Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quixtar Cult Guru Greg Duncan Said “Don't Tell Me What Toby From Tacoma Said...Tell Me What Forbes Said?" Okay, I Will!

A very recent Forbes article entitled “Climb To The Top” by Emily Lambert and Klaus Kneale has said something very interesting that Triple Diamond, Gregg Duncan, Guru in the World Wide Dream Builders Cult, has specifically asked his Quixtar distributors to tell him about. If you don't believe me you can hear Greg Duncan's own voice asking his question by CLICKING HERE. Forbes said in the subtitle to their article:

“Pyramid selling schemes are a dime a dozen. Orrin Woodward's organization is one step ahead of them all.”

Readers are encouraged to read what Forbes has said just as Quixtar Diamond kingpin Greg Duncan requested by CLICKING HERE. I guess Forbes called your bluff Greg! The Forbes article pretty much speaks for itself. Orrin Woodward, subject of one of the poll questions in the right panel of this page, is a former Quixtar/Amway tool kingpin like Greg and who switched pyramid schemes and is now selling his “tools for fools” enthusiasm for MonaVie, another pyramid selling scheme like Amway! Orrin Woodward provides an example of exactly how these pyramid selling companies operate. Just the fact that the Forbes article says the “P” word: “pyramid” is a major embarrassment that proponents of the Quixtar business specifically hope that you, the Quixtar prospect, will not see if you are investigating the business opportunity prior to making a decision whether to join or not.

Quixtar kingpin Duncan makes a big deal about Internet search engines being the bathroom wall of society, not to be trusted. He bemoans Tobby from Tacoma, Phil from Philadelphia, and Valerie from Vancouver and is also, by way of extrapolation, saying don't tell me what Quixtar Cult Intervention is saying. He goes on to say “Tell me what Forbes said; tell me what Fortune Magazine said...” Greg asks people to instead tell him what the respected authorities in business are saying about Quixtar. Sorry Greg, maybe what Tobby, Phil, Valerie, and I said are true in light of what Forbes is saying now. Aren't you really the deceptive cult leader here? What have you got to say about the Forbes article now that they too have described AmQuix as a MLM pyramid?

Amway Global Cult Intervention exposes the utter nonsense and fantasy that these merchant's of deception like Greg Duncan and Orrin Woodward present to their followers and to people considering involvement in their scams. If you aren't already involved in one of these scheming pyramids, good, stay that way. If you are involved, that is bad news for you! It isn't too late to save yourself from the con job these liars promote; you can do the intelligent thing and say goodbye to their scam! If there is only one thing you take away from your experience here at Quixtar Cult Intervention, may it be a decision to quit or to turn down the so called opportunity. Your time and money will be better spent following legitimate pursuits, not these dream inspired cults designed to make you lose. Quixtar cults, like the World Wide Dream Builders, destroy families, friendships, marriages, and completely ruin romantic relationships! (Are you listening my beloved One?) It has happened in my life and it can happen in yours as well if you let it. Remember, cults are never a good thing to be involved with.

Have you lost a loved one to one of these cults, or do you know someone considering one of these MLM pyramid schemes like Quixtar? You can forward this article to them by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom. You don't have to sit idly by and watch these cults work their deceit in the lives of someone you care about; I don't and neither should you. If you have personal questions, you may email me at

Note: I must apologize. When I first published this post I had mistakenly attributed the audio to Ron Puryear. Luckily, the changes I've had to make to this post only corrected the mistaken name and actually do not effect the message I wished to convey. Thanks Scott Larsen for bringing this error to my attention.

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