Friday, May 30, 2008

Does Buying Badly Overpriced Quixtar Products At Company Discount Make One A Smart Consumer?

Quixtar/Amway Global offers products at prices that generally shock most thinking consumers. I know when I was first exposed to Quixtar pricing I was shocked to learn how much more they wanted for such common goods as pet foods, cosmetics, vitamins and so forth.

Amy Robinson, a Direct Selling Association Blogger has said she believes that a person who signs up with a direct selling company to get the discount makes them a smart consumer. I have to strongly disagree, especially where Quixtar is the company. You may read her post and all the comments under it here. Badly overpriced products minus distributor discount still equals badly overpriced discounted products. Would anyone in their right mind believe that a case of cat food priced at $20 will be a "smart" buy even with a distributor discount? Good quality 9 Lives cat food can be purchased at a nationwide retailer for roughly $8 per case. There isn't much logic in receiving a discount when the product is still badly overpriced with a company discount. I already know my cats like the 9 Lives brand much better than the generic canned cat food Quixtar offers.

Quixtar distributor discounts are another con on the distributor/consumer of their badly (outrageously) over priced basket of goods. Does a Quixtar distributor get "paid" for buying Quixtar products? I hardly think so. This is just not rational thinking! Distributors are exposed to deceit ridden propaganda to influence them to keep kissing the Quixtar Blarney Stone.

Dear IBO, are you tired of kissing the Quixtar/Amway Blarney Stone? Aren't you really buying the overpriced products to maintain your monthly quota and keep your dream alive? Are you a duped dreamer or a smart consumer? Quixtar Cult Intervention teaches a better way.

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