Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soap Crew Worker Discovers Horrors of Traveling Sales Crew Devil

I recently noticed a comment made on one of my several articles on the horrors of the traveling sales crews Amway Cult Youth Initiate's Deaths Possibly Related to Sleep Deprivation. msawyer wrote:
"I came from a soap crew and I was abused by most of the staff and the owners too. Its really hard to find some place to go when you give your life to these people. I had no clue that for the first year I would be stuck selling this junk. They treated me good at first. and then when my mom ended up in the hospital that's when I saw there true colors. They would extort me and threaten me. you guys that don't have a clue what this is about are foolish and blinded. these companies trap,brain wash and threaten. They take your pay that you earned so you cant go any where. Then you feel lost and homeless , so you end up going back to them so you have some place to go. Its Sad and I will help to get all door to door sales companies to be gone, they are the devils."

It has been some time since I have visited the Horrors of the Traveling Sales Crew issue or wrote any blog posts concerning Malinda's Law. The beautiful summer weather brings with it the likelihood that you will be receiving that unexpected knock at the door from a wondering "soap crew" salesperson of one type or another. Just as in msawyer's comment above, those victimized many times do not understand what type of "devil" they are signing up with. At first, all seems to be bright adventure and travel, and then degenerates into what Phil Ellenbecker has documented as a potentially horrifying experience which exploits youthful exuberance and has the potential to end badly.
"Persons seeking "financial freedom" in the Amway Cult also arrive all bright eyed and exuberant, pursuing their dream, only to discover the devil that preys on its own as well"... quixtarisacult

Please visit the Traveling Sales Crews Information Web Site.

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