Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is Amway Knocking on Your Door?

I was clicking on some links under the heading What's New on Scott Larsen's extensive web site when I discovered an article by Forbes wherein the author described Amway thus:
"Amway, the privately owned global direct sales company, known for its network of salespeople who sell vitamins, beauty products and other household staples door-to-door..."

The article went onto describe Amway's ongoing campaign at damage control concerning its well deserved bad reputation. What struck my attention was Amway being described as a 'door to door' operation. Hmmm? Of course anyone who actually is knowledgeable about how the Amway Cult operates knows this door to door description to be another Amway myth.

There indeed are a lot of door to door selling scoundrels, but Amway's products are generally not something you will ever be confronted with by a knock on your front door. Amway's potions and pills are peddled mostly to those willing to join on as an 'associate' and who are then taught to recruit others into buying into the 'closed market swindle' themselves by recruiting more potential suckers in a well disguised pyramid scheme. Generally, Amway cultists hope to initiate their scheme by a 'curiosity invite,' a simple ruse to lure unsuspecting victims into a carefully disguised 'advanced fee fraud.'

Door to door sellers do not generally have a very good reputation anymore. Isn't it significant that Amway intends to garner good will with the public by promoting the myth that it is a door to door company? The Amway Devil is just as bad as the door to door devil, but it's methods differ greatly.

I would like to thank author David Brear for coining many of the terms I used in this blog post to more easily describe the Amway devil.


Joecool said...

Good to see you back in action!

Anonymous said...

Have fun working the rest of your life! I'm going to be retired within the next year.. and I'm 21. I've only been in the Amway business since March of this year. If you want to try to argue that, you will just look dumb. You are doing a great job of stealing peoples dreams and potential, though. That should be on your concience. Don't post when you truely have no idea what you're talking about.

quixtarisacult said...


Bullshit! You are 21 and retiring at 22 in the Amway Business? Not likely even in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Let me say well done. You will be the first person in amway to retire. Everybody else ha either quit or still working it.