Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why Amway Global Cult Intervention? A Comment From A Former IBO: Sandcastles!

Sometimes I feel like a lightning rod. I draw lightning strikes of criticism and many times IBOs, question my motivation for writing this blog. It is because I care so much for people and their loved ones who are harmed by involvement in the Amway/Quixtar business and the cult like devotion many have to motivational organizations and kingpin distributors and the propaganda they distribute as training material. I have my heart in my throat for other people who may be similarly situated as myself since I have someone very dear to me who is in the grasp of the pernicious “business cult.” As the result of my stance on Quixtar/Amway corruption I have been accused of being biased, a fraud, a liar, and even of being someone else other than who I really am. Suffice it to say, I am not a disgruntled ex-distributor trying to bash the Quixtar business but a citizen and friend of people in need.

I generally leave my personal matters out of public view, but where Amway/Quixtar Independent Business Owners are concerned, I don't mind sharing my experiences which are a revealing peek under the hood of how the business cult operates and a factual description of how lives can be ruined by a pernicious cult. Sadly, the nightmare with my loved one is not yet over, and the story cannot be completely told. It is their story, but it is also my story. It is a story that must be told, and has been told, but not everything has been revealed, but soon the time is coming for that. I want to have my loved one home safe with me first. I tell my experiences to IBOs so that maybe some can be reached by my message of hope. Of course many of them do not view it that way. People in the business cult react with anger, which in my opinion can be healthy. A potential intervention comes by seeing and hearing my message and pondering on its ramifications. Thus sums up Amway Global Cult Intervention: It is a place of hope for those who are adversely affected, and a warning to new prospects to stay away from this truly pernicious cult which masquerades as a legitimate business opportunity or direct selling business.

I write this blog because I know other people have been harmed, are being harmed, and will be harmed. I provide information and opinion that brings sensibility to something that at first would seem benign, a supposed part time business that has the potential to destroy one's soul and has the potential to become a nightmarish situation, as it has in my experience. I have developed an eerie fear that my story is one that many IBOs are afraid for me to tell. I have come to understand the fear that Quixtar whistle blower Eric Scheibler must have felt and still feels from people who steadfastly hold onto their precious business as if it were a life or death cause. They so desperately believe in the deceptions that indeed make them the MERCHANTS OF DECEPTION as they have been accurately described. What I have learned about the business cult has given me a voice and a determination to describe the sordid details of the inner workings of “their little Quixtar cult.” The time for the full story is yet to come. Once my loved one is safely home, away from the situation she finds herself in now, all will be openly described.

Today, a commentator to my blog left a comment that describes the power of what Quixtar (Amway Global) Cult Intervention can do in other's lives and gives me a warm sense of being. It is evidence that there is hope for people and their loved ones caught up in something that can become so much more than a benign part time pursuit. An ex-IBO who identifies himself/herself only as “Amthrax” and whom I am sincerely grateful for has left this comment on my post about Quixtar conferences:


I remember being all fired up at these conferences. Years later, I see the truth behind the smiling faces and motivational stories.

Ever wonder why you write out your checks to Cash or you have to enter your sponsors name, upline Platinum's name, and your upline Diamond's name on your order forms? It's certainly not because they want to create this lovely social graph to see how everyone's related. It's to more effectively redistribute your tool money to right person's pockets.


To any IBO planning to go to a rally this year, think about this word when you hear that uplifting story of struggle and triumph. What you're hearing is not the Diamond Dream Story, it's the Diamond Sandcastle Story. When they say that they want to see you on the beaches of the world, they're saying that they want you to be the sand that builds up and replenishes their sandcastles.

That's right, you're just sand to them.

I've been out of the business for many years now, and I've returned to the debate to help someone I know get out. I want to give him the information that I wish I received the day I saw the plan.

I have since learned that in my former AMO, some of the Diamonds have gone back to regular jobs, others are no longer on the speaking circuit, and some have even gotten divorced. That doesn't quite sound like a lifetime will-able, residual income business to me!

QCI and other websites have been extremely helpful, and I want to say thank you for providing these great resources. I hope that in helping my friend make a more informed decision about his future, that I will find some measure of redemption for myself. I wasted two and a half years of my life building someone else's sandcastle.



I ask you IBO, are you building someone else's sandcastle?

Amway Global Cult Intervention indeed is here for people, IBOs, family, friends, pastors, associates, church members, children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and co-workers, or anyone needing a place to come for help, information, solace, understanding, or advice as it pertains to any pernicious situation, whether it is Quixtar/Amway or another bad MLM situation. I take Intervention seriously, not just for people in the business cult, but for anyone whose life has been altered, changed, affected or harmed. This is not your father's Amway.

Prevention is another area of help that Amway Global Cult Intervention provides. If a family member or good friend is being prospected for a business opportunity which is Amway/Quixtar or any number of other bad MLM opportunities, please share this blog with that person. You could short circuit a truly pernicious cult from taking root and all the negative repercussions from their potential involvement.

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