Monday, June 1, 2009

How Amway Global Recruiters Lie As Told By Recurited IBO Eight Months Later

Is Amway Global all it is cracked up to be? Do Amway IBO recruiters tell the truth when recruiting new prospects? You be the judge. The following review of Quixtar--Amway Global can be read on Ebay Reviews. Fellow blogger and Amway critic, Joecool, re-published this review recently on his The Truth About the Amway Global Opportunity blog. The original review by 'Randall' can be read by clicking here. This is what Randal, an IBO for eight months said:
The Problems I have with the Quixtar/Amway System

I was signed up with Quixtar for 8 months or so, and had a huge problem with everything they are and everything they stand for. In my opinion, and I’m sure many people disagree with me, Quixtar/Amway is one of the worst scams to hit North America… Ever!

1. They Sell Hope to People Who Need it The Most: The recruiters tell you how easy it is, how little time it takes, and how a 6-figure income is just around the corner. What they don’t tell you is how much it costs in the long run, how many tapes, books, etc… you’re going to have to buy, and how hard it is to recruit people.

2. 1 Hour a Week: Yeah right, they glamorize how little time you have to spend talking to people to get them to sign up. My recruiter talked drove 2 hours to get to me, 2 hours talking to me, 1 hour signing me up, and 2 hours driving home. Wow… 1 hour a week, and he’s experienced.

3. Highest Quality Products Available: In what world? These products aren’t any better than the products you buy in stores, I tested the laundry detergent on two brand new shirts and the Quixtar brand faded a lot quicker than Tide.

4. Lower than Costco Prices: In what century? The prices are unbelievably high. When I asked my recruiter why he told me that the prices are a little higher because they save us time and gas money. What?

5. Products not available anywhere else: Only if you don’t know where to look, all the supplements I signed up to receive at discount prices were available online for ¾ of the price Quixtar offered them.

6. Food Products Are Delicious: Nope, sorry, no way. These products were disgusting, worst protein shakes ever, the candy was stale, and the energy drinks tasted like battery acid.

7. They’ll Ship Right to Your Door, Even if you Live out of Town: Wrong again, I live 5 minutes out of town and I had to meet the delivery guy at the bus station. I wouldn’t be upset about this, but my Recruiter promised me that he would make sure the products were delivered to my door.

8. 6-Figure Income: The average salary of a Quixtar IBO is $115 a month. You spend at least $180 a month getting your 20 points, so most members are in the hole $65 every month.

9. Success: This is the main beef I have with Quixtar. The success of the people at the top is dependant on the failure of the people at the bottom. Top level Quixtar members can make up to $150,000 a month, but the majority of people are losing up to $200 a month. That’s what keeps the system in perfect balance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, if you’re looking for more info on the Quixtar “Opportunity” google Dateline Quixtar.

Thank you,

Randall, of Randalls-eBooks

P.S. Please Vote if your found this guide helpful, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions or comments

I am sure that there are countless others who have discovered what Randall discovered after being lead down the primrose path by an Amway Global Recruiter. Exagerations are really lies aren't they? The title to Eric Scheibler's free ebook, Merchants of Deception, truly applies to Randall's recruitment. Have you been prospected for the glorious Amway opportunity? If you have, word to the wise!



Anonymous said...

Wow... any loser out there can make up blatant lies about anything online and get readers nowadays... amazing what a free country we live in.

quixtarisacult said...

Sorry Anonymous Commenter (from Chicago, Bridgett), go post on your own reality inverting pink blog. qiac

Joecool said...

LOL, Bridgett creating a fake personna to slip in a comment? She must have taken lessons from IBOFightback, the master (de) bater and merchant of deception.


quixtarisacult said...

Troll problem from the windy city. She actually is a dedicated QCI reader, one of the regulars. She must get her teeth fixed regularily because she must grind the crap out of them when she visits here.

Network 21 Amway? said...

Yes, its very common for them to harp on about how much better their products are, when clearly there is factual evidence to suggest otherwise.

Are these truly "lies" in the sense they know they're being dishonest? Or do you think the IBO's are so brainwashed they actually believe it?

quixtarisacult said...

Seems like Amway folk have a stupid answer for every problematic situation, especially the exhorbitant prices for products which amount to highway robbery. Being that it is the IBO who buy and consume the lion's share of these items, they then are the significant suckers who get fleeced. Yes, they can chose to believe all the concentrated claims and the like, but I suppose anything can be rationalized, which is what they are taught to do.

Their products do not compete against brick and mortar products because Amway operates a closed market, a monopoly where the dupes only buy the Amway crap regardless of the price tag. All the talk about concentrated this and that is so much rubish in the end. Money extracting schemes are still money extracting schemes. What really made me irritable was I am a frugal shopper who can find quality products for much less. It is a situtation where one could buy way more quality anything for less just down the street, and get it on the day it was needed, not at some point a few days later. No convenience in doing without!

We had backorders on nearly every order we received, especially if the item was not actually a product that Amway itself manufactured.

IBOs hide the fact that they sometimes have to go out and buy 'negative' products to 'Tide' themselves over until their order actually arrived.

If I had a bottle of, lets say, Heinz ketchup sitting next to Amway's brand, I'd pick up the Heinz and use it up first, but then if I had one these upline 'auditors' coming by to inspect, I'd have to make sure the Heinz is well hidden elsewhere besides my fridge if I ever expected to get any help selling the plan on another potential fool. Of course I was not an IBO, but felt like a fool when I saw how much Amway's crap depleted the bank.

Of course, Amway occasionally reduces their prices by some percentage, but they generally still remain way too high. My friend 'Tex' many times likes to represent that Amway products are actually competitively priced, an argument that defies reality. Amway could go a long way to blunting criticism, but it would cut into their monopoly 'take' and their 'Jay Factor' prices.

I agree whole heartedly with the reviewer in this post about the XS drinks. I thought they were God awful, more in line with kerosene or some such cleaning chemical in the bottom of the sink next to the rat poison. I must say that I am not a big fan of energy drinks any way. I believe they are a major rip off--even from the convenience store.

mlm prelaunch said...

The lies being told will boomerang to the company. Your story was well written that even a grader can easily understand. But one thing is for sure, think not twice but ten times ten before leaping. Anyway, those recruiters don't own your "Yes". But then again, there are legit ones and offering their business honestly.

Joecool said...

IBOfightback was actually trying to defend the ridiculous prices in a recent post on his propaganda website. The facts are quite clear. WalMart did 401 billion in sales compared to Amway North America's 1 billion.

quixtarisacult said...


They have to defend the prices. They can't do anything about them but pay them or not. That is the way monopoly product prices operate. So, what is the bright idea guys like Tex do then, offer them up at their own cost--which is usually much higher than a brick and mortar competitor's every day retail price for a similar item.

Wall Mart wouldn't stay in business long if they had to offer all their line of products up for sale at their cost.

I just wonder why oh why Amway products appear for sale on eBay? Someone is willing to take a major loss on them.

The money extracting scam that Amway operates begins with prices that their 'independents' have no 'independence' over. They either buy them or they don't. Amway gets their money and they could care less. They know the suckers are going to buy them to play in the stupid game of make believe.

Joecool said...

The fact that tools and Amway products are sold on ebay is a good indication that returning these items for a refund may not be as easy as advertised.

quixtarisacult said...

Someone probably found them in the basement of a foreclosed home and said "What the heck, may as well see if they can be sold on eBay?" Of course, the Amway cult, much like $cientology (as I've learned) burns through their aherent's bank accounts as well. The incredible outlays in time and money over many many years in a desperate "Climb to the top!" My gawd! So many Amway dreams have ended up gone the way of Marge's husband, who went 'whole hog' and broke the family financing his tools, leaving poor Marge basically destitute. Hmmmm? Wasn't the words 'destitute' prominent of NBC's Dateline Segment on Amway corruption?

The end results of Amway and Scientology, hmmmm? Nearly the same. The taken in the wake of either's totalitarian regimes.

Thedream said...

I am so sorry to disappoint you folks, but no one ever told me any of that bull and I signed up. Of course its difficult for the average lazy joe to sign up recruiters, because people like YOU make it difficult. I'll bet you didn't even really try did you? Because that is ALWAYS the story with an IBO failure, s/he didn't really try. When you set yourself up for defeat folks, you'll get defeat.

quixtarisacult said...


What a handle you have there?

"Of course its difficult for the average lazy joe to sign up recruiters, because people like YOU make it difficult."

Hmmmm? At least you have got the 'recruiters' part right since you are talking about a recruitment scheme. Wonder why you didn't use the 'reality inverting' term 'distributors'? You are involved in a recruitment scam and your wonderful 'dreams' make you the victim of a 'closed market swindle' and a 'tool scam' which you obviously don't even see or understand. And what exactly do you tell your prospective recruiters then? That they can live the dream just like you?

Thanks for reading. Possibly you are about ready to re-enter reality yourself. Thanks for stopping by. This blog is for people exactly like you: those striving in a scheme.

I suppose I make it difficult for you to recruit your recruiters by revealing the 'dark side' of your affairs which I'm sure you either don't know about, or if you do, intentionally hide from prospects. You use the term 'lazy joes' to describe people you claim can't cut it in you scam bidnez. Why not repeat the Amway mantra 'broke losers' as well?

Levi said...

Joe, you said..

IBOfightback was actually trying to defend the ridiculous prices in a recent post on his propaganda website. The facts are quite clear. WalMart did 401 billion in sales compared to Amway North America's 1 billion.

what does that even matter? Walmart is out here and has advertised for years and they have marketers hired to exploit your tendencies when you shop in order to get the most from you. Amway is online and until last year did not advertise.
once again joe uses half of the facts to make himeself look good.

this is the only reason I do Amway.

Levi said...

Wow start of slipping in a cheap shot?


What a handle you have there?

really I would have thought disgruntled IBo's who quit would have gone back to thier glamourous lives punching the time clock. tell me were you people doing this before Amway? No, you were not.

Listen it works sorry about your luck but if you were in my group you would have not spent nearly 95% of what you did. As far as the products, did you ever consider if Amway advertised and sold thier products to Walmart? Why do you think so many people buy tide? It has been implemented in our heads by ads for many years so we dont see thier prices as high. but who determins high,med, or low?
anyways it works like it or not and what are you going to do if your primary income is not making enough to save for when you are not working there anymore? Its not a scare tactic It's just an honest question.
blog with me

Anonymous said...

Many members of my family have been turned into zombies since they got brainwashed by Amway recruiters. I see no evidence that any of them are making any money, but they've all lost all their friends!

quixtarisacult said...

"Many members of my family have been turned into zombies since they got brainwashed by Amway recruiters. I see no evidence that any of them are making any money, but they've all lost all their friends!"

Truth! ...quixtarisacult