Friday, November 28, 2008

What About The Other 'Big Three'? Amway, Scientology, and the Unification Church

There is a lot of news in the press about the Big Three, GM, Ford and Chrysler, but what about the other famous 'Big Threes', The Yalta World Leaders during World War II and the still existing Big Three World Cults?

Amway; Scientology; and the Moonies, the Big Three thrive on human ignorance and lack of complete understanding.

They attempt to control and define the information about themselves to perpetuate a form of ignorance which works in their favor.

What they and their adherents say about themselves is misinformation which seeks to perpetuate their myths. They indeed thrive on human lack of intellectual rigor, a failure to understand beyond the obvious.

People have heard the key words 'scam' 'pyramid' 'scheme' and 'cult' so often that the words seem to lose their significance as the hearer juxtapose these against the key words that the Amway cult initiators use to define themselves: 'business' 'selling' 'system' 'legitimate' and 'opportunity'. Amway attempts to define themselves and create a cognitive dissonance in the minds of humanity. They arrogantly brag that they will always seek to define themselves and not allow the critics and naysayers to do this for them.

Amway and the other cults benefit when people generally remain in the relative bliss of ignorance about cult affairs. To describe what and who they are by simply describing it as a scheme, a scam, or a pyramid doesn't tell the whole story. Most people do not go beyond these mental images. They live in a state of mind that the cult actually can turn to their advantage. People when confronted by an adherent of the cult in a recruitment scenario usually doesn't have a deep intellectual understanding of what Amway really is, only shallow ideas that take the form of the keywords words scam, scheme, pyramid, and cult. There is no depth of understanding behind these adjectives that the recruiter can psychologically deflect, minimalize and thereby use the prospect's own ignorance and lack of deeper understanding against him or her. They brush aside the allegations of being a cult in an opening salvo in their war to completely invert reality in their prospect's mind. The rest of the deceit then becomes much easier, and the prospect is psychologically disarmed for want of deeper understanding.

The prospect who hasn't graduated to a keen deeper intellectual understanding of whom and what they are facing presents the cult with an opening they can exploit, much the same way the German military forces exploited the Maginot line in their blitzkrieg against France during their western campaign in World War II. Indeed an understanding of Amway's factual history is necessary to go beyond the superficial.

Amway Cult recruiters quickly try to define and dispel their prospect's misgivings. They seek to reinforce that their affairs are a business or a religion, not an insane cult like the Branch Dividians. Amway apologist recruiters describe how great of an opportunity Amway is and promote this myth in the 'reality inverting' and 'thought stopping' jargon that author David Brear succinctly describes within his writing.

It must be absolutely understood that this myth made truth is without a doubt criminal intent to defraud as Amway recruiters deny the Amway financial holocaust.

Failure to graduate to the higher levels of cult understanding and enlightenment then allow the cults to define themselves in terms with which they choose. The cults want their detractors to at least, in part, believe the 'myths' that they spread about themselves as 'truth' instead. I've seen this phenomena within the opinions of ex-Amway adherents turned critic. If you doubt me, I have to ask readers and critics what they really know about Nutrilite? There is something so much more pernicious about cults and when they succeed in keeping a level playing field by having their reality inverting myths believed, even the critics themselves can be fooled by the propaganda. Nutrilite being just an example, one that will be further explored in more detail in future articles on this blog and sister blogs: Quxitar Cult Intervention and Amway Soap Box.

David Brear says that cults seek to get their detractors--and even the cult experts--arguing amongst themselves; They seek to masquerade and infiltrate cult think tanks and thereby define themselves as not being a cult. Scientology has infiltrated and taken over one anti-cult organizations that was originally set up to describe Scientology deceit. To some degree, Amway has attempted to subvert in exactly the same manner with certain cult experts secretly being Amway apologists themselves. David Brear has been more intimately involved in the struggle with these reality inverting cult expert frauds in Europe than I. Isn't it good that we can come to some understanding by reading his thoughts instead of simply assuming that we know, when we really are mentally shallow on the issue.

Understanding of and resistance to the development of cults is much farther advanced in European nations because the people have more experience (and fear) of pernicious cults and the human destruction they can wrought in the present because of the history of what they have wrought in the past. Intellectually advanced people have a 'never again' view of organizations that promote their myths as reality.

Americans have limited experience, allowing cults to develop and achieve their evils. What many Americans discover about Amway is very superficial, and therefore allow a niche in their psychological armor to exist that the Amway cultists seek to exploit when ever they can. Their slogan: "Some will, some will not" points out their strategy. They seek to find those that are open to accepting their reality inverting logic. When they encounter someone who has no true depth of understanding beyond just superficial thinking that Amway is a scam or a scheme, the recruiter quickly seeks to sweep these aside as mere misconceptions; and to some degree, they succeed, at least in those “that will.”

Quixtar Cult Intervention--as well as my other anti-cult blogs--seek to keep pushing the intellectual bar of understanding forward. David Brear's extensively researched and painstakingly written articles do just this. David, nor I look back, but keep pushing the bar forward because Amway seeks to drive a wedge between the critics if they can. The big three continue to pursue their 'reality inverting' misconceptions which succeed to some degree in making continued cult recruitment possible. They seek to define who they are--even in the minds of their detractors. Word Up!

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Anonymous said...

According to evidence presented in court on behalf of the UK government, 'Amway UK Ltd.' has always been a technically insolvent corporate structure since its creation 35 years ago. In fact, it's lost around $50 millions in the last 8 years. Yet, for at least 15 years, this absurd, bankrupt, private company (propped up by cash, declared in court to have come from S. Korea) has been secretly financing the activities of two self- styled 'cult specialists in the UK', Graham Baldwin and Ian Howarth. In return, Mr. Baldwin was listed by 'Amway's' US attorneys in a lawsuit filed against Sydney Schwartz (a long-time critic of 'Amway') as an internationally recognized expert who would testify that 'Amway' is not cultic. Mr. Howarth (director of the UK Cult Information Centre), temporarily managed to infiltrate a think-tank of European cult researchers, FECRIS, posing as an independent cult adviser. An unknown number of UK victims of the 'Amway' myth have approached Messrs. Baldwin and Howarth during the previous 15 years falsely believing them to be independent experts. None of these individuals have been directed to law enforcement agents, journalists or legislators. On the contrary, Messrs. Baldwin and Howarth have directed these individuals back to their own paymaster, in order to secure their silence. Had these victims approached the UK government with complaint, then an enquiry would have been launched many years ago and hundreds of millions of dollars from the book, tape and ticket fraud would not have been stolen. Consequently, I state quite openly that Messrs. Baldwin and Howarth are dangerous charlatans, guilty of willfully taking part in a conspiracy to commit fraud and to pervert the course of justice in the UK. The silence of Messrs. Baldwin and Howarth in response to my detailed charges has been deafening. Ian Howarth still runs the so-called 'Cult Information Centre' Website in the UK. Tellingly, no information about 'Amway' has ever appeared on this Site.

David Brear

Joecool said...

I believe amway avoided being outed in the UK at any cost, just to avoid bad press. I could be wrong but somehow I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

While searching for other ignorant postings on The Big Three (which apparently the author here cites are); I find this one attacking in unison Amway.

I suggest you do your research on the so called "ignorance" of the Big Three before posting that they are. Indeed, previous management (i.e. from the early 80's) may have been... but shouldn't be reflected in today's management. Simply look at their progress (and cuts) over the past 10 years. In fact, go look up who received Car of the Year last year.

As for Amway... I feel bad for the company (and Alticor) when I see clearly biased posts like this. What the author not once cited was the relationship between Amway and it's IBOs. That of which is (or rather was) nearly hands-off. It was the corruption of the IBOs that gives Amway a bad name. Their greed and deception continues to do so. These few have clearly taken advantage of a well-intended business plan/opportunity and twisted it for their own greed.

quixtarisacult said...


I find your comment somewhat incoherent. Your references to car of the year may have something to do with another post I made on Amway Soap Box where I indeed gave General Motors a deserving black eye. This is not to say that I am not supportive of the many good people who work for this company which I believe has been badly mismanaged for years on issues of quality and the types of vehicles manufactured. Hopefully they can survive and turn the once proud company around for the good of our country. The Volt seems like something going in the right direction, but why so late in the game? They even went so far as to demolish the batch of electric cars they produced for testing a few years back. They gave conspiracy theorists a lot of ammunition with that move. They've allowed Japan to once again gain the lead with hybrids.

You seem to be agreeing that Amway is problematic, but beyond that, your incoherence makes me wonder what you were trying to convey. I mention 3 different big 3s. The auto manufacturers, the World War II leaders, and the triumvirate of World Cults. Are you trying to say that the present Amway or GM management is no longer hampered by the problems of the past?

Anonymous said...

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