Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Coyote is Warning the Sheep Dog That The Wolf Wants To Munch Sheep For Dinner! Amway Global's PR Department Is as Ingenious as Wylie Coyote!

No, I don't have to make this stuff up. It is way too ironic to ignore and again, I cannot resist making Amway's Public Relation hacks the subject of todays posting on my blog. Of course, there is always some type of scheme or scam going around in an attempt to raid someone's checking account or steal someone's identity. This is what Beth Dornan, a Amway/Quixtar company blogger is warning her readers about in a post that went up on Amway's Inside Quixtar website.

What we have here are Public Relation folk at the AMERICAN SCAM warning folk (mostly their own con men and women) about another scoundrel's scheme to wipe out their checking and savings accounts and/or usurp their identity by purporting to be phoning about jury duty and fooling dupes into giving out their personal information allowing the schemer to exact the dirty deed. This is not the first time the Scamway folks have warned about another's scheme as I reported in an earlier article you can also read here.

The not so good folk at AmScam are placing themselves at the helm of their Consumer Alert desk once again and are acting as if their very own schemes, scams and cons do not exist and are self righteously pointing their own badly blackened pot handle at the black bottomed kettles again! I don't know about you, but the release of these warnings by Scamway about another feller's scam is so very funny! I've been laughing about it for nearly a whole day now. It is not that the scam Amway is warning about which is comical, but the audacity of Amway/Quixtar to raise any issue about another's misdeeds while they themselves have a huge “mote” in their own eye: The American Scam!

Might we not examine this situation just a little closer? Amway, which has recently been operating under the name of Quixtar, who have their own army of con men and women, actively hope to raid their own distributor's bank accounts with an overblown dream selling pyramid con job. People believing the AmScam con many times find that after years of striving to make it big in the "business cult" have themselves been wiped out by the “dream sellers of deceit.” These "merchants of deception's" have the potential to make anyone involved with their scam just as destitute as the jury duty scheme that the “home office” is warning about now. Believer's in the Amway nightmare might find that foreclosure, bankruptcy and despair is every bit as real as the agony of having one's identity stolen by a common jury duty scam. This is all way too ironic: the coyote is warning the sheep dog about all the wolves who want to munch a few of the sheep for dinner!

Amway Global Cult Intervention makes sure that the ENTIRE CONSUMER ALERT gets issued, not just HALF of the alert that Beth Dornan issued from the Quixtar pedestal. She also goes on to warn about other common thieves wanting to siphon gasoline so I must also warn you of Amway/Quixtar's "un-common" thieves offering their own thieving bait and switch con. Gasoline thieves by comparison sound like the better deal to me, what do you think? Amway has a big camel they want you to swallow: bon appetit!

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