focus product lends itself to product first/recruitment second selling strategies. This method ultimately involves the selling of the "intangible" dream of success which is usually greatly exaggerated also.

Both strategies blur the line between distributor/consumer (business/customer). One thing for sure, the direct sales company benefits from the product sales. Their view is: "The sale has been made to the distributor." whether the products are actually retailed to non-distributors or not.

This is the area where I focus criticism: In my opinion, the value distributors place on the opportunity (the intangible dream) are vastly overblown. The distributor has been badly "over sold" and become willingly susceptible to cult-like influences designed to nurture faith in the opportunity. Deception is at the heart of this propaganda. One of the things believers are taught is: “If the dream is big enough, facts don't matter.” Believers are taught to avoid and disregard any negative information they hear about the opportunity. They are taught not to question their up-line mentors. They become part and parcel of the “Business Cult”. On Quixtar's accounting ledger, this intangible belief and faith in the dream by the company's distributors can be shown as a real monetary value called "goodwill", an intangible factor which boosts overall company worth in addition to physical assets and money on hand.

Recruitment techniques and motivational propaganda foster the "over selling" of the “opportunity” an intangible dream that only exists in the mind of the believer. Duped believers of lies overestimate the value of the opportunity and usually make poor business decisions related to their supposed business. They strive to maintain a quota of purchases in pursuit of success. They have been over sold on dreams of wealth, luxury autos, luxury cruises, mansions, and so forth. Having believed deceit, they now are under the influence of self deception. They sacrifice much of their personal time, and money in pursuit of their Quixtar powered opportunity. Motivational organizations, tool kingpins, up line mentors, and rah-rah meetings encourage distributors to keep believing, buying products and striving forward in pursuit of stage crossing success, and promises of wealth that most likely will never be realized.

Over exaggerated dream selling is a back room affair. Companies benefit by it, but officially discourage it. Prospects are given transparency documents which state average distributor incomes, and prospects would be wise to not believe unauthorized statements made by recruiters which lead one to believe that success is as easy as the drawing of ovals on a poster board, that rock star wealth is five years down the road if one is willing to believe and devote oneself to the system 100%.

Quixtar, through its kingpin distributor organizations, operates a recruitment oriented dream selling scam. Motivational kingpins foster cult-like belief in the over-blown exaggerations and recruits strive toward this “pie in the sky” success, buy the products, rally tickets and propaganda masquerading as training materials. Quixtar Cult Intervention advises people considering any direct selling opportunity (regardless of company) to at least use common sense and intelligence to see past the utter exaggerations and avoid the dream selling fraud entirely. For those hanging onto overblown dreams fostered by lying liars, then a Quixtar Cult Intervention is necessary. You will find information here that Quixtar and your up-line definitely do not want you to see. Do not let avoidance of the negative stifle your God given intelligence.

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