Friday, May 2, 2008

Perfect Water or Perfect Scam?

Many Independent Business Owners are in receipt of their Perfect Water purchases. Quixtarisacult asks, what are you going to do with these cases of water? Have you lined up enough retail customers to offset the inventory stacking you are doing on this snake oil product? I suppose you can chug it down on your J.O.B. or continue to use it in a huckster recruit and dupe circus.

Please, retail this product (if you can). I am in your cheering section! Retail sales make your business legit while self consumption doesn't. Go for it!

The tool kingpins aren't sharing the golden goose, so you must grasp the retail bull by the horns and ride. Remember, Quixtar/Amway Global and quixtarisacult support your retail efforts 100%! Don't let tool kingpins teach you bad things! After all, are you a representative of a motivational organization or a representative of the the direct selling company created by Rich and Jay? Chug-a-lug! Is a Amway Global Intervention needed here?

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