Sunday, July 6, 2008

Deceit on Parade: What the Newbie Quixtar Recruit Should Know

The Quixtar believers are preparing to attend the mid-year rallies. Distributors will be paying their own way to attend what the motivational kingpins hope will be a very profitable event (at least for them). New recruits will find this event possibly exciting as well as expensive. Rallies put high pressure on new distributors to make commitments to purchase all the books, CDs and propaganda the new distributor will require to grow in his/her business. All the inside information and ideas expressed by motivational speakers and writers will be offered. All will be encouraged to automatically buy these items. I have read some of the old classic books and heard a few of the tapes. Nothing really new here. Many other MLM companies beside Quixtar make use of these old standards.

On stage will be basically the same old same old, but in the crowd there will be the many new hopeful people who have believed the recruiter's spiel. The 5 year plan to top level success is what? Less than 5 years away now. Hearing the successful beautiful people on stage and seeing their enthusiastic faces may be just what is needed for people to dig out that Visa or Mastercard and just say charge it. What isn't so evident is the deceit behind the smiles.

Diamond distributor smiles may disguise disillusionment in the business. Diamond distributors come and go in Amway. Nothing new here. Current distributors are taught to believe that success in Quixtar will bring lifetime will-able residual income. What surprises me is that they cling to these ideas in the face of evidence to the contrary. Quiting the business is a major deal, a no-no of the highest magnitude. Quiting makes one an incredible loser for the rest of one's life if the brainwashing that upline mentors do is to be believed. That being said, in recent times many pin level successes in Quixtar have quit, left, joined other businesses or returned to work in their former occupations. Where is the long term security in that? I ask, why do seasoned distributors still believe some of the more obvious deceits promoted by the kingpin dream weavers in the business?

There is a lot of talk about “change” this year. Change by Quixtar and change by politicians. As in politics talk about change many times fizzles out. What real changes has Amway instituted? Not the one change that some disgruntled IBOs have called for: Dismantling of the kingpin distributor system. Many have called for the defrocking of these organizations and the people who operate the enthusiasm machine. The motivational organizations sponsor most of the fraud that AmQuix has become. These handful of greedy distributors sit on their pile of money and enable Amway to continue selling their bag of unremarkable overpriced goods. Here is what could be done; the control of content and sale of tools should be taken over by the company exclusively. A fair distribution of product commissions as well as a fair redistribution of tool profits could then be made to all achievers in the business. In other words, more money for more people, not more money for just the very few. Gone will be the pin level disputes about tool breaks (discounts) and the falling out of people who have worked so hard to create the down-line volume of business that once enriched kingpin distributors selling the dream that never could come true. The current shell game that is currently being played with the tool treasure where only a handful win will be gone. Folks receiving a fair distribution will not have to return to working jobs, and folks who make the incredible sacrifices to build a downline business will really be rewarded instead of facing their current dismal future.

In Amway, the “fake it until you make it” becomes “fake is even after you make it”! Isn't this really the situation that exists on stage at Quixtar rallies? Talk about buying islands, and countries and the like is merely choreographed deceit by people who many times are not what they represent themselves to be.

Quixtar Cult Intervention urge people not involved in Amway/Quixtar to remain that way. For those locked into the grips of the motivational cults, quiting is really winning. You can cut your losses and use your time and efforts for something more fruitful. For those that stay, there may be hope that the real changes I've described in today's post might come true. I will not be holding my breath about it and neither should you.

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