Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random Observations: Paul Newman

Goodbye Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman was--in my opinion--the real James Dean, having portrayed many non conformist roles, but the one role and movie that I believe will always remain his finest work was Cool Hand Luke where he played a a prisoner in a Florida prison camp who refuses to submit to the system. I admire him for also not being a conformist in his personal life as well. Newman said "the highest single honor I've ever received," was when he was placed on Richard Nixon's enemies list after supporting Eugene McCarthy in the 1968 Presidential Election and his support for liberal causes.

Paul Newman indeed bucked the system. Possibly there are people that have never seen some of Paul's more famous movies like the 1967 Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Of course many have seen these highly successful movies as well. I remember that Cool Hand Luke was a staple for weekend movie of the week consumption throughout the 197Os. I miss the Movie of the Week that many stations ran out of their own can on Saturday or Sunday. Now everything comes off of network feeds which prefer to run sports like golf or tennis.

There are so many memorable scenes from the movie Cool Hand Luke, I would never be able to touch on them all in this short blog article. There was a fighting spirit in Luke and in Newman as well. In one scene Luke is basically badly beaten in a boxing match on the chain gang's prison yard by larger man, Dragline, played by George Kennedy, and although badly beaten and pushed well past exhaustion--where other men might have quit--Luke refused to give up and, in a last gasp effort, took a final swing that Dragline ducked under picking Luke up, spent, bloody and out on his feet but having won the respect of the man who just gave him the thrashing. Who hasn't somehow been like Luke in their own life, to struggle and strive with a never say never attitude, just to be picked up and carried along by the things we all struggle against? We all may be picked up and carried along with the proposed Wall Street bailout regardless of the outrage that it will cause.

Who in life hasn't heard their own version of "What we have here, is failure to communicate"? It seems like someone else is always trying to tell us what to do and how to be. One judges his neighbor many times without recognizing his or her own shortcomings. Are we any less of a person for not getting that promotion at work or being able to afford that new sports car? And don't we all really have to "get our dirt out of the boss man's hole?" Who hasn't somehow struggled with the systems in this imperfect world in one way or another?

Aren't we all like Luke, all being told that we should conform to someone else's belief that we be a person that we may not be or never can be?

Worldly systems--I have found--teach a conformist point of view which the national media bombards us with constantly, propaganda by which people are EXPECTED to conform. Newman really was Luke because he was a non-conformist. I have always identified with first the character Luke in the movie and then later with the actor himself for the very same reasons.

Newman holds the title of being the oldest man to ever win a professionally sanctioned motor sports race when he was well into his 70s after being inspired to enter racing after participating in some preliminary work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for his role in the movie Winning. What made Newman a great actor was his ability to become the character. You can see the determination on his face as he races down the track in the 1969 movie, showing a similar determination to buck the system as Luke.

In this day and age, where people almost always are schooled to become conformist, to tow some kind of party line, wasn't Paul Newman refreshing? He really was the every man's man. I have blue eyes like Paul, and somehow I see the world the way he did as well. I've always disliked anyone telling me how I should be, even when they were right and I was wrong, I might add. Paul seemed to actually possess a rebels spirit which always worked out well for him at the box office and in life. Sadly, a rebel's spirit doesn't always work out so well when it lands hard on the cold hard realities of life.

Just as Cool Hand Luke was forced to get the Boss Man's dirt out of the Boss Man's hole, we all are forced to do just that as well; we all seem to either conform or struggle against the machine.

There seems to be a great repudiation of some of the failed policies of the past recently which Newman opposed. Big business has had its hand in buying their way with our law makers. Through greed they have convinced law makers to get governmental oversight off of their back and have been free to ride their gravy train of profit over the middle class and poor as well. These scoundrels in the banking industry operated their own boiler rooms in their effort to push high risk loans onto anyone believing they were a good way to own or renegotiate their mortgage. The regulators responsible for oversight have been made toothless by political concessions all favoring the scoundrels rather than the citizens who become the barrel of fish for these suits to shoot at. This same lack of governmental oversight allows Amway to operate its money extracting schemes as well and to fund the promotion of political cronyism that many people complain about constantly.

Paul Newman, a long time supporter of liberal causes, was lucky to live long enough to see the repudiation of the Right's support for big business and the rich and the powerful. How long might the people's causes be thwarted in the interest of greed and power? For too long, liberal causes have been painted with a black brush, as if anything "for the people" was wrong, and every thing for these special interest "movers and shakers" was just wonderful.

What truly boggles my imagination is that nothing has been done to make health care more widely available to people struggling to just get by from year to year. Class warfare and discrimination have ruled the roost for too long. We can send Billions to rebuild infrastructure in other Nations like Iraq while we allow our infrastructure and poor in this country to fall by wayside. The leaders can now come up with a complicated bail out proposal in a matter of days or weeks, which if passed, would put the burden on the people to bail out the very people that have been working successfully to repress them for years! We need more Paul Newman's in this country!

Paul, your days here are gone, but you've left a legacy that will live on in my mind at least. Your charitable causes were unselfish, and your political views are timeless, and your loyalty to your wife, Joan Woodward, over your fifty year marriage may be your most enduring legacy. Cool Hand Luke, rest up my friend, there will be no parking meters in heaven, and may we all be reminded that as one more Sunday comes and goes in our life, we too can look up and know that we may have to pay the meter in this life, but there will be no parking meters in the next. A tear falls from my blue eye. Hug someone today because we are all in this life together!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Amway/Quixtar: Opportunity to Flush Your Money Down their Loo !

Here is how multi-level marketing works in the direct selling industry. Almost all businesses operate off of some variation of the Amway system. Regardless of the hype recruitment people try to make recruits believe about their opportunities; these supposed opportunities almost always work out the same way for people foolish enough to believe the claims which are complete Du Du.

What follows is a description of how direct selling schemes really work out for people foolish or desperate enough to believe in them. The money that is supposed to come your way after striving and struggling in a MLM pursuit is always at the end of the rainbow where the little green suited Leprechaun plays a shell game with the MLM Pot O' Gold and even if you were lucky to locate the end of the rainbow you are only left so much further behind the eight ball.

Recruitment made during periods of recession, where many people have lost traditional jobs, seek to attract desperate people into their direct selling schemes like Amway, MonaVie, Usana, Herbalife and many others. Recruits will be asked to squander what resources they do have buying what most people would consider unnecessary overpriced products or services. You will be encouraged to do three things with an emphasis being placed on the first two:

(1) buy products
(2) buy training (to include attendance at meetings, rallies, and seminars)
(3) sell products

All three require you to send your money to the company with the third hopefully allowing you to retain a margin between your price and the retail price.

Buying MLM overpriced services or crap when you are operating on emergency unemployment funds makes little sense. Providing a company with overhead expenses to promote their profits makes no sense at any time. Even if you manage to recruit or sell a few bottles of "Dr Du Du", you still do not come out on top after figuring in your overhead costs which you must provide out of pocket.

Expenses, considered overhead include the following:

(a) transportation
(b) use of your facilities, phone
(c) time
(d) accommodations
(e) applicable taxes

One of the biggest scams in almost every MLM proposal is that you are convinced that you own their business. Please, don't swallow that camel! They own the business contractually speaking. You send them money for (1) and (2) and then you may also send them the majority of the money you receive selling a few bottles of Dr. Du Du (or whatever product or services your company offers) while you get to retain the marginal difference between your price and the retail price: the gross profit. I've noticed many distributors sell the product at their cost and make zero margin which makes the pursuit a sham business.

You become the “mark” that is supposed to sell the company's products, which, by design, are so priced as to make this very difficult, if nearly impossible. Even if you are persistent and succeed to sell a few bottles of the Dr. Du Du, then the margin between your price and the retail price will provide you with what your company attempts to make you believe is your profit, which in reality isn't unless you manage to sell enough to overcome your own costs; the overhead I described above.

It shouldn't be any surprise that your real profits from selling a few bottles of Dr. Du Du will most likely only offset a substantial loss in the end, especially if your time is factored in correctly as a monetary amount; after all your time is worth something isn't it? And even if you do not use “universally accepted accounting principles” and provide your time as "gratis", most likely the bottom line will still result in a significant loss. Most distributors will never actually be able to sell enough Du Du to realize a profit even where their time is considered free, which really is an impossibility.

You therefore find yourself flushing number (1) and (2) down your MLM loo which is what these sham MLM businesses are designed for you to do! You end up with the crap and they end up with your cash!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amway Partner Stores Revealed: More Deception From The Bait and Switch Masters

One selling point Amway recruiters for the Business Cult use to help convince skeptical prospects to join "The Amway Cult" is the Partner Store spiel. You will be lead to believe that by joining Amway Global as a distributor you will enjoy fringe benefits much like a person joining a buying club might. I will not go into a long description to debunk the really bad deal many buying clubs present, but much of the downsides to these Amway partner stores reveal the not so great of a deal these partner stores really represent.

Perceptive has provided the following information and the following narrative on how these Amway partner stores operate from a very informative comment left on this blog in answer to my question to him about how these partner stores work. Perceptive felt that this would be a good subject of a post and I agree.

Amway Partner Stores Revealed ... by perceptive

QIAC : “ Are you trying to represent that Amway product prices for goods bought from secondary retailers are competitively priced? These partner stores have a Amway price on these goods do they not?”

Perceptive: This is a confusion that a fair number of NON-Amway people have.

Here's the real story:

These 'Partner Stores' have the SAME PRICE for Ambots, as well as regular NON-Ambot folk who go directly to their store/website.

So, Circuit City--which is a 'Partner Store--has the same prices on its website for both groups.


The Ambots log into the Circuity City website THROUGH THEIR QUIX/AMWAY website. So, the Ambots/Quixbots get a small - VERY VERY SMALL - percentage rebate from Amway. The 'rebate' is NOT comparable to what you would get from buying Amway MANUFACTURED products - average of 25%.

Here's why. Circuit City already has a pretty low profit-margin DICTATED by competition with OTHER retailers. They can't give away a whole bunch of their profit margin back to Amway. BUT. They do know that Ambots/Quixbots, being Ambots/Quixbots will RELIGIOUSLY Buy From Their Own Business irrespective of the cost, so they have got a CAPTIVE MARKET in IBOs. That justifies giving a small percentage back to Amway to get a base of customers - RETARDS who won't do ANY price-comparisons and blindly buy from that site.

It basically becomes a "marginal-cost" question for Circuit City - if your marginal-cost for gaining an additional sale - the small percentage paid back to Amway - is virtually ZERO - it makes sense to pay that marginal-cost to get that sale.

Let's assume CCity has a Net Profit Margin of 8% on it sales. Even if it gives away 1% of that back to Amway, it is getting a WHOLE NEW BLINDLY LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE for virtually free. All they had to do was to reduce their profit margin from 8% to 7%! No additional advertising or any other marketing costs needed!

Think about it -

WITHOUT this arrangement with Amway, these Ambots/Quixbots would NOT be inclined to purchase Circuit City's products - UNLESS - Circuit City offered better value compared to other retailers. Once Amway is on board, however, PRICE IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE FOR AMBOTS/QUIXBOTS!

The Ambot's argument is this - "Look, if you - a, Non-ambot - bought anything from Circuit City it would cost you X Dollars. But me - an Ambot - also pays X Dollars for the same item, but I also get a rebate check back for Y Dollars, so my actual total cost is only X-Y Dollars. Less than your non-Ambot cost of X Dollars."


What the Ambot doesn't realize is that the NON-Ambot does NOT restrict his choice of retailer to Circuit City. So He/she is free to check out Best-Buy,, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and a whole host of other retailers to possibly get a better price for the same item - even AFTER factoring in the Amway Rebate, i.e. Less than X-Y Dollars.

Case in point. Porkchopjim, in trying to make the same point I am making here, made a bet with Tex that he could find the same product cheaper elsewhere, EVEN AFTER TEX FACTORED IN HIS AMWAY REBATE. PCJ looked up a Camera on the Internet and within 30 seconds found a retailer selling it for less - rebate be damned.

Just like in your wife's daughter's case.

You searched on the Internet and found other retailers selling the same laptops for half the price. Did she get a 50% rebate from Amway on that laptop? I'll bet a THOUSAND DOLLARS, no.

And here's one VERY IMPORTANT POINT that retarded Ambots/Quixbots don't pay attention to.

IF – Circuit City's Net Profit Margin is 8% and it gives back 1% rebate to Amway for purchases made by Ambots/Quixbots....

then that 1% rebate paid back by Circuit City to the Amway Corporation, is split up among MULTIPLE AMBOTS upline all the way up to Platinum.

If you are a newbie IBO at the 3% bracket, and you bought a camera form Circuit City, the REBATE you get on your purchase is actually 3% of the 1% of the purchase price. What does that come out to?


FRIGGIN 3/100ths of 1%.

What do the COLLECTIVE UPLINE of that hapless newbie IBO get on this purchase? 25% less 3% - of the 1%. i.e. 22% of 1%.

0.22% - About a quarter of 1%.

And depending on the number of people in between that IBO and his upline platinum, that amount is really spread thin between a bunch of people.

What are the odds that a newbie Ambot could actually find a price for the same item at another retailer that is LESS than their Ambot Price, EVEN AFTER FACTORING in the MINISCULE rebate?

Here's the best part.

The THIEVES who own the Amway Corporation, the Devos's and the VanAndels' know this but, it is a good recruitment tool to keep Ambots in, so they use it unashamedly.

....Perceptive - the Quixtar-Amway-Infiltrator

QIAC: Thank you perceptive for your much appreciated contribution. After some reflection on these partner stores, I believe they possibly do provide the Amway distributor with a very, very small savings over the same product purchased directly through the same partner store, but in my opinion, the initial outlay to sign up to be an Amway distributor (which has to be renewed on a yearly basis) more than offsets any potential savings. This is the same type of situation that makes most buying clubs an equally a bad deal. The up front cost to enjoy savings that may sound promising at first many times are just not there.

I actually fell prey to a buying club proposition some years ago. Actually after my wife and I signed up (in conjunction with a credit card that I had at the time) we were charged in the neighborhood of around $50 to be a member for a year. At that time I had been buying a lot of electronics. To my dismay, nearly every product that I was in the market for I found at substantial savings over the buying club price elsewhere. I just don't know about other people, but I am a firm believer in saving money where I can. There is nothing wrong with frugality. At the end of the year that I was in the club, I never purchased even one item from the them. Again, I have to question my reasoning for even allowing myself to be sweet talked into joining.
Like in any recruitment offer, the promise is made to sound so much better than what the actual circumstance of the deal is. Perceptive points out the reality of the small return one actually receives, and couple this with the limitation of choice and freedom to find a better value elsewhere?

It is not hard to understand how much bang Amway and the recruiter get from the rather deceptive selling point these partner stores in reality are! I might add that many buying clubs have come under increased legal scrutiny in recent years and some have had to shut down and reimburse participants in court ordered settlements. Amway ties their quasi-buying club partner stores to the distributor's “Independent Business Owner” status which makes many a person not fully realize how these partner stores really work or even realize that they are not the wonderful deal they in turn misrepresent them to be to others. Once a person believes Amway's dribble about 100 percent product loyalty, they are set up in typical "mark" fashion to be taken advantage of by Amway which baits them with dreams of riches and switches them to what most people in Amway experience, failure, which the distributor has already been conditioned to blame on himself. Thanks to perceptive: Now I know and NOW YOU KNOW.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amway: How Deregulation and Lack of Oversight by the Federal Trade Commission Has Allowed Corrupt Business To Victimize Their Own!

The national media is just full of bad news recently: predatory lending, the mortgage meltdown, the banking crisis, and now the insurance meltdown and the AIG bail out. Amway, a multi-billion dollar business that masquerades as a online retailer of health and beauty products fits right in with all the other predatory businesses that deregulation and the lack of oversight has wrought. Amway pompously touts itself as free enterprise and has supported right wing causes that have preached about getting government off of “our” backs for what seems like decades. Amway really wants governmental oversight off of their backs so they can ride their distributors backs, the. Independent Business Owners they depend on for their supposed retail sales.

The public has been asleep at the wheel. Our elected representatives have allowed money from the likes of self interest inspired big business to subvert the interests of the common working people who have to survive in this world which has been taken over by greedy interests and the likes of Amway and the failed Enron. Where is the real compassion of our leaders for the people who are losing their homes? Indeed the meltdown on Wall Street effectively has robbed millions of people their hard earned retirement nest eggs. Amway has basically fleeced people of potential retirement money for years and left them holding their empty dreams as well. People believing in the Amway dream many times believe that an Amway residual income will be the ticket to living the good life in an early retirement. They fail to see all the horror stories this line of reasoning has wrought in the nearly half a century Amway has been fleecing their flock of duped dreamers!

Amway is just such a predatory entity seeking to serve their own greedy self interests. They have basically flown under the radar for years. Why should people get up in arms about a company that makes fools of the soap selling neighbors? After all, it was the neighbors that got themselves involved with these scoundrels in the first place, right? Just as the borrower of sub-prime loans can be blamed for signing a contract that doomed them from the start, the victims are usually left to take the blame. Amway has successfully adopted the tactic of teaching the distributor that failure is the distributors own fault. If you lose money, or if you can't sell any products, or if your dreams of going diamond never come true no matter how hard you struggle, the company has washed their hands clean of any responsibility! The victim has to take the blame for playing in a game where the cards were heavily stacked against them. When Amway talks about how successful their business is, they are really talking about how successful they have been at making their own distributors the victim in what amounts to a bait and switch Ponzi game of insane proportion!

Amway represents the biggest fleecing of its own people ever unleashed on the American public. In recent years, the bad truths about this con job of a business have slowed recruitment and profits here; so to continue to expand its base, the rest of the World has become the focus of their product pyramid schemes. To understand this situation, nearly 4 out of 5 dollars that come in as revenue to Amway come not from the US market, but from the expansion into foreign countries where people new to capitalism mistake Amway's scheme for a legitimate business. They buy into what most citizens in the United States have over time come to realize is a losing enterprise.

President Bush had the bright idea that our health care crisis could be solved by having all citizens invest their medical savings in the Stock Market which the Republicans have touted as their free enterprise solution to the escalating cost of health care. Might I add that it would seem like the stock market itself was being touted as one big pyramid scheme itself. What deregulation has done for millions of Amway victims it is now doing for the common men and women who had the good common sense not to get involved with Amway but are ironically being victimized by the same type of deregulation. The victims are different but the victimization is the same.

In many ways the victims of predatory lending or bad investments are made to blame for their belief in the systems that never had their best interests in mind. Welcome to the world of greedy businessmen who look out for their best interests and use what ever means possible to bail themselves out and leave the people who have lost holding only their empty bag of dreams.

It was okay that millions of Amway duped distributors have lost their money to pyramid scheming executives at Alticor. Amway has been touted as a cult like endeavor bordering on religion. “What Jesus has done for others, he can do for you! This is well and good. What Amway has done for others (99% lose money), they can do for you! This is a shame. Amway indeed sells hope with the soap; the problem being that as the soap stops selling at the distributor's door, so eventually does the hope. Who makes all the money in the Amway Land of Will Scam? It is the con men sellers of monopoly products and the pyramid sellers of mostly mundane training propaganda,also a monopoly business for the top of the pyramid scheme kingpins.

People investing in their Amway dreams may wake up some day and realize that their nest egg has been squandered on Amway crap; lost the same way many other Americans have lost their savings in mutual fund accounts and bad investments. The Federal Trade Commission has permitted the fleecing of Amway dupes because the money taken from the pockets of these victims has funded the lobbying by the Devos/Van Andel empire to protect their fleecing of the flock.

Amway Global Cult Intervention urges people who are the intended “marks” in the Amway product pyramid scheme and the tool scam to get out with whatever money they can. It is sort of like wanting to get your money out of an insolvent bank before a run on the bank leaves you wiped out. For those considering this to be a potential business opportunity, do the math, do the research. I believe in the end you will discover that Amway indeed will do for you what it has done for many millions of others, make you the loser in their pay to play game of greed designed to make you lose. MLM pyramid schemes, who needs them? Persons being exposed to MLM opportunities and searching for real information about these scam business opportunities can find links at the bottom of the Quixtar Cult Intervention sister page. I recommend Pyramid Scheme Alert as a "must read" for people new to the topic of multi-level marketing, network marketing and direct selling which are different names for which many schemes go by.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amway Global Cult Followers Taught To Act Like Unwise Monkeys and Reject “Evil” Truths About Their Amway Opportunity!

The above picture was taken from a scene in the Planet of the Apes movie know as “The Simeon Court.” The “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil” was actually done as a gag during the filming of the movie and was left in during the final cut. Another picture of the “Wise Monkeys” has been in the right side bar since I started this blog. It is representative of what Amway Global distributors (IBOs) are taught by their upline and the tool propaganda they expose themselves to on a regular basis.


Distributors are taught to put blinders on, to not see anything that goes counter to the dream inspired opportunity they have been instructed to believe in by their Amway recruiter. Many people might recall the disreputable Quixtar recruiter Greg Fredericks on secret camera in the 2004 Dateline news expose on Quixtar corruption where he instructs his new recruits (one of which is a Dateline undercover reporter) with the following classic example of what this “see no evil” cult instruction is all about: “So I don't put anything into my head that's going to cause me to be thinking outside my positive role.” The Dateline story goes on to explain that this means “no TV, no reading newspapers” and by way of extrapolation I add: no Internet, and especially no critical blogs like Quixtar Cult Intervention, Pyramid Scheme Alert, or Quixtar The Dream or the Scheme.


Distributors are taught to turn a deaf ear to family, friends, co-workers or anyone who upon hearing about Quixtar/Amway say things like “scam, pyramid scheme, rip-off” and similar discouraging opinions. Indeed, distributors are encouraged to shun further contact with people expressing negative opinions of Amway and the opportunity. Tool Kingpin Dexter Yager has told people that the only friends you should keep are other people in the Amway business. Listen to Dexter describing this by clicking here. Obviously if you are no longer friends with the critics of your business you will not be hearing the evil they describe it as representing. Believers are basically taught to forsake all who do not join the business to include family. Isn't this very cult like? Alienate devotees from outside negative influences altogether? These upline weasels are very Jim Jones-like in their desire to isolate you away from criticism of their con job on you.


If there is a Ten Commandments-like law in Amway, it would be that the “Upline is always right” and therefore they do not want to hear anything negative from the Downline. This would be tantamount to treason! Eric Scheibler, former Amway Emerald, in his book Merchants of Deception describes how almost all his questions and problems with the business were blunted by this law whereby he couldn't complain to his Upline. Anyone complaining about not having the money to attend some far off function couldn't communicate this “negative” situation without being severely reprimanded and scolded. Another way of understanding how “Speak No Evil” works is to look at the Amway Glossary of Terms under the word “Edify” which says: “Normally used to describe the act of respecting or "talking good" about another person, this is taken to extremes in the Amway business. Distributors are taught to NEVER be disrespectful or SAY anything bad about their upline, no matter the subject or the distributor's feelings.”

Dear Readers, I must ask you, have you been taught this “wise monkeys” behavior by your upline mentors in their desire to subvert you into their cult kowtowing of tool kingpins (like Ron Puryear, Greg Duncan, and Dexter Yager) and Amway Company con men (like Doug Devos and Steve Van Andel who are listed at position number 3 in the top 5 Scam Artists by the Vue Weekly). The “wise monkeys” are wise because they refuse to listen to evil. Amway cultists have basically made you the monkey by convincing you to believe that the truth of this bad Amway affair is evil and instructing you to “See no evil, speak no evil, talk no evil” about “the business”. You, my friend, have been hoodwinked and made a sucker by these deceptive con men who head up the motivational organizations which has “absorbed” you into their BUSINESS CULT! You can do the right thing and spurn these lying suitors if you are involved with them. If you have been prospected by these merchants of deception, and have come to Amway Global Cult Intervention investigating the opportunity someone is trying to convince you to get involved in, NOW YOU KNOW what kind of people these recruiters are. Do like they used to say in the Taco Bell commercials: Run for the Border! Remember the Monkeys were wise because they refused evil; they did not refuse to SEE, HEAR or SPEAK Evil about Quixtar/Amway!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quixtar/Amway Global's Perfect Water Scam Has Come and Gone: XS Gold Scam Next On the Agenda For the Fleecing of the Duped Cult Flock!

The Perfect Water Scam of 2008 has pretty much fizzled out. Seems like there are a lot of disappointed Amway distributors out there who have gotten fleeced by purchasing many exorbitantly priced cases believing it to be their ticket to retailing profit and success. All the hype has fizzled out, and just like almost all of Amway's over priced monopoly products, this fancy bottled water has basically only sold to IBO distributors. If they were lucky enough to unload it at cost, they most assuredly aren't reordering it a second time at least for retail sales. They are the suckers that I described them to be in past posts on this blog!

What's next for these duped cult drones? XS Gold! Here comes more hype about another product that has the look about it to become the next Amway Scam unleashed on their cult followers. Indeed, it seems like there has been a lot of attention focused on MonaVie's Acai Berry Drink product sold in wine bottles. Hmmmm? It would seem that maybe Amway would be farther ahead if they just bottled real wine. At least the distributors then could drown their sorrows in their own product. Many were left to drink the not so perfect empowered water or leave it dusting in their pantry. The only thing the water “empowered” was Amway's fleecing of the flock. Now these same dupes will be encouraged to invest in this new XS Gold Scam? I am guessing that this product will be exorbitantly priced, and profess to offer health improving benefits much like MonaVie's purple juice sham product.

Not being willing to admit that Perfect Water was a scam on themselves, distributors will be touting this new product as being the next big reason to climb on the Amway Global bandwagon. Seems that these sham products help sell the recruitment scam that these folks show to their neighbors and friends. Who really needs friends and neighbors like this? I am wondering how many of the people who were exposed to the Perfect Water Scam and who were recruited as a result are now looking back and scratching their head about being so gullible to fall for snake oil sales techniques?

Amway products are marketed and intended for consumption by the distributor down line customers. They are duped by tool selling kingpins like Ron Puryear to believe that the products can be retailed and therefore fall for basically the same kind of scam time after time. Reminds me of a Cyndi Lauper Song: Time After Time. Amway will almost always be introducing some hyped product like it has in the past with their XS drinks and more recently their Simply nutrition bars, re-wrapped crap that is a waste of a distributor's money and a source of Jay Factor profits for the product pyramid purveyors in Michigan.

I sense that there are some very skeptical IBO/ABO types out there who may not be so willing to jump onto this XS Gold Scam after being fleeced like sheep in the Perfect Water Scam. Loss of enthusiasm is a prelude to distributors that are likely to drop out of the business eventually as many do yearly. Amway Global operates a recruitment scam whereby there must be willing new recruits brought on board to replace the ones who see through the deception and quit after being fleeced for a period of time.

Amway Global Cult Intervention urges people being exposed to the Amway recruitment scam to decline the chance to be suckered. You will most likely be exposed to the XS Gold Scam, just as many distributors were exposed to the Perfect Water Scam when they were first showed the “plan”. I advise you to use good common sense, and just cut your potential loses entirely and avoid these con men sellers of deceit. Hey, if you really want to try some of these supposedly miracle products, you can buy them on ebay. Folks having fallen victim to Amway have been fighting back by trying to recoup some of their loses by offering their Amway crap through on-line auctions; you can find any number of Amway goods as well as the training propaganda materials (CDs, books, and tapes) known as tools up for auction. You can be assured that there is a disgruntled Amway sucker standing behind every one of these ebay offerings. You don't have to be the next person looking to unload Amway crap over the World Wide Web after being suckered by the World Wide Dream Builders and others of their ilk!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are You Being Asked to Follow a Different Gospel That Keeps Renaming Itself and To Light Candles To Your New God At Amway Rallies?

Amway represents one of the greatest perversions of faith I have ever witnessed. People many times adopt this business cult as a religion. I recall reading that Amway gave hope to a man who was on the cusp of suicide by picking him up, giving him friends in the business and a reason to live. No longer was he depressed, he had a purpose in life which made suicide seem so distant. Hmmm? Might good old time religion and a trip to his local church have done the same thing. Even the Green River Killer said that he killed less people while he was selling Amway.

It is too bad that many people seeing the Amway light forget about the real "light of the World". Followers of the business cult many times believe they can help their fellow man by introducing them to the gospel of Amway. Many lose friends, alienate family, and become the most recent "joke" at church. Proselytizing for religion is a common activity of many religious groups and sects, but is something practiced by these Amway Cults as well. Even the "very elect" like pastors and church leaders have fallen prey to these other worldly activities and beliefs.

Amway believers want to make you believe as they do. They believe that by showing you their plan they are doing something good for you. They believe they are helping their fellow man to more fully see the light. They seem to want to combine their version of the light with the true light of the world and shine it on as many gullible people as they can find. You might think they were showing you the plan to salvation instead of a plan formed in the mind of men. Remember this when you see the Amway Global commercials talking about the company two friends from Michigan formed nearly a half century ago. The Amway Cult goes hand in hand with other pernicious cults like the Moonies, and the Sccientologists.

Proponents of Amway might easily dismiss today's posting as being absurd, but I point to the fact that at nearly all Amway rallies, there are usually Sunday Church Services that take on the very essence of Christianity and link the belief in God to the belief in the Amway system. At the end of the rally, Amway holds a candle lighting ceremony for its believers that mimics what many Christian churches do at their Christmas eve services, both very religious affairs. Amway wants their true believers to act the way Christian churches want true believers to be. Amway teaches that one can be a true believer in their cult like worldly system as if it were part and parcel of God's Universal system. Amway is indeed a perversion of faith. The gospel they teach is "another gospel" which Christians are warned against by the Holy Scriptures.

Amway Global Cult Intervention sees the promotion of Amway as a major perversion of faith. These dream weavers want to ride on the coat tails of the legitimate God inspired beliefs as if they too are good, godly and full of light. I must warn you they are of Satan the devil; they want to promote themselves as beauty, righteousness, and the light of the world, exactly as their worldly master, the deceiver, does. Quixtar/Amway Globule is a "worldly system." Please don't let these dream weaving folk convince you that they represent the light from above while they represent the light of "following men."

There is good news for the followers of this pernicious business cult; you can reject the perverse teachings these Amway believers expose you to and return to the one gospel found in the word of the scriptures, not the word of kingpin tool sellers of deceit. Folks being shown the deceitful worldly plan of the pernicious Amway business cult for the first time should turn away from the very presence of this evil and do the correct thing: RUN! Money is the god of these dream selling deceivers and profiteers. Dear friend, the money these profane worshipers seek is in your pocket. Keep it there for good use, not their supposed God inspired con job on you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amway Global/Quixtar Merchants of Deception Always Bragging Up Their Midgets: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Seems like everyone wants to brag on their own midget. Dear reader, have you ever seen the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" where one of the candidates for governor in this farcical movie has this "little man" midget holding a broom while sweeping the incumbent governor's corruption out of office in a campaign ploy every bit as comical as some of the pandering to voters that is going on in the current presidential election?

It seems like Amway and its proponents try to use each and every situation as a propaganda tool. In effect, they are bragging up their own little midgets. This gets a little strange when they must brag on athletes that lose, woman executives that rank 88th on some Forbes list, and products like XS energy drinks that really don't retail outside of the product pyramid scheme farce of a business they operate. Oh Brother! Where Art Thou?

For instance, if you were to believe the propaganda tool kingpins dish out on their IBOAI blog, XS drinks are a retail success on the open market. Technically, these products are supposedly marketed on the competitive retail market, but in reality they are a monopoly product which do not compete in any meaningful numbers except against the other monopoly products in the Quixtar catalog.

Distributors of Amway products are very much viewed as the primary customers in the Amway business. Take the IBOs out of the retail equation and over 95% of sales volume would disappear immediately. To hear the spin Amway proponents make about this situation, you might think that Amway operates a buying club instead of a retail business.

Amway claims in their most recent TV commercials to help over three million people own and operate their own business. Isn't this spin and hype designed to convince these three million folk that they are involved in a good situation, all the while being involved in what almost always ends up a money losing pursuit when the bottom line is carefully examined? (This is not really encouraged by these merchants of deception who expect these Amway independents to incur loss in order to enrich themselves as well as keeping distributor money going into Amway coffers.

It is my opinion that even if the tool scammers are completely reigned in, the product pyramid side of this bad business model will remain. Things could be done to fix this situation, but this isn't likely either. The MLM business model almost always make product prices too high to market outside of the monopoly these companies like Amway hold over their distributors who are for all intents and purposes the only customers they have! There are too many levels of compensation that must be paid to middlemen in these pyramid compensation schemes, and then there are the millions of dollars that go to pay lawyers to defend themselves from allegations of corruption and racketeering.

Unlike a real business, Amway passes on much of their marketing overhead onto these supposed "independents" which make the pursuit of a real world profit for these consumers nearly impossible. I couldn't imagine being out on the road night after night trying to sell this con job business onto prospects with the cost of fuel being so high, and also where the objective isn't really to retail a single item in the product catalog. The selling of the plan to recruits immediately bring profits to the company and the kingpins who have someone new to market their “tools for fools” but the duped believer doing the recruiting can only hope to receive a very small cut of any volume the newly recruited might make, while the majority of these commissions go to someone else way farther up the middleman chain!

The first law of business is to make a profit, something so very few duped dreamers manage to do in these scam MLM operations. Of course, there are those that do make money, and these few provide the “success stories” that keeps the majority of “independents” believing in the plan which only ends up extracting their money in the end. It is the people who become "CORE" that usually find themselves suckered out of their money the most! A person who gets in and who "quixly" becomes disillusioned and quits is far better off financially than the duped believers who do not and continue to funnel their money to corrupt mafia like kingpins and their soldiers.

Amway Global Cult Intervention offers hope to people who are flushing their cash into this product pyramid scheme and into the coffers of mafia like racketeers selling all the lies, enthusiasm wrapped into a neat little package called the tool and function business; a pyramid scheme within the pyramid scheme. If you are involved in the bad situation I've described in this blog post, you can cut your losses and quit. If you are looking at this business because some one has shown you the plan, you can immediately do the right thing, don't join, and keep the money these folk seek to extract from you where it belongs, in your own bank account.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Fox Fronting For Herbalife Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Direct Selling Association!

Readers might remember that I awarded the first annual wine house trophy to Amy Robinson, blogger over at Amy is basically the online mouthpiece for the Direct Selling Association. Amy touts the DSA's Code of Ethics as being the holy grail of membership that all DSA member companies must subscribe to and abide by. All well and good you might say. Member companies are forbade from making exaggerated income claims to prospective distributors, but obviously this requirement does not apply to marketing efforts made by the likes of Crazy Fox who have recently run commercials on national media. Surely readers have seen this red cartoon fox on their TV sets making "crazy as a fox" income claims for an undisclosed work at home opportunity. Let me suggest that these commercials violate the DSA's code of ethics for their making exaggerated and unsubstantiated income claims.

Crazy fox directs interested people to log onto their web site. This is a sophisticated approach to the curiosity invite whereby interested people are asked to submit contact information: name, address, email, telephone number; the whole contact list monte! Okay, a visitor to the site provides the details and then clicks. Immediately a second page pops onto the screen which is similar to the first page; it extols all the thousands of dollars in money that can be made in a relatively short period of time, from a week to a month, working at home. It asks visitors to send for a "free" information packaged by paying a shipping and handling fee of about $10. Hmmmm?

I don't know about you, but that fee put me "off my feed"! Well, just like similar phishing schemes, the visitor has had his/her contact information basically ripped off. What can a person expect who has fallen for this "crazy fox scam"? Well, you can expect to have your email bombarded by spam. Okay, you say, I've seen enough of this crazy fox, and block the emails. You are not going to escape these marketers that easily. What's next? Yes, the phone will ring probably within one or two days and guess who is going to be on the other end? Yes, a Herbalife distributor offering the golden opportunity of MLM riches distributing Herbalife products and your chance to also recruit Herbalife distributors. Yes, Crazy Fox is a prospecting system for Herbalife, the MLM health products pyramid scheme which operates much like the Amway product pyramid scheme. Crazy Fox is merely a front for Herbalife, a company in good standing with the Direct Selling Association, which I now must question and criticize.

Seems that the DSA makes a big deal about all of its members following their Code of Ethics which specifically prohibits member companies from making unrealistic income claims. Seems like Herbalife has discovered an ingenious way to get around these code provisions and is thereby prospecting unwary dupes using this crazy fox scheme, which also "sells" this supposedly free ($10) bullcrap information package, another con of gullible TV viewers who fire up their computer and log onto crazyfox.

Herbalife may technically claim that it has not abused the income claims section of the DSA code of ethics, but basically recruits people who have been exposed to the Crazy Fox cartoon exaggerations. I have to ask Amy Robinson, "Doesn't this present an obvious disregard for the DSA and make a farce of the code of ethics that you constantly pander as being the final word in protecting consumers from being exposed to exaggerated income claims?"

Herbalife is just another example of a DSA company that Amy Robinson has in her basket of MLM DSA companies who use questionable income claims to sell their con MLM opportunities onto people desperate enough to believe them.

Amway, as I have described their recruitment tactics also use a second party approach to make their own incredible income claims--their band of renegade distributors. Of course Amway, like on Mission Impossible, disovowels any involvement in these claims to stay in compliance with Amway rules. Anyone familiar with how these MLM con men roll will immediately recognize that these folks take it upon themselves to make these misrepresentations regardless of what the fine print, the company, or the DSA says is permissible. Prospects get duped one way or another regardless of what minor details like the RULES say!!!

Amway Global Cult Intervention has pointed out consistently how the DSA attempts to put lipstick on their MLM pigs and marry them off to unsuspecting people who believe all their "hogwash"! The Direct Selling Association has supported the continuing exploitation of youth who are victimized by traveling sales operations and represent the likes of Herbalife, Amway Global, YourTravelBiz, Mary Kay, Kirby, Southwestern Company, Usana and many other very questionable companies they falsely proclaim are operating under the highest of ethical considerations. I find this to be totally false, and that the DSA itself is just as unscrupulous as the companies they permit to do business under their good housekeeping seal of approval. Beware the DSA and absolutely trust not a thing they say or a company that they represent! Amy, keep up the good work, you just may win the wine house trophy again next year!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tool Kingpins Spend Millions To Defend Themselves Against Pyramid and Racketeering Allegations! IBO Aren't You Involved in Their Corruption?

It is fortunate that being a tool kingpin is such a lucrative affair because it takes millions of dollars to defend ones self from pyramid scheme and racketeering charges! This happens to be the current state of affairs that the Quixtar/Amway Global tool kingpins find themselves in. Seems that Alticor and these tool kingpins have been named in so many legal actions that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the complexities these merchants of deceit must find themselves facing. For instance, one case: Pokorny et. al. Vs Quixtar et. al. Case Number C 07 0201 is just one of many suits that threatens the very existence of Quixtar and the money extracting pyramids of greed the kingpins operate. Pokorny sums up many of the corruption allegations I have described these kingpins of corruption of being involved in. The suit against the company and the kingpins can be read by clicking here. Remember that this is just one of many corruption suits being brought against these folk.

Recently Orrin Woodward, former Quixtar tool kingpin, left a comment on this blog that became subject of a August 20, 2008 post which can be read by clicking here. Orrin says, as a result of the cap MonaVie has placed on tool revenues, he made only two million dollars from his extensive Team “tool and function” business, ALL OF WHICH IS GOING TO PAY LEGAL FEES!

In the face of the profits Quixtar tool kingpin types realize from their money extracting pursuits, aren't lawyers actually reaping much of the ill gotten gain these corrupt dons rake in? I can't say I feel sorry for these crooked folk who deserve to be sitting at the defendant's table and who must dish out their cash to legal firms to keep their teat from being rolled through the legal wringer.

For distributors dreaming to be like these supposedly successful kingpins, IS THIS SOMEONE YOU WANT TO EMULATE? IBO, isn't this your money going into the hands of these merchants of deceit? Isn't it also your money that is going into the rat hole these lawyers represent? Wouldn't your money be better kept in your pocket rather than going to support large scale corruption? Shouldn't this be a moral issue for you also? You are funding corruption just the same way cocaine addicts fund corrupt Columbian drug lords!

The legal system has been described as grinding very slowly, but eventually juries will be sitting in judgment of these tool kingpin defendants. IBO, aren't these Juries also going to be indirectly sitting in judgment of you for supporting this corruption by your continual funneling of your money to these racketeering kingpins? Aren't you involving yourself in corruption? “Now You Know!”

Lawyers view these Quixtar executives and tool kingpin distributors as having deep pockets because of all the money they extract from you Mr. & Mrs. IBO. An ideal situation for them. There is much filthy lucre to be gained by lawyers on both sides of the numerous litigation that Amway and the tool kingpins are currently involved in no matter who is doing the suing and who is being sued! Everyone is a loser in these legal affairs except for the lawyers who will obviously come out on top in a bad situation for everyone else including you, the duped distributor. Is it any wonder Amway maintains such a high “Jay Factor” price on all its products? Amway wants to pass on all the cost of these legal proceedings onto their “independents” which become less “independent” when they have to saddle the cost of paying the Alticor lawyers as well as the tool scammer lawyers as well.

Amway Global Cult Intervention must urge people involved with these kingpin defendants to do the right thing and get out of the business of funneling money to these pyramid scheming racketeers; make a moral decision not to knowingly be involved with them. These kingpins are morally corrupt and people supporting them must also question their own involvement. Many times these kingpin distributors represent themselves as Christian businessmen, but in the face of what can be known about them and their operations, would a Christian really want to be involved with these merchants of deceit? Isn't greed at the heart of their perversion of faith, and do they not preach a different gospel?