Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Team Nutrilite Athletes Lay Three Big Eggs in China's Birds Nest Olympic Stadium: Hypocrisy of Amway Athletic Endorsements!

I suppose Amway must now pay out the big bucks to bring the World's fastest man on board to endorse Nutrilite vitamins. Seems like their horse in the running at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing China, Jamaica's Asafa Powell, came up short and laid an egg finishing 5th in a field behind new World Record Holder and fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash for the cash. The details can be read by clicking here. Many people may remember that Asafa Powell credited his winning ways to Nutrilite vitamins after signing a huge endorsement deal with Amway. Hmmmm? I was just wondering if Amway now is going to take credit for his losing ways in the World spotlight as well as his former winning ways?

The news was already bad for Team Nutrilite because one of their other big name athletes, Liu Xiang, defending Olympic champion, lined up to run the 110-meter hurdles limped out of the starting blocks after a fellow Chinese athlete false started and Xiang ripped his number off and left the stadium complaining of leg problems. Thousands of shocked Chinese fans quickly left the stadium in disgust. The details can be read by clicking here.

"Liu pulled up lame just steps into the first round of qualifying Monday, leaving the Summer Games' host country without one of its biggest stars — and far and away its biggest star in track and field." ... Associated Press.

Both Powell and Xiang laid a big egg in the appropriately named Bird Nest Stadium. Not to be completely outdone by the other two Team Nutrilite egg layers, Sanya Richards (formerly recognized as the best female 400-meter runner in the world since 2006) got passed by two women in the last 50 meters of a race she seemed to have wrapped up at the final turn and brought home a Bronze medal for Team USA and Team Nutrilite. For the story, click here. I suppose she should have popped a few more Nutrilite supplements before the big race but instead laid her own egg!

How can Nutrilite vitamins be blamed for the loss of two of these top Team Nutrilite stars as well as a disappointing Bronze medal for the third? Well, I ask how can theses top stars credit Nutrilite for improving their performance after winning outings and not also blame Nutrilite for their poor showings when they lose miserably on the biggest World track and field stage? Isn't the whole situation just completely ludicrous? I don't know how many times I've seen someone claim how good Nutrilite vitamins are because Asafa Powell takes and endorses them. Let's face it, vitamins are just vitamins. Vitamins may have something to do with a athlete's general health, but do they in and of themselves a winner make? These sport endorsements are made after huge payouts of hard cash to the athletes who may or may not actually be taking the supplement. Possibly the new fastest man in the World will now have his hand out to the likes of Amway, Herbalife and any number of other supplement sellers for a big payday whether they actually intend to takes the supplements or not. That is why I referred to the 100 meter race above as a run for the cash! Shoe and clothing retailers will probably be jumping on the winner band wagons as well. Amway obviously is a big loser in their hopes to make a big deal of their losing Team Nutrilite athletes.

Many times these Amway endorsements are made to encourage Quixtar/Amway distributors into believing that Amway products are just as great as the Team Amway athletes are. Might they now be wondering about this line of reasoning? Might some other vitamin manufacturer now make the same insane claim Amway formerly made through their paid hack athletes? Where does all the endorsement money come from? Yes, out of the pockets of mostly Amway product consuming distributors who buy and chomp these vitamins to make their monthly bonus quotas.

Could Team Nutrilite athletes be losing their endorsement money the same way Amway distributors lose their money and time to the Amway product pyramid scheme? Amway isn't going to be able to make very many winning advertisements based on Team Nutrilite's losing performance in these Olympics like they had hoped! I guess they can promote the nice try aspects: how existential! Pyramid scheming worked out better for these athletes than their sport careers!

New recruits, you can climb on the new Team Nutrilite losing bandwagon now. I have heard that bad news comes in threes. Are you listening Alticor? Team Nutrilite has pretty well been knocked out during the 2008 Olympics; not what your big bucks hoped for! Amway is the team sponsor for team China. Even if China wins the most gold medals or the most total medals, this doesn't seem like a great public relations hit in the United States? China, aren't they Communists? Doesn't Amway operate the American Scam?


Anonymous said...

its too bad you peg real winners - people who fail and keep trying - as being paid members of a cult. Olympians fail, just like normal people, regardless of who supports them. You aren't trashing Tiger Woods on behalf of Nike because he blew his knee out, are you? You sound bitter and uneducated, and that is unfortunate. You gave up on yourself long ago, and thats why you resort to trashing professional athletes who take vitamins.

quixtarisacult said...

I believe you've commented before. Your poor capitalization gives you away. Actually, I have nothing against the Athletes, just the hypocrisy of athletic sport endorsements. What do you make of Amway's parting ways with the former World's fastest man? I suppose the vitamins stopped working for him?

Why should I be bitter about these athletes under performing? Uneducated? I suppose I must send my business degree back to the University where I got it then?
Maybe you need to take some of your NutriScam vitamins to improve your cognitive disorder?

How does a golfer blow his knee out anyway? Maybe walking too fast between holes? Maybe he stepped in a gopher hole or something?

Actually I like Tiger Woods, and no, he doesn't promote Nutrilite vitamins, but for enough money, he might? Manage to squeeze some cash out of the scammers?

Anonymous said...

actually I haven't posted before. I am not trashing you about your biz degree, congrats. That's something to be proud of. What I don't understand is that you trash Amway and Nutrilite, two companies that have changed many lives for the better (and I can quantify that factually). Do I agree with all endorsement practices of those two companies? No. But claiming Nutrilite and Amway is a scam in general is sad - I speak of the uneducation there, because unless you were an active part of this "scam" in the past, you don't know any better. You always fear what you do not understand.
The athletes have nothing to do with the company other than the endorsement deal - it is a business arrangement - and if your athlete doesn't produce, you find a better one, right? That's normal business practice.

quixtarisacult said...


Thanks for commenting. Actually, Nutrilite vitamins were being sold prior to Amway's beginning in 1959 all part of a early multi-marketing scheme which DeVos and Van Andel basically co-opted for their early soap business.

How is Nutrilite a scam? The ingredients, raw materials occuring in abundance, generally cost very little. Most likely the processing and the packaging itself being a larger percentage of manufacturing expense. They are extremely monopoly priced, and nearly every Amway distributor is generally expected to buy and consume them. Now, for a married couple, this generally probably accounts for half the 100 pv that they are encouraged to buy each month. Over the years, Nutrilite vitamins has probably done more to boost Van Andel and DeVos into two of the wealthiest men around. Of course, you can add in the soap and so forth, but probably the most universally bought product by prosperity dreams is the 'soups' that prevent scurvy.

I've said it before, many times athletes endorse products that they may actually not even take. Nutrilite vitamins as far as I can determined aren't considered sports vitamins at least in the sport in which I am most familiar with. One of the most vitamin/supplement intensive sports is the World of body building, and general vitamin supplements like nutrilite aren't generally considered top shelf. Of course, all the distributors believe in them, paying a premium price to pay to play in the Amway closed market swindle.

You do make a good point. Sports endorsements is a business. How quickly Amway moves on when their former fastest man is just an also ran. It is all part of the hypocricy of company endorsements, which as Amway just foud out during the Summer Olympics, may not go the way they planned. It is nothing against the athletes themselves. Product endorsements can be bought. Look, Amway actually saved enough money dumping the fastest man to hire John Tesh? Go figure? Real winner there!

Anonymous said...

Hire John Tesh? LOL I laughed at that too. Who IS that dude? Anyways, you are spitting out some weird numbers that makes me think you were in this "scam," as you call it. You have to give some credit to the people with the testicular fortitude to try owning their own business (Mary Kay/Herbalife/Jockey/Avon/etc...) because not everyone can pull it off. Not everyone is brave enough or strong enough to buck the norm. I guess it's not really a scam if you succeed by helping people and it's legal, right? Read a little closer on the quality of Nutrilite from a credible source. The FTC and the BBB have a few things to say about the Devos and Van Andel families' biz as well.

quixtarisacult said...


You seem to repeat and believe the Amway myth that you have to actually be involved to understand how it works; that all others therefore cannot understand and therefore are not qualified to critique it. How crazy is that? You don't have to swallow poison to know that it can kill you; you know what it has done for others isn't this logic the same with Amway? Amway, too will do for you what it has for so many others.

Amway challenges people to strive in their scheme and make those who do follow their reality inverting scheme believe they are wise while all others are merely dream stealers. All the talk about 'do the work and enjoy the success when it comes' is a load of steaming crap.

The problem with Amway is that they expect you to keep watering their 'dead seed' which never really materializes into the magical beanstalk up to kingpin treasure. The kingpin giants wouldn't like anyone moving in on their golden goose now would he?

The prosperity dream that Amway prostelizers sell only serves to enrich the Devos/Van Andel clans, and the mega media sellers of tools, all while everyone else become buyers of the the monopoly priced products, and also buyrers ofthe monopoly priced tools (which sell for pennies on the dollar on eBay).

I take it you believe in the Amway myths then? You seem to be well versed in the tapespeak jargon which serves to enslave those people wanting so desperately to believe it as if it had been handed down off the mount with Moses.

You claim I want to 'peg real winners - people who fail and keep trying' as being paid members of a cult? Actually, these folks are the unpaid members of a cult who 'pay to play' in Amway 'closed market swindle' where continually striving to succeed works out very well for the initiators of this pernicious cult where YOU BELIEVE--THEY PROSPER!

Anonymous said...

You seeth with anger in your writing like Amway killed your favorite pet.
so answer these questions...
#1 why are there more people than ever "doing Amway" (millions all over the world)
#2 why do you think people keep "doing Amway"? they actually see money? can it be?
#3 the government has an obligation to shut down businesses that are illegal and do not produce financial benefit. hence the FTC and BBB reference. they don't miss much.
#4 the "bad guys at the top" have given so much money away to help people its unbelievable.
#5 what kind of job do you have, Mr. Business degree? what is your plan to not work until you're dead? scam or not, Amway is actually helping some people, and I am shocked that someone as intellectually gifted as you hasn't figured that out yet. Hope in any form is powerful. I'll bet you are doing your best to yell from the rooftop that Amway is a scam, regardless of factual proof to the contrary, because you are angry about something, or you have lost hope yourself in anything better. I'll bet you tried it and dropped out.
and for the record, I'm not in Amway. I have a friend who is, and I like him a lot better now than I did before he joined "the cult."

quixtarisacult said...


Just for readers information, I culled this information about you:

Sbc Internet Services
IP Number
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

Hmmm? Very suspicious. You repeat common 'tape speak' logic and live near Amway headquarters. Go ahead and cheat a neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend.

About people seeing money in Amway. Well, it depends on which people you are now doesn't it? The tool scammers see their downline's money. Oh, the DeVos Van Andel heirs see the money their money extracting monopoly brings in. Hmmm? The buyers, all the independent suckers, well, they generally see their money going bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Wow. you think you are soooo cool because you tracked me down (or so you think)I don't live anywhere close to Grand Rapids, BTW. Find another hobby besides stalking. don't quit your day job....heh, oh wait, thats what you'll be doing for the rest of your life.
Also, due to our recent discussions about Amway, I have been inspired to join up, so thanks! You gave me exactly what I needed. Your negativity and close-mindedness are truly inspiring.

quixtarisacult said...

Your last comment has the same IP address showing at your path as Grand Rapids.

I've been patient, allowing you to express yourself in the way you have chosen. Most likely you are already an Amway distributor or most likely an employee knowing where you live. Go ahead and cheat a neighbor then. The only thing I can therefore do is warn them about you method of operandi which is what I do anyway.

I suppose I've driven you to extreme measures, madness indeed, causing you to claim you are joining Amway because of my negativity and closed mindedness, all a sign that your success is all but guaranteed?

Just go for it, do it! And oh, by the way, why not go troll some of the other pages critical of Scamway?

Anonymous said...

WOW these amway nuts never cease to amaze me! Quixtarisacult I have some info. for you. A couple months ago I started a job at a major chain fitness center as a manager. I came into the job thinking I would offer work out advice and run the club daily, however the very first day I began to realize this was nothing more then a typical generate, track, follow and create leads type of job where you constantly call people over and over again till they come in for a tour. I was amazed how the women training me would ignore objections and keep persisting to the point of aqwardness with the customer. I remember thinking to myself she would be perfect for Amway/QT. I decide not to continue the job but tell her how amazed I was that she was always so positive. It was then she revealed she had done Nutrilite for years and it is still her main passion away from work. It seemed to all come together and I got out of there, but I couldn't help but wonder if scams like QT and Nutrilite are going to start leaking into legitimate companies and try to expand?

Oakdizzy said...

Many of the Quixtar/Amway IBOs don't realize that the business is designed to allow only a few people to succeed. Quixtar/Amway can't afford to make everyone succeed because they will go broke. When it comes down to it, Quixtar/Amway is still a business. This is how a business operates: money comes first, then everything else follows. Successful businesses are great at manipulating people, and Quixtar/Amway and their diamonds are great at that. It's sad when you think about it because a lot of these IBOs are great people.

Most IBOs think that they have a lot of knowledge about Quixtar/Amway products but they only have half of the formula. For example: most, if not all of them don't realize that Double X contain synthetic vitamins and chemicals. They think it is "all natural." Another one is XS energy drink. It is loaded with synthetic vitamins, chemicals, and a neurotoxin called sucralose (an artificial sweetener). The IBOs who drink XS are basically making themselves dumber. Well, I guess Quixtar/Amway is smarter than I thought. Make their IBOs dumber so they are easier to be manipulated.