Monday, April 28, 2008

While The Sheep Are Being Fleeced, What About The Little Lambs? They Want Their Parents Back! Heartbreak In The Land Of Will!

I have discovered a web site that describes the teachings and deceptions of the "World Wide Dream Builders". You may view and read this site by clicking here. I am going to discuss a few of these teachings in today's post. I believe that World Wide Dream Builders oversee a pernicious business cult and their teachings provide the evidence. A pernicious cult is one that does harm. I care about the victims, who many times are carried along by the cult and have no real choice in the matter.

It is the children of cults who suffer. There has been a lot of national press attention being focused on the children of the Polygamist Sect cults. Polygamist cults tend to cut the male children apart and force them to leave the community. Intermarriage amongst the few husbands and the many child-wives may border on incest. Children suffer in polygamist cults, but they also suffer from neglect in the "business cult" of Quixtar/Amway Global and their motivational organizations.

In the article about the teachings of World Wide Dream Builders, parents of the cult are told to shuffle their children off into the hands of babysitters. Meetings and events are just too important to be missed. Children are not welcome at Quixtar meetings. For a organization which claims to be family friendly, this friendship really does not extend to the children of distributor parents.

Parent IBOs are told that children will be able to walk the world's beaches with them someday, but at present must be left alone with sitters. Parents spend most of their daylight hours working a JOB and then spend most of their evening hours showing the plan and working the biz. Children of Quixtar parents may come to feel like orphans in their own home! Children may come to view their care givers as the only real parental figures in their lives. I find this very sad. I've discussed so many other reasons for people to shun this business (to include the money extraction and social stigma issues), but it is this one issue, the children, that must be considered the number one reason to counter the cult. They do not have a voice in the matter.

Eric Scheibler, in his book "Merchant's of Deception", described his tremendous regret of missing out on his children's lives during their formative years. I am sure that there are any number of other former Amway parents who feel exactly the same way. In the quest for the pot of gold at the end of the AmQuix rainbow, the children should not have to suffer and be shuffled off onto others for their daily care. The WWDB teach new distributors to line up as many as twenty-five babysitters because the parent's AmQuix work is more important than time spent with the children.

Children are used in the recruitment spiel. The "dream" sellers describe children as a primary reason for joining. Amway has promoted a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which contains what many consider age old cliches about money and success. The name of the book calls into question issues involving dreams of success as they relate to ones own children. Parents are convinced to get into the Biz believing they are doing something great for their children's future. I must call this reasoning into question.

Parents that spend nearly half their day away from home working a real world JOB, and then must spend the second half working the AmQuix plan only have time left for sleep. Children are shuffled off to babysitters or placed into the care of relatives, grandparents, aunts and uncles who basically become a support system for the "business cult". Grandparents should not have to raise the grandchildren. That job is really for the parents. Strangers should not be clung to by children who really come to know them better than their own mother and father.

AmQuix teaches that money is more important than anything else--including ones own children. The plan must be shown, and meetings must be attended--even if time spent with children is forsaken. Quixtar has a promotional video which says "I live in the Land of Will". This video paints a very rosy picture of the AmQuix dream that includes time for children. Parents are shown with school age children and one might be lead to believe by this propaganda that working the Biz will allow more time to be spent with the children. This is an obvious deceit! Working a day job might keep a parent away from the children during the day, but working Quixtar keeps a parent away at night as well. The more enthusiasm for the Biz, the less quality time to spend with the children. Since couples are encouraged to work together, the children not only loose time spent with Dad, but also with Mom. Time with the children might be on an "appointment only" basis.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. IBO, have you passed your responsibilities onto other family members and babysitters? Do your children qualify as AmQuix orphans? I am very dismayed by parents who care more about working a MLM biz than they care about working their own family biz. World Wide Dream Builders and Quixtar/Amway are doing way more harm than just taking your money, they are taking away something more precious: time spent raising your own children. Quixtar Cult Intervention is the Real Opportunity Zone. Your opportunity to free yourself from the cult. You and you alone can only provide what your children need and that is you and your time!

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