Monday, August 29, 2011

The Black Amway Gift From the Dark-side Revisited

I thought I'd revisit a January, 2009 blog post entitled 'The Black Amway/Quixtar Gift From the Dark Side.' I didn't know it at the time, but these so called 'Ribbon' gifts were to become the subject of a class action civil suit in the state of California and eventually another of Amway's famous "out of court" settlements. Of course we have the same answer from Amway that they have provided countless times when corporate Amway has been called to task for treachery before the bar of justice. Amway North America spokeswoman Jenie Altruda said:
“We feel we're completely innocent in this matter."

The controversy began over expiration dates appearing on the black ribbon gift cards. Amway claims that the date appearing on the cards was intended to encourage buyer/recipients to redeem the cards in time to secure the best selection of gifts. (The gifts behind the card are a selection of rather mundane, over-valued candle, potpourri, and bath items.)

How these cards really work describes how Amway Global Cult fleeces its very own and profits handsomely from their only real customers. The intended customers for these gift cards are not 'outside retail customers,' but the very gungho Amway 'dream believing' cult adherents themselves (the so called Independent Business Owners, IBOs). These erstwhile, albeit bad businessmen, are taught by their 'up-line' recruiters to buy, for general self consumption, a significant amount of Amway product, soap powder, vitamins, and sundry consumables each month; all to maintain the magical "PV" (Purchase Volume) which is the core of the Amway 'closed market swindle.' To maintain the magical 100 PV, an 'Ambot' would purchase $300 worth of 'core' Amway products. These core products are those closely manufactured either for or by Amway itself. This smaller subset of available Amway products creates a bit of a 'bottleneck' problem for the cult stooge intent on ponying up their 100 PV 'pound of flesh' because choice is vastly more limited. Core products primarily consist of health bars, vitamins, gourmet coffees, and energy drinks. This invariably leads to 'distributor stock pilling' of the core Amway products.
(My daughter in law's larder began overfilling with uneaten health bars, unused energy drinks, individually wrapped vitamins, gourmet coffees and enough soap powder to wash several years worth of 'whitey tighties.')
Add to this short list of high PV core products the Amway Ribbon gift cards. What better way to make PV without stock pilling perishables than to buy these black gift cards with ribbon? These black gift cards might be described as an Amway Utopian savings bond with no shelf expiration date. An Amway product intended to have no end customer beyond the stooge. Of course Ambots could 'consume' these cards as any occasion gifts and still further their Amway dream of becoming an Amway 'pin' in Amway's product based pyramid scheme.

Purchasers of the cards brought suit in California claiming Amway would not honor the expired gift cards which holders discovered actually had just as little shelf life as a stock-pilled, stale health bar. (Again, a situation where Amway cultists turned traitor and brought suit against their primary business partner, the Amway cult mother ship in Ada, Michigan.) These gift cards became relatively worthless fancy black paper. Thousands of thousands of aspiring Amway Cult millionaires were left holding the 'trick' bag on these ticking time bombs. Even when redeemed 'on time' these cards only redeem in my estimation nearly worthless, incredibly overpriced 'trinkets' (like a scented candle or bath soap combination). Not much to show for the minimum $50 retail cost of the card.

Believers in the Amway Myth get fleeced in the Closed Market Swindle by purchase of overvalued products that they buy and self consume in an incredible advanced fee fraud.


Anonymous said...

You know whats sad? You're no different than the sheep that you preach too!
I'm an IBO, a stooge you would call me. I have no plans on spendning 300 a month on products I don't need. Instead I have choice, I can choose to buy what I need rather than hit that magical number by personally spending.
There vitamin line is great, do a comparison with there multi and then check out Centrum. Nutrilite's vitamin is better and is actually cheaper. Difficult choice hey?
Also as this is a business the idea is to sell to earn your PV, not to continually earn PV by buying from myself.
I wish you would educate yourself beyond the ass-umptions you make constantly.

quixtarisacult said...


You skirt the issue I raise about the Pokorny settlement. Your Ambot brethren in the AmScam Bidnez have correctly described Amway as a "Product Based Pyramid Scheme." Amway settled the suit to the tune of over 100 million dollars. Yet, you and others hide your head in the sand and continue to believe the bullshit that the Amway upline scoundrels preach to you. Aren't you also supposed to avoid all the negative online about Amway to be considered 'core'?

I am glad that you are at least visiting my blog. Keep coming back. Amway Global Cult Intervention works "if you keep coming back!"

Anonymous said...

Haha This guy is a joke. You make fun of "Core".. which is the system you follow if you want a large, profitable business. Oh yeah.. and It isn't required. You don't get spanked and get your birthday taken away if you don't follow core. It's like how your JOB works.. you do what your boss tells you, or you get fired. Only we don't get fired.

Yeah- the way you make $ is by moving product. Way different that places like Macy's, Target, Walmart, and EVERY OTHER BUSINESS IN THE WORLD. Damn pyramid schemes.

quixtarisacult said...

"Core" is sort of like suffering from an addiction. You keep paying into it but get nothing back but sweet nothings.

Anonymous said...

Lol obviously the daughter in law had no idea what she was doing and probably too pig-headed to listen to anyone, If you can't move the product dont buy more, thats day one stuff. Maybe if her family showed her more support instead throwing there money at faceless corperations like walmart, target or walgreens. She might have stood a chance. Also the way this article is written from a very angry overprotective parent point of view does not work, you have no credability and just name call. I'll take the word if the lawyers of the partner stores, over that of someone upset they couldnt figure out how to make it work and spent 5 minutes on google...

quixtarisacult said...

I am not a big fan of Walmart either. Their low paid work force generally qualify for government benefits simply because they do not make a living wage. The problem with people who believe they can succeed in Amway is they believe upline schemers, and turn away from family and friends who pooh-pooh their new found prosperity scheme. Many cling to the dream in the face of little things like debt, divorce and bankruptcy, yet they've got to make it to the next big event. At least people working for Walmart actually make some money.